How does Unilever play the game of yuancosmos?

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With the gradual emergence of its influence in various tracks, metauniverse has become a must for industry giants, and Unilever is no exception.

In this year, Unilever has taken strategic steps in metauniverse, and its brands have begun to adoptPartnerships, games and experiencesTo explore the metauniverse.

Just like Emily o', the project director of Unilever Web3 collective; Brien said:

"We are making use of our scale and global image to lay some suitable foundations for our business and future."

01degree's virtual Marathon

In a global study by the Digital Fashion Institute,60% believe that the digital field is not inclusive,This may lead to the marginalization of some online communities.

The deodorant brand degree has taken a step towards improving these problems by holding an inclusive marathon in metauniverse.

In April, this project was calledDegree MetathonThe virtual marathon covers the largest area in decentraland, Las Vegas Sports District26.2 virtual miles

Before the competition, the avatars that participants can create include wearable devices, such as prosthetics, running blades and wheelchairs,This provides greater representation for the disabled.

Degree metathon also has many virtual courses, which include more accessible architectures, such as the ramp for wheelchair users.

This activity continues the increase of degreeRepresentative goals of sports。 For example, last year, degree introduced a deodorant that is more likely to be used by people with upper limb disabilities.

After this event, degree promised to continue to build a more inclusive virtual world.

For example, adding audio description for people with visual impairment is implemented when creating avatarsNon binary optionAnd build more kinds of body shapes and sizes.

02dove's virtual mother baby space

Of course, degree is far from alone in the metauniverse.

If mothers want to have beneficial interaction with other treasure mothers, they canVirtual mother infant space u-coinvilleDo this in.

There, mothers can share parenting skills in care caf é, enjoy baby shower time in baby dove real care center, andSocialize, shop, play and learn to make money

When exploring this virtual space, mothers can try different functions to get real-life rewards, vouchers and other rewards.

In this regard, the person in charge of skin digital excellence said:

"This kind of innovation in the field of reality and virtual makes us move forward to a more progressive space."

"In this space, mothers can not only nourish their babies' skin, but also let them thrive in all possible ways."

The business performance director of baby dove of Unilever Philippines also added:

"It has always been our mission to achieve our goals and provide opportunities for more meaningful connections through our products."

"This time, the metauniverse gives us a real opportunity to provide functional expertise and emotional connections at the same time."

03sunsilk's virtual girls' space

There is not only a virtual space to provide mother and baby services for treasure mothers, but also a virtual space for young girls.

For example, Sunsilk, a hair care brand, launched on roblox platformSunsilk City, which aims to provide a barrier free space for female gamers and provide inspiration for young girls.

In addition to the real role models in the game, the sidewalk superstars mini game of sunshine city also encourages playersPut education above housework

Another mini gameBlow Them AwayWith the help of the virtual hair dryer, players can fight against the bad words that cause negative emotions to women.

Sunsilk city also does its best to provide women with real-world skills.

These skills are taught through free online courses,Both soft skills and hard skills are part of the course,To encourage them to realize their dreams.

Thus, Purnima Lamba, vice president of Unilever global brands, said:

"Sunsilk is committed to helping young women build confidence and find new possibilities for their future."

"There are so many young women in the world who have a wide range of possibilities to participate in games and virtual worlds. We see a great opportunity to contact the new generation in an interesting and real way."

04magnum's Virtual Museum

In addition to entertainment and learning, there are still many possibilities for virtual space.

In June, magnum, an ice cream brand, launched a virtual museumMagnum Pleasure Museum, displaying magnum's original works of art in cooperation with painters, designers and sculptors.

While visiting the museum, users also have the opportunity to order magnum on the virtual vending machine to see how ice cream may be ordered in the future.

At the end of the virtual experience, this ice cream will be delivered to them, which brings the virtual world into reality,Let users experience the super futuristic food shopping experience.

For this link, magnum marketing manager said:

"Our current ice cream business has achieved great success through metauniverse. This is a unique way to inspire other brands and industry leaders in an emerging space."

Later, magnum's global head of e-commerce added:

"Our first step into the virtual world showed the brand's rich history of art cooperation, the future journey with consumers, and finally ended with a real-life magnum ice cream."

"For magnum, metauniverse can bring innovative creativity and new consumer interaction."

05 Unilever, leading the yuan universe

Unilever's brands' attempts and innovations in metauniverse are helping Unilever navigate forward in this new world.

And Emily o' Brien said at the end:

"Our consumers have been immersed in the meta universe and spend more time on virtual experience, so that they can explore their passion, participate in cultural activities, and interact with like-minded communities."

"This is a good opportunity for brands, but they must provide real utility for consumers, not follow the crowd."

"We are shaping Unilever's unique ways to ensure that our brand truly appears in the virtual world and that people feel safe and valuable in our space."

"As Unilever, we have the opportunity and responsibility to influence the industry and play a leading role at the forefront."

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Author: Yang Wen typesetting: luoweiling

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