"Industrial meta universe" is coming? The Ministry of industry and information technology coordinates virtual reality and industrial manufacturing, and the steel industry is also "fashionable"

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Scidev.net daily, August 4 (editor songziqiao)Speaking of virtual reality, what do you think of at the first time? Illusory scenes in the movie? VR head display for playing games? In fact, in addition to the C-end consumption scenario, virtual reality can also shine in the field of industrial manufacturing.

Recently, Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, investigated the application of virtual reality and other new generation information technologies in the field of industrial manufacturing in Beijing, and held a symposium on relevant enterprises.At the symposium, virtual reality and relevant enterprises in the iron and steel industry had an exchange and discussion around "virtual reality and other technologies help the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency".

The meeting emphasized the need to conduct in-depth research on how the new generation of information technology such as virtual reality can empower the industrial field, further accelerate the application of virtual reality and other technologies in all walks of life, aim at the pain points and difficulties of the industry, and constantly improve the depth and breadth of application. We should strengthen the publicity and implementation of policies and the connection between supply and demand, accelerate the implementation and promotion of new models, new scenes and new formats, and strive to realize the two-way empowerment of virtual reality industry and industrial manufacturing.

โ– there have been many live cases

Industrial metauniverse is the application of metauniverse related technology in the industrial field.Virtual reality breaks the shackles of two-dimensional plane, and can accelerate the productivity improvement of manufacturing industry in virtual assembly, equipment maintenance, training and other aspects. It has been preliminarily applied in research and development, assembly, maintenance, training and other links. The immature face of the industrial meta universe has been outlined in a single stroke, and relevant cases can be found everywhere.

The industrial integration ar smart helmet has been applied to the inspection work of power enterprises, and the State Grid, Ningde nuclear power and other power enterprises have started 5g+ar projects.

In daily inspection, when employees wear ar glasses, the 3D model of power equipment will "jump in front of them", synchronously superimpose real-time data, visually judge the working state of the equipment, and receive inspection instructions sent by the background. Operators only need to follow the screen instructions, and AR terminal equipment can automatically take photos and retain them according to the progress of on-site work, so as to accumulate experience and form a knowledge base, which greatly improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

Employees wearing ar glasses are conducting power inspection; Source: Polaris power grid

Boeing has already begun to use virtual reality technology to develop aircraft. This well-known airline company uses 3D VR head display to connect Boeing engineers around the world to achieve real-time collaboration. According to statistics, the amount of design error modification of Boeing 777 aircraft designed with virtual reality has been reduced by 90%, the R & D cycle has been shortened by 50%, and the cost has been reduced by 60%.

On the other hand, technology giants actively participate as platform service providers of the "industrial metauniverse".

Kawasaki heavy industry, the leader of industrial robots, has become the first customer of Microsoft to use its "industrial meta universe service". NVIDIA Omniverse, positioned as the "engineer's metauniverse", is also an end-to-end real-time collaboration and real-world simulation platform for complex design workflows. Through the use of Omniverse, BMW group can coordinate the production of 31 factories around the world. It is reported that the efficiency of production planning will be improved by 30%.

โ– the value may be far greater than the consumption field

In China, the white paper on the development of virtual reality industry 5.0 issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology clearly stated that "we should promote the industrialization of virtual reality technology through financial funds and support the application of virtual reality technology in key industries such as industry, culture and education".Industrial yuan universe is also the planning focus of local governmentsThe relevant policies of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Wuhan and other places encourage the application of metauniverse in industrial manufacturing, social entertainment and other fields, and promote the integration of metauniverse and the real economy.

Compared with the consumption meta universe, the industrial meta universe pays more attention to the process of "from virtual to real" and focuses on solving the exact problems in the exact scene. According to the analysis of many insiders,The industrial metauniverse will cover the whole chain of industrial production, and its application value in the industrial field may be far greater than that in the consumption field.

According to trendforce Jibang consulting, by 2025, the industrial yuan universe will drive the global intelligent manufacturing market to exceed $540billion, with a compound growth rate of 15.35% from 2021 to 2025.

However, at present, the industrial meta universe is still in its infancy. In order to promote the implementation of the concept into application, it is necessary to further carry out various research and construction. Supporting the development of industrial meta universe includes not only powerful basic technologies such as computing power, AI, digital twins, but also powerful hardware devices such as chips, sensors, optical lenses, vr/ar, etc. ecosystem construction is also indispensable.

According to incomplete statistics of the science and technology innovation board daily, these listed companies in China have launched their layout in advance:

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