When modern technology meets the traditional Qixi Festival, how can the "Yuan universe" open the Chinese festival?

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In Chinese traditional festivals, Qixi is of great significance. As early as the first year of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty (104 BC), Qixi, new year's Eve, new year's day, Dragon Boat Festival, Double Ninth Festival and other festivals were written into the calendar at that time, and became a festival for the people of the whole country at that time.

On the day of Qixi Festival, the legend of the annual "magpie bridge meeting" between the Cowherd and the weaver girl carries the expectations of countless men and women in ancient China for perfect love, and it is still a topic that people enjoy talking about. In addition to the pursuit of love, Qixi was also known as "Qiqiao Festival" or "daughter's Day" in ancient China. On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, people not only pray to the weaver girl for dexterity, but also hope for a happy marriage and a happy family, expressing their yearning for a better life.

Picture source: Baidu Qixi consumption search big data

As a festival that has experienced "waves washing sand" in the long history but still remains today, Qixi has a far greater impact on Chinese people than western festivals.According to the "Qixi consumption search big data" released by Baidu big data a few days ago, the average search popularity of "Qixi" related content is 2.11 times that of "Valentine's Day". It can be seen that Chinese people pay more attention to "local Valentine's Day".

In the process of cultural integration and evolution, festivals are constantly being given new forms and meanings. When the "meta universe" meets the Qixi Festival, new ways of playing come into being. Let's take a look at the new "opening ways" brought by the emergence of the "meta universe" to the Chinese festival.

Digital Collection + Qixi festival to create a new commemorative category

The rise of the concept of "meta universe" promotes people's acceptance of virtual products. Among them, "digital collections" rely on NFT technology, with relatively mature solutions and easy realization paths at this stage, and become the fastest way to give the business "meta universe" elements.

As we all know, "sense of ceremony" is an indispensable element in festivals. People usually carry out a series of consumption activities to create a sense of ceremony. As a new virtual goods, digital collections will not miss this important shipping opportunity.According to the top 50 digital collection platforms with sales focused by sutu yuan Space Research Institute, 96% of them spontaneously launched or jointly customized the exclusive digital collection for Qixi Festival. Through traditional Chinese paintings, flowers, nebulae and other elements rich in the meaning of "beautiful love", it attracts collectors to buy.

Image source: ink universe

For example, during the festival, ink universe launched the Qixi limited romantic rose, which uses 33 uniquely designed roses, implying "love for three generations"; The digital collection platform "squid" of the cultural and creative industry of the cultural and creative industry launched the digital collection with the theme of "harmony", which praised the Qixi festival with a pair of winged birds that climb branches and sing harmoniously, implying vigorous love. NFT China, on the other hand, will form the digital collection of designated IP into "CP" and obtain the opportunity of airdrop of the unique collection of "double blue birds and wings" on Qixi festival to promote the sales of other IP.

Although the digital collection has opened up a new form of commemoration, the sutuyuan Space Research Institute has also heard the voices of some netizens. Zhou Wenjing, from Beijing, was happy when she received the digital collection that her boyfriend bought for her. She also said, "although the digital collection is unique, I hope that the only one is not the serial number (the hash value of the digital collection), but the words from his heart.". Some netizens said that digital collections can only be displayed in specific apps, and these apps often lack other uses. "There are several at a time, and they usually occupy memory in the mobile phone.".

Punch in "Yuan universe" has become a new fashion for young people on Qixi

Although the digital collection can be used as a symbol of love and a gift for collection, for the Qixi, which belongs to "two people", if we can create common memories, the festival will become more memorable.

Satu yuanuniverse also noticed that in this year's Qixi Festival, some couples moved their dating places to the "yuanuniverse" and met in the virtual space to "punch in", which became a new way of playing. There is no "dog days" here, only the passion between lovers.

Image source: honnverse honguniverse official microblog

On the eve of the Qixi Festival, Tianxia Xiuhong universe launched a special activity called "limited romance in the universe", to guide players to discover the "romantic photo corner" in the rainbow universe, and "punch in" by taking photos with partners. They not only have the opportunity to be invited to the "Limited romantic party" of the rainbow universe, but also have the opportunity to obtain physical prizes.

The arrival of the "meta universe" enables couples in different places to meet in the virtual space of the meta universe through the network. In order to let more couples meet in the virtual world. The VR manufacturer Pico launched the activity of "love is unlimited, Pico meets", recruiting 100 long-distance lovers throughout the network and trying the VR all-in-one machine for free.

Not only that, the "meta universe" virtual space also provides a propaganda position for the brand side.Sutu yuancosmos Research Institute has noticed that for the Qixi Festival, tmall launched the "tmall No. 1 theater" activity, and cooperated with 6 major brands to send 6 groups of couples' heads of limited digital collections of Qixi, creating a unique "yuancosmos" scene for brand exposure.

Users can invite friends or conduct a "test of tacit understanding" with netizens on the spot. If both sides give the same answers in the seven questions, then they will have the opportunity to get digital collection avatars for free. By playing games together and commemorating this moment in the form of digital collections, the distance between lovers is narrowed with a sense of participation. Therefore, the collections obtained have also become the carrier of memory.

On the other side of meta, users can get the opportunity to fly "3D wishing lights" in the virtual space by purchasing digital collections. The linkage of such digital collections and game props in the virtual space brings added value to the virtual products.

As another application scenario of the metauniverse, virtual human technology also began to try to "save the lonely people" on this Qixi.It is understood that Baidu's digital man xijiajia is the avatar of "Ai digital man matchmaker", and the first comprehensive live broadcast of AI digital man matchmaker's love was presented jointly with Sichuan observation.

In the report on the development trend of metauniverse industry in 2022, sutu metauniverse Research Institute pointed out that with the development of human society, people's basic needs for physiology and safety have been met in the real world. The emergence of "metauniverse" is precisely to meet the needs of human beings at higher levels such as social interaction, respect and self realization.

When the extreme social field of "meta universe" is combined with the traditional festival of the Chinese nation "Qixi", through digital collection, virtual space, virtual human and other technical means, the eternal pursuit of "love" and "beauty" of human beings will be resonated, so that the traditional culture can take root in the new scene and accumulate potential energy for social harmony and economic development at the intersection of science and technology and humanity.

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