The new track of Henan fali blockchain: the blockchain Industrial Park was officially unveiled, striving to cultivate 10 leading enterprises by 2025

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Source:henan daily

Author: our reporter Chen Hui

Original title: the new track of Henan fali blockchain

On August 6, Henan blockchain Industrial Park was officially unveiled. This is an important step for our province to promote the development of blockchain innovation and create a highland of blockchain innovation.

Blockchain is a professional term of information technology. It is a distributed shared ledger and database, which is characterized by decentralization, non tampering, full tracking and traceability. In recent years, the top-level design of China's blockchain has been accelerated and improved, and the industrial development road map and timetable have been clear. According to the white paper on China's blockchain development in 2021 released by CCID blockchain Research Institute, the number of Chinese blockchain patent applications and authorizations is the world's leading. Driven by both policies and markets, China's blockchain industry has developed rapidly.

Henan, as a large economy and population province, has massive data resources, rich application scenarios and broad market demand. Henan has a number of strong scientific research institutions and enterprises in the fields of network security and password, and has a good foundation for the development of blockchain. Our province actively seizes the opportunities of digital transformation to promote the development of blockchain. Not long ago, we formulated and issued the action plan for the application of blockchain technology and industrial development in Henan Province.

At present, the ecological construction of the blockchain industry in our province is very impressive. We have successively established the Henan blockchain industry alliance, the Henan blockchain Research Institute, the Henan blockchain public service platform, the Henan blockchain Standardization Technology Committee and other institutions to build an integrated development pattern of industry, University, research and application.

The whole industry of Henan blockchain has concentrated its efforts to independently create the brand of "Yuxin chain" blockchain. Yuxin chain is a public platform with independent intellectual property rights built on the standard blockchain infrastructure. It can quickly build and deploy blockchain application scenarios by shielding the complex technical details of the blockchain.

"Yuxin chain is the first blockchain open source community in China with the goal of building a blockchain ecosystem. It has attracted more than 500 individual developers. The open source products have more than 200 institutional users, covering more than 200000 individual users." Pan Dong, Secretary General of Henan blockchain industry alliance and founder of Shengjian network, said that the influence of "Yuxin chain" in the industry is constantly improving. He has jointly undertaken the national "blockchain + manufacturing" innovation application pilot demonstration project with China Industrial Internet Research Institute, and participated in the blockchain open source working group of open atomic open source foundation.

ZHONGDUN Yunan, a local enterprise in Henan, has been selected into the list of top 100 blockchain enterprises for many times. The "grain warehouse receipt pledge platform based on blockchain + Internet of things" developed by the company won the "2022 industrial blockchain typical case Award". "The company has launched dozens of blockchain products that meet the market demand, such as electronic evidence preservation system based on blockchain technology, supply chain finance platform, electronic contract deposit platform, and University blockchain experimental platform, and has obtained the copyright of relevant software." Said Li Ke, general manager of ZHONGDUN Yunan.

The newly opened Henan blockchain Industrial Park is expected to be even more. Ma Di, the person in charge of investment promotion in the park, introduced that at present, 24 enterprises, including Hangzhou quchain technology, the head of the blockchain, have signed contracts to settle in, and strive to cultivate 10 leading enterprises, incubate 30-50 start-up enterprises, undertake at least 30 national and local major scientific research projects, and have more than 3000 employees in relevant industries by 2025.

Zhengzhou City, where the park is located, takes the blockchain as a key industry to implement the road changing leading strategy for layout and cultivation. In his speech at the unveiling ceremony, He Xiong, mayor of Zhengzhou, mentioned that since 2021 alone, Zhengzhou has added 359 enterprises engaged in blockchain business, and has carried out blockchain pilot applications in the fields of financial transactions, smart cities, public health, judicial certificates, and more than 5200 service enterprises. Zhengzhou will take this unveiling as an opportunity to provide full cycle high-quality services for park construction, enterprise settlement, policy support, investment and financing, talent support, etc., accelerate the integration and innovation of blockchain, network security, metauniverse and other industries, and strive to create a national blockchain development pilot zone.

In the next step, our province will focus on building a blockchain industrial ecology, building a blockchain infrastructure, promoting blockchain technology innovation, building a blockchain talent team, and accelerating the deep application of blockchain. By 2025, we will strive to make major progress in the blockchain industry, basically form a technology ecosystem, make major breakthroughs in technological innovation in some subdivisions, build a number of provincial-level technological innovation platforms and public service platforms, create a number of benchmark demonstration projects in key areas, and form a number of replicable application solutions, providing new support for the high-quality economic development of the province. Reporter: Chen Hui

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