Metauniverse Weekly - Apple is granted a patent by digital crown; Vice president of Microsoft issues an article on industrial metauniverse

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Recently, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently announced an Apple authorized patent related to digital crown, or a future MR head display component for apple.

In fact, rumors about Apple's MR head display device have been circulating for a long time, and the predicted time of the device's launch has changed again and again.

Guo Mingxuan, a famous apple analyst, previously claimed that Apple's first head display device would not be on the market until 2022 at the earliest. Shortly after, Guo Mingxuan released his personal predicted timetable for Apple's MR head display on twitter, believing that Apple's MR head display might be on the market in the second quarter of 2023.

It is worth mentioning that AR / VR head display is considered as the key entrance to the metauniverse, but "metauniverse" seems to have become a forbidden word in apple. Cook said in an interview with Time magazine: "metauniverse and Ar are obviously two different words, and we will only call them ar."

Apple's Mr device combines the characteristics of VR and AR, which means that Mr technology can make the real world and the virtual world coexist and interact instantly.

Whether Mr head display can become the most important product in the metauniverse remains to be seen.

Judson Althoff, global executive vice president and chief business officer of Microsoft, posted an article on Microsoft's official website from resilience to digital constancy: all industries use digital technology to meet the changes of the times. He pointed out in the article that the industrial metauniverse has the potential to simultaneously improve supply chain flexibility, business efficiency and sustainability.

Earlier, Microsoft had announced that Kawasaki heavy industries had become a new customer of its "industrial metauniverse" business. It assisted production, maintenance and supply chain management by wearing head display devices. In addition to Microsoft, NVIDIA, a technology giant, will also realize industrial metauniverse through Omniverse platform, AI and computing technologies.

It can be seen that the industrial metauniverse has great economic value. Its application scenarios will cover the whole life cycle of products from R & D to after-sales service, and promote the efficient development of the physical industry. Compared with the consumption meta universe, the industrial meta universe can bring many substantive changes in technology production and other aspects.

The era of meta universe is coming, and we are full of expectation. The following is the detailed content of this issue of the weekly. We divided it into two parts: important news and news of this week. Please enjoy:

Important news

[snapchat, a social media company, will soon launch a new ar game ghost phone]

Recently, snapchat announced that it will soon launch a new in-game application "ghost phone", which can turn smartphones into ar driven devices.

[Qualcomm strengthens cooperation with Samsung to develop XR technology]

Qualcomm recently announced that it has strengthened its partnership with Samsung to expand cooperation on its snapdragon XR platform. This cooperation will allow Qualcomm to expand its cooperation with Samsung products in the future, including XR, smartphones, laptops, tablets and other fields. It will also extend the mobile technology patent license agreement covering 3G to 5g and future 6G components to the end of 2030.

[doctors successfully separated conjoined babies through VR simulation surgery training]

Recently, with the help of VR technology, a pair of Brazilian conjoined infants with heads connected successfully underwent separation surgery. By using VR technology, multinational professional medical personnel from the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children in London, UK can "go" to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and assist local doctors to complete complex conjoined baby separation operations.

[meta brings VR / AR experience to France 2023 Rugby World Cup]

Recently, the official supplier team of meta brought VR experience to the promotion train of the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. It is understood that the French Rugby World Cup 2023 (rwc2023) will be held in France from September 8 to October 28, 2023. During the period from July 21 to November 12, 2022, there will be a world cup publicity train traveling around France to introduce the participating teams and the history of rugby.

[apple is licensed by digital crown, or it is the future MR head display part of Apple]

According to patentlyapple, the US patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently announced an authorized patent of apple, which is related to digital crown and may be a part of Apple's future AR / VR head display, or may eventually be extended to smart glasses.

[Nansen: About US $2.7 billion of eth was used to cast NFT in the first half of the year]

In the analysis report on NFT casting in the first half of 2022 released by Nansen, market participants spent 963227 eth (about US $2.7 billion) on the Ethereum blockchain to cast NFT. Among these funds, 50.7% of eth raised funds continue to remain in NFT projects, and 45.7% of eth raised funds are transferred to non physical wallets. Five top NFT series raised 81364 eth through open casting, accounting for 8.4% of the total eth spent by NFT casting in the first half of the year.

[opensea launches a new function that can automatically allocate "creator income"

According to the official twitter, opensea in the NFT market has launched a new function that can automatically allocate "creator earnings". When the NFT of the creator is sold, the creator can get a certain proportion of the sales price. That is, whenever NFT is transferred from one wallet to another after purchase, the income of these creators will be automatically paid. Creators can set a maximum of 10% and add multiple addresses that accept fees. However, adding multiple addresses may increase the gas fees of buyers. However, opensea does not support directly raising the creator fees of Solana NFT collectibles on this platform, which needs to be set or modified on the chain.

[Funko, a fashion manufacturer, will cooperate with paramount to launch NFT series based on avatar legend]

Funko, a listed company in the US, and paramount global, a multinational mass media and entertainment company, have reached a cooperation to launch NFT series based on the world of avatar legends. Avatar Legends x Funko Series 1 Digital Pop! It will be released on the NFT platform droppp on August 9.

[report: chain tour and metauniverse projects are least affected by Terra event]

A report recently released by dapprad analyzed the impact of the terra event on the encryption industry and found that the chain game and metauniverse projects were least affected by the terra event. According to the report, since the terra incident, the chain travel transaction has bucked the market and increased by 9.51% since the first quarter. The transaction volume and transaction number of NFT projects related to metauniverse increased by 97% and 27% respectively. Investment in games and metauniverse projects remained at $2.5 billion in the first quarter and the second quarter. In addition, since the terra event, the overall blockchain activity has remained at a relatively high level. Since the first quarter, the overall transaction volume has decreased by 1%, while the transactions related to defi have decreased by 15% since May. Since the first quarter, the overall average volume of daily UAW (the only active wallet) has decreased by 12%. Although the volume and number of NFT transactions decreased by one-third compared with the first quarter, the interest in NFT in North America, Oceania and parts of Europe is still high. Axie infinity is the most searched NFT project in 112 countries.

[move to earn applied stepn to cast 830 pairs of shoes in the past 24 hours]

According to the data on the dune chain, 830 pairs of shoes were newly cast in the past 24 hours and 6576 pairs of shoes were newly cast in the past 7 days by step; 32340 active users in the past 7 days.

[NFT sales on the Ethereum chain exceeded US $29 billion, a record high]

According to the latest data, the total sales of NFT on the Ethereum chain has exceeded US $29 billion, a record high. At the time of writing this article, it was US $29043669221, and the number of transactions on the chain was 13165488. According to the data, the total sales of NFT on the Ethereum chain exceeded US $13 billion on January 7, 2022, which means that the total sales of NFT on the Ethereum chain increased by more than US $16 billion or 123% in seven months.

[a16z: NFT is most suitable for taking the cc0 route, which is conducive to creating a more dynamic community]

A16z recently issued a document saying that NFT projects can adopt many strategies in the development and construction of intellectual property rights, but cc0 (Creative Commons zero) is currently the most suitable for NFT projects. Like open source software, it creates potential for a rich and expanded ecosystem. According to the article, cc0 licensing makes it easier for creators to "grasp the cultural gene of production". Regardless of the continuous participation of original creators, cc0 licensing can enable strong communities to create together in a way that provides value for all members, promote the expansion of original projects, and create a more dynamic and participatory community. This is consistent with the concept of open sharing and community building in crypto culture. As more and more developers enter this field, ambitious NFT projects may find more creative and infrastructure methods to build "LEGO" for cc0 projects and other projects.

[hungry will cooperate with Wanda to launch NFT digital collection]

According to the official official account "invest Shanghai" of Shanghai Investment Promotion Service Center, in the activities of the third Shanghai "May 5th Shopping Festival", hungry announced that it would cooperate with Wanda to launch NFT digital collections. In addition, Bailian Group opened with a meta universe conference with VR helmets; Tmall will cooperate with SAIC GM Wuling, Feifan automobile, Xiaopeng, Audi, etc. to launch the yuanuniverse environmental protection auto show.

[in July, games accounted for 60% of the total activity of the blockchain, setting a new record]

According to the data of dapprad, in July, the game DAPP accounted for 60% of the total activity of the blockchain, a record high. Pedro Herrera, research director of dapprad, said that although the game token was also affected by the challenging market environment, the proportion of players in blockchain games continued to grow. With the emergence of related game activities such as sandbox alpha Season 3, the beta play of illuvium, Gala live game or the land bet of axie infinity, Web3 games will become the driving force of the industry in the next few months.

[China Copyright Protection Center and ant group jointly build a digital copyright chain]

Recently, China Copyright Protection Center and ant group ant chain officially signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides will take the construction of digital copyright chain (DCI System 3.0) as the core, and take the opportunity to jointly promote the national "blockchain + copyright" characteristic application pilot project jointly approved by the central network information office, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and other 16 departments as an opportunity to explore the establishment of an Internet copyright service innovation mechanism and a new industrial ecology, Help the implementation of the national cultural digitization strategy and the high-quality development of the industry. It is reported that the two sides of this cooperation will work together to meet the urgent demand of massive digital content for copyright protection and service innovation, and provide real-time DCI application and on-demand digital copyright registration for Internet platform users.

[the second minister of the Ministry of justice of Singapore: wedding, government services and legal services may be conducted in the metauniverse]

Edwin Tong, the second minister of the Ministry of justice of Singapore, spoke at the techlaw Fest 2022. He believed that even highly personalized and intimate activities, such as wedding ceremonies, can be carried out in the metauniverse. Tong said: "this is not unthinkable. In addition to marriage registration, other government services will soon be accessible online through metauniverse." On the legal services in metauniverse, the minister added: "there is no reason why legal services cannot be handled on the same day. The COVID-19 epidemic has proved to us that even the dispute settlement process once considered as physical contact and high contact can be almost completely online. It is believed that such a comprehensive platform will make the whole dispute settlement process more convenient and efficient, and keep pace with the development of other regions in the world."

[apple is recruiting a Web3 proficient content marketing director]

According to two recent recruitment information on its career website, apple (AAPL) is seeking to add a creative director and a content marketing director with Web3 technology. One of the lists is for creative director candidates who are "interested in interactive platforms and Web3". The other is the art director, who calls for enthusiasm for experiment and innovation and shows interest in Web3 ", although Apple has removed the list from its website. However, the republished version is still circulating on the Internet.

[the Metacity project joined by Avril has established a strategic partnership with]

The star Metacity project developed by the NFT incubator company tlabs has been launched by gate since the Canadian rock star Avril and the Vampire Diaries hero Ian Somerhalder announced to land in the Metacity project IO also decided to log in to Metacity. It is reported that in the past week, Metacity has launched several twitter spaces with different partners, including the NFT trading platform gatenft, the NFT secondary market trading platform looksrare, and gate IO, former head of decentraland in China. The co speaker said: "Metacity is a project that can be held for a long time." At present, except for gate In addition to IO, double-A chain has also officially announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Metacity and will be launched in the inftspace market in the near future. It will support the issuance of double-A chain (AAC).

[Hong Kong University of science and technology launches the world's first meta universe twin campus metahkust]

Recently, the Hong Kong University of science and technology announced the establishment of the world's first digital twin campus "metahkust" in metauniverse. It not only provides an immersive learning experience, but also a comprehensive platform for all students, faculty and alumni to participate, so that the community of HKUST can carry out cross campus creation, innovation and interaction.

[chief business officer of Microsoft: Industrial metauniverse has the potential to improve supply chain flexibility, business efficiency and sustainability at the same time]

Judson Althoff, global executive vice president and chief business officer of Microsoft, posted an article on Microsoft's official website from resilience to digital constancy: all industries use digital technology to meet the changes of the times, which stated that industrial metaverse has the potential to simultaneously improve supply chain flexibility, business efficiency and sustainability. At present, AB InBev, Bosch Kawasaki heavy industries, Hyundai Motor Group and Novo Nordisk of Denmark have all deployed Microsoft azure digital twins.

[v God: "meta universe" will happen, but I don't think the meta universe created by the existing company has prospects]

When discussing the topic of meta universe on his social platform, V Shen said that "meta universe" would happen, but he did not think that the meta universe deliberately created by existing companies had a prospect.

[report: the global meta universe market will reach US $659.7 billion by 2030]

According to a market research analysis entitled "global meta universe market" recently released by the growth market report, the market value in 2021 is US $37.9 billion, and it is expected to reach US $659.7 billion by the end of 2030. In the forecast period, the compound growth rate from 2022 to 2030 is 37.5%. The growth of the global meta universe market is due to the high penetration of the Internet of things (IOT) and the growing demand for advanced technologies for real game experience. The main market participants introduced in the report include Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd., Epic Games, Inc NVIDIA, unity technologies, Inc Meta Platforms,Inc.ใ€‚

News of the week


  • CGI, an it and business consulting service provider, announced the launch of CGI sense360 platform to provide situational awareness for emergency response personnel using ar.
  • Britvic cooperated with zappar to carry out outdoor ar activities.
  • Saint Augustine University (SAU) in the United States cooperated with VR motion learning, a VR tennis developer.
  • Pico's new handle spy photos are exposed, and the new products may be released globally.
  • Microsoft's IVAS ar head show contract budget was sharply cut by the US Congress.
  • Xiaomi announced the launch of Mijia glasses camera, with a crowdfunding price of 2499 yuan.
  • The VR puzzle game Myst has been updated to add hand tracking support.
  • Ar software solution provider xrai glass cooperated with nreal to launch ar smart glasses.
  • Daft Punk 360 VR tribute show is coming to Los Angeles.
  • Meta tests the functions of the new store, and you can try some VR games for free.
  • Intel predicts that Wi Fi 7 will expand the application of VR / AR and other advanced technologies.
  • Samsung is studying ar wearable devices controlled by AR glasses and tactile gloves.
  • Nueyes, a technology company, cooperated with Samsung to provide ar medical solutions.
  • NSK, the bearing manufacturer, uses VR technology to train operators of high-precision instruments.
  • Brightline interactive, a VR / AR solution provider, joined glimpse group.
  • Immersive GameBox will launch offline multiplayer VR experience of squid game.
  • The city of Chicago provides VR vocational training programs for released prisoners.
  • The Canadian Museum of nature launched the free ar application planet ice ar.
  • Ar piano application "pianovision" has landed on quest platform.
  • Technology giant meta released its hand tracking demo program first hand.
  • Keppel O& M. IMDA uses ar smart glasses for remote inspection.
  • The 79th Venice International Film Festival included 43 VR projects.
  • Milwaukee County Zoo launched a new VR experience "gorilla Trek".
  • NBA will cooperate with rezzil to apply VR to referee training.
  • Jian Zhang, a meta software engineer, jumped to Pico.

NFT / chain Tour

  • The sports video distribution service providers dazn and Missy will launch the secondary trading function in the NFT market dazn events in autumn.
  • The starknet ecological game integration platform cartridge released a preview, including games such as dope wars.
  • The discord server of the Apache snft project was attacked.
  • The discord server of NFT project old sport was attacked.
  • More lot bag # 666688 was traded at 1080 eth, setting the highest trading record in the series.
  • Ginco, a Japanese Web3 development company, will conduct a demonstration experiment on securities tokens with Mizuho Financial Group.
  • Yuga labs began to charge a 5% royalty on meebits secondary market sales.
  • Near ecological NFT market fewan far beta was launched.
  • NFT art legend fewocious cooperated with billboard chartstars to launch a new series of NFT based on the flow chain.
  • Lido Dao approved 5 new node operators to join Lido on Solana.
  • Evmos name service: the test network reward will be issued in August.
  • Ethereum NFT layer 2 expansion solution immutable x announced that Gamestop preemptive experience wallet has been integrated on L2.
  • Spice Dao, which shot the unpublished manuscript of the film dune for 2.66 million euros, announced its dissolution.
  • Miami will cooperate with MasterCard, salesforce and time to issue 5000 Ethereum NFTs.
  • Bloomberg: the CEO of sky Mavis transferred funds before disclosing the US $540 million hacking attack.
  • Yolo Bunny # 9555 was traded at 100 eth, setting the highest dollar trading record in the series so far.
  • The sandbox launches avatar section.
  • Immutable is recruiting a person in charge of game business development in Korea.
  • Stat and bloomingbit jointly launched "top trader NFT".
  • Source: terraform labs will build Dao infrastructure on terra 2.0.
  • The total transaction volume of meebits, a blue chip NFT project, approached us $10 billion, up 46% month on month.
  • Supraoracles, a cross chain Oracle solution, has cooperated with cosmocfacions, a multi-functional gamefi platform.
  • Axie infinity side chain ronin network adds 4 verification nodes such as YGG.
  • The trading volume of mutant ape Yacht Club exceeded US $1.7 billion, a record high.
  • Metauniverse insurance platform metathaicoin launched NFT series.
  • Thuba Dao summer hack, a global online marathon for college students, was officially launched.
  • Metathai coin NFT reached strategic cooperation with quest3 platform.
  • The discord server of epolabs, an NFT project, was attacked.
  • Metathai coin NFT reached strategic cooperation with project Galaxy project platform.
  • Starknet ecological game eykar released quests system on testnet.
  • Chris Dixon joins the opensea board and replaces Katie Haun on the a16z board.
  • The sandbox tower game jam cooperates with crazy defense heroes.
  • Meetsmeta began to pay with link to appease skeptics in the NFT world.
  • Funko, a popular culture consumer goods company, cooperated with paramount to launch the NFT series of avatars.
  • The total number of looksrare users in the NFT market exceeded 100000.
  • Ticketmaster, the largest ticketing company in the United States, recruited product managers of NFT ticketing tools to support NFT commercialization.
  • Web3 company civic launched "civic pass" and platforms to combat robots and fraud.
  • Makerdao has started voting on the launch of the real asset vault of Societe Generale and Huntington Valley Bank.
  • Metathai coin (TAC) has completed the new Dao construction.
  • Binan cooperated with Italian football team SS Lazio to launch NFT tickets.
  • British artist Damien Hirst will burn thousands of paintings for his NFT project.
  • Ripple's creator fund second wave application process is now open.
  • P2enft game blockchain brawlers will soon launch brwl mall.
  • Cryptopunk 6874 was purchased from 0xcffc33 at a price of 300eth.
  • American jewelry brand Tiffany & amp; Co will issue NFT on August 5 at a price of 30eth.
  • Harvard University and the filecoin decentralized network foundation work together to save digital information.
  • Ethereum's NFT sales on the chain in July slightly exceeded $500 million, a 12-month low.
  • NFT series meebits is intended to allow the holder to create copyrights.
  • In July, NFT sales on avalanche chain were less than US $2 million, a new low in 12 months.
  • The number one collection launched the batc series digital collection of the boring ape # 5513 NFT second innovation project.
  • The cumulative trading volume of NFT aggregation platforms gem and Genie exceeded US $1.5 billion.
  • Acentrik, a data sharing platform launched by the Mercedes Benz subsidiary, has been deployed to the polygon main network.
  • British rock band Muse will release an album on the NFT platform Serenade based on polygon.
  • WOM music opened a reservation activity and distributed 10000 virtual images.
  • Shiba Inu will cooperate with playside to launch Shiba eternity, a collection card game.
  • The first free and unlicensed NFT collection construction tool on the flow public chain was launched.
  • Oracle will launch the Web3 infrastructure development platform using infstones technology.
  • The basic construction of metathai coin's "transaction ape tachero" chain tour has been completed.
  • Game space joins polygon to air drop NFT to steam users and supports NFT asset withdrawal.
  • Rock band Muse will release a new album in the form of NFT.
  • Aleo, the data privacy platform, will launch the third test network including AVM.
  • GSR, a crypto market maker, announced the launch of the NFT market making project.
  • Opensea NFT gift giving function has the problem of "being incorrectly marked as a purchase transaction".
  • Sorare's NFT trading volume exceeded 7 million US dollars in a week, second only to bayc.
  • The ENS domain name opensea.eth is sold at a price of about 99.9eth.
  • Phantom and other Solana wallets were suspected to have been attacked and millions of dollars of tokens were stolen.
  • Aleo, the data privacy platform, will launch testnet 3 in three phases, and has started the first phase for developers.
  • @0xquit points out that NFT is not available for purchase on opensea at a low price, but it will lower the floor price of NFT projects. Opensea responded that a repair program has been deployed.
  • The discord server of the NFT project dtweenies was attacked.
  • P2e game deviants & # x27; Factors will migrate to immutable X.
  • Opensea's new function leads to "data misunderstanding", which is being repaired by contacting a third-party application.
  • Data: the total transaction volume of the NFT market agreement sudoamm has exceeded 2.2 million US dollars.
  • Pearson, a textbook publisher, plans to use NFT to track the sales of digital textbooks.
  • Walken: because Solana cannot interact with the chain due to a security event, the Walken application is temporarily unavailable.
  • DEA, a Singapore Chain travel and entertainment company, appointed Ryohei nuka, a former Goldman Sachs executive, as the new CFO.
  • Jeff garzik focuses on emerging technologies of Web3 and launches nextcypher productions.
  • Clothing brand clothier submitted NFT related trademark application.
  • Data: 93 Tiffany NFT "nftiff" have been cast.
  • Aptos ecological NFT market Topaz will air drop NFT for users, and the snapshot will be taken within one hour.
  • The transaction volume of x2y2 NFT market exceeded 1.5 million eth.
  • The total casting volume of stepn digital shoes has exceeded 700000 pairs.
  • Gamestop is recruiting NFT content review leader.
  • Report: gamefi project puts "profit above safety", which poses a huge risk to users.
  • Research: since 2020, more than $86.6 million worth of NFT has been stolen.
  • Magic Eden supports connecting coinbase wallet, metamask and walletconnect.
  • Luxury brand Prada announced the launch of the 32nd timecapsule NFT.
  • The algorand foundation announced the winners of its $50 million blockchain research and education project.
  • Dtravel, a shared house rental platform, completed the first smart contract holiday rental reservation.
  • Singer Lin Junjie announced that he owns Tiffany NFT "nftiff".


  • Australian mineral exploration company magnum mining will use digital twin and blockchain technology to certify "green steel".
  • The people's network will issue a digital collection of "promoting Chinese traditional culture and creating excellent Games".
  • China Post announced the establishment of the yuan universe post office, which launched the AI space themed digital collection at 10:00 on July 30.
  • The gold digital collection "meet Jiangxi" digital collection is on sale today.
  • Chen Danqing's six prints were sold at the first meta universe auction in Baidu Xiliang.
  • Mercedes Benz cooperated with polygon to develop a blockchain based data sharing platform.
  • Shanghai: three parks such as "Zhangjiang digital chain" were awarded with new tracks such as "yuancosmos".
  • ITM, Taiwan's blockchain solution provider, announced that it will display the blockchain notarization service (BNs) at the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition.
  • Shanghai has established the Zhang Jiangyuan universe innovation and development alliance. Zhang Jiangyuan universe ecology has covered 2400 enterprises.
  • The Shanghai digital exchange has reached strategic cooperation with Lianhe investment, Shanghai Information Investment and industrial and Commercial Bank of China.
  • Shanghai museum official: the digital collection platform of "Maritime Museum" was launched based on the "Shangbo chain", and the digital collection was launched on August 5.
  • The transfer funds of Argentina Banfield football club are paid in stable currency.
  • WOM music opened a reservation activity and issued 10000 virtual image awards.
  • Three United Nations organizations have adopted the tezos based electronic voting solution electis.
  • Netgear, a smart home service provider, plans to cooperate with superrare to display NFT on its display.
  • Ditok launched a decentralized short video socialfi platform.
  • Reuters: musk counterclaims twitter over the $44 billion deal.
  • China Communications Industry Association established a digital collection standard project working group.
  • Perfect world: "three-step" promotes the realization of metauniverse games, and has completed the technical reserves related to virtual idols and blockchain.
  • Shanghai Securities News: there are more than 700 domestic digital collection platforms, and enabling industry is a major application scenario.
  • Suzhou Huqiu issued an official digital collection.
  • UnionPay Shenzhen issued digital collections.
  • The first digital collection of Oriental Sports Daily.
  • Brandy brand Martell will launch metauniverse on the sandbox.
  • Zhidu shares: at present, the company has completed the construction of a relatively leading blockchain underlying technology platform.
  • The MTV Music Awards of the American music entertainment channel newly established the "best meta universe performance award".
  • Sk Telecom launched the "topport" NFT market on August 3.
  • Memorandum of understanding signed by Dubai blockchain center and Chaintech labs Ltd.
  • The Guangdong Arts and Crafts Association is considering getting involved in digital collections.
  • The first digital collection of China Quality Supervision magazine.
  • The trading volume of opensea in July was about 528 million US dollars, down nearly 90% from the historical peak in January.
  • Shanghai Museum's digital collection platform "marine museum" will soon be launched.
  • Aida cruises under Carnival cooperated with Europa park to launch marine virtual reality attractions.
  • CCTV official comments on the topic of boring apes.
  • Dahe Daily officially launched the official digital collection service platform.
  • The digital collection of "celebrating victory" issued by Nanchang August 1 Uprising Memorial Hall presents the 95th anniversary of the founding of the army.
  • The digital collection of the Golden Digital Collection "Qixi restriction" was launched at 13:14 on August 4.
  • The crown prince of Dubai will serve as the chairman of the high Committee on future technology and digital economy to promote the development of metauniverse and other technologies.
  • Shanghai Music Publishing House launched the digital collection of twelve hairpins in Jinling.
  • Crust, a subsidiary of kakao, a South Korean Internet giant, plans to launch the metauniverse project altverse for freelancers.
  • LVMH's clothing brand Dior released virtual clothing capsules and virtual shoes series for the game gt7.
  • Crypto trading platform kucoin launched an immersive office in ertha metauniverse.
  • Shanghai's "several opinions of Xuhui District on supporting the development of the meta universe" is soliciting opinions from the society.
  • Gucci has deleted the tweets related to "accept ape coin" payment.
  • ESRI announced the launch of two ArcGIS maps SDKs for game engines.
  • Forbes is exploring selling its company and has hired Citigroup to manage the process.
  • Insider: unity plans to split its business in China, hoping to cover many fields such as metauniverse.
  • Zhejiang: the next step is to build a digital science and technology innovation center with global influence.
  • Fujian Province released the first digital collection industry group standard.
  • Apple showed that the new AI system Gaudi can transform text prompts into 3D scenes.
  • Unilever announced the Web3 metauniverse plan.
  • Prasaga and metahu are working together to provide Web3 education products through roblox.
  • Starbucks will launch a Web3 based loyalty program next month.
  • Nanjing Art Institute will establish yuan universe design institute.
  • The Philippines plans to launch a digital identity system.
  • Tinder, the dating software, announced the cancellation of plans for metauniverse dating and issuing tokens.
  • Instagram is introducing the digital collection display function to more than 100 countries or regions.
  • The Yangtze River Delta Digital Creative Industry Alliance focuses on the meta universe.
  • Softbank has "sold ahead of schedule" about 30% of Alibaba's shares this year, and some will flow into the second vision fund.

Investment and financing news

  • Ambrus studio, a Web3 game company, received millions of dollars in financing and was valued at $65 million.
  • Reltime, a Web3 biometric start-up, completed a financing of US $50 million, and gem Digital Limited participated in the investment.
  • The metauniverse chain game planetquest received a commitment of $60 million through its first NFT sales.
  • The decentralized data platform space and time obtained a seed round financing of US $10 million.
  • Veefriends announced that it had completed the seed round financing of US $50 million, and a16z led the investment.
  • Kucoin launched NFT ETF products, priced in usdt.
  • Trikon, a decentralized game hosting and distribution platform, completed a seed round financing of US $1.5 million.
  • Players & # x27; Lounge completed the round a financing of US $10.5 million.
  • Upfront ventures raised $650 million for three new funds.
  • EToro, a social investment network, completed its registration in OAM, Italy.
  • Yuancosmos startup condense completed a seed round financing of 4.5 million US dollars.
  • Debt Dao completed the seed round financing of 3.5 million US dollars, and dragonfly capital led the investment.
  • Terapin studios, a digital content producer, completed financing of US $93 million.
  • The NFT derivatives market caspid completed a seed round financing of US $3 million, and distributed global and others participated in the investment.
  • Oneof, a music NFT trading platform based on tezos, completed a strategic financing of 8 million US dollars, and AMEX ventures participated in the investment.
  • The crypto credit agreement debt Dao completed the seed round financing of $3.5 million.
  • Terapin studios, a digital content producer of metauniverse, has completed financing of US $93 million.
  • Fondi, the yuanuniverse English learning platform, has completed a financing of 170 million yen.
  • W3bcloud will be listed through spac, with a combined valuation of US $1.25 billion.
  • There are more than 400 projects supported by grant of Web3 foundation.
  • Yuancosmos food company greens completed the pre seed round of financing, and East ventures led the investment.
  • Digital asset manager Kunji completed seed round financing.
  • Blockchain based AI news and technology company lil durk completed equity financing of US $20 million.
  • Web3 game platform spacebar development company Ao labs completed financing of 4.5 million US dollars, and YGG led the investment.
  • Messari acquires dove metrics, a crypto financing database.
  • Marqvision completed round a financing of US $20 million.
  • Oneof, the music NFT platform, completed a strategic financing of 8.4 million US dollars.
  • Bits crypto, a financial technology start-up, completed a seed round financing of US $1.2 million.
  • Payland, a B2B payment company supporting blockchain, acquired yaydoo, a Mexican startup.
  • In July, 137 financing events occurred in global blockchain related industries.
  • Gym class, a start-up company of sports yuan universe, completed a seed round financing of 8 million US dollars, and a16z led the investment.
  • Hashed plans to raise the third venture capital fund in the first half of next year and will increase investment in gamefi projects.
  • Lifeform completed the seed round financing of millions of dollars, and binance labs led the investment.
  • Report: in Q2 of 2022, the total fundraising of non Ethereum ecological NFT projects exceeded $1.8 billion of NFT projects on Ethereum.
  • Playstudio established a blockchain game department and a $10 million Web3 fund.
  • VR basketball application "gym class" completed the seed round financing of 8 million US dollars.
  • Web3 user analysis startup cookie3 completed financing of 2.5 million US dollars.
  • Bitvalue capital launched a $100 million Web3 Growth Fund.
  • Agla รฉ ventures will launch a โ‚ฌ 100 million Web3 fund.
  • Data: in the first half of 2022, there were 118 financing transactions in the field of meta universe at home and abroad.
  • NFT community platform base completed financing of 3.5 million US dollars, and progress Fund led the investment.
  • The Web3 social platform nice completed the pre seed round financing of US $1.8 million, and the near foundation participated in the investment.
  • Snkrz, the move to earn project, received strategic investment from wemade.
  • Taiyi Group acquired Huoxin, a social product of Huobi.
  • Betashares launched Australia's first metaverse ETF on the Australian Stock Exchange.
  • The former head of PWC encryption will set up a $75 million digital asset fund in Dubai.
  • Qui identity, a decentralized identity company, completed financing of about US $5 million, and round13 led the investment.
  • Taki, a Web3 social platform, completed a seed round financing of $3.45 million.
  • Kurtosis announced the completion of round a financing of US $20 million.
  • Infiniteworld, a meta universe infrastructure platform, plans to raise US $145 million by listing through spac.


  • Technology expert: Apple may be strangling the development of metauniverse.
  • Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 company: many Web3 are zero sum models. I have some reservations about it.
  • Economist Intelligence Unit: swift may face the challenge of a new era of cross-border payment.
  • Philippine President: the digital transformation plan can pave the way for the global blockchain center.
  • Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: at present, Yuan universe can only start from VR / ar.
  • Zhou Hongyi: to promote metauniverse, we must find an application scenario.
  • Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: in the future, meta cosmic data will be stored in the cloud.
  • Qiao Xiuquan, vice president of the Institute of science and technology of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications: the key technology of combining virtual and real will promote the rapid development of the meta universe.

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