Yuancosmos launched a "standard" battle: Overseas alliances have been established, and domestic policies have been promoted

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When there are enough participants in the meta universe market, the norms and standards of the industry are still absent.

Original by chain news (id:chinablockchainnews)
Author | Huang Wanyi

"Standard" has become a new keyword in the battle of giants competing to layout the meta universe.

Recently, the sandbox, decentraland and other metaverse and Web3 enterprises jointly initiated the establishment of the "Web3 open metaverse alliance of Web3" (oma3). The objectives of the organization include promoting the "standardization" of the industry.

Not long ago, Microsoft, meta, NVIDIA and other web2 era technology giants established the "metaverse Standards Forum", and Chinese technology enterprises such as Huawei, Baidu, Chinatelecom, oppo are also members of the organization. According to the media the block, oma3 may plan to join the meta universe Standards Forum.

In these two standards organizations, the circles of enterprise members are different, and they also focus on the field of metacosmic standards. After web2 giant Facebook changed its name to meta, its centralized role of owning users' digital assets was questioned by some Web3 enterprises about its meta universe "fraud".

How to define the standard is still being discussed and even disputed by all parties.

The dispute between true and false metauniverse

From the enterprise background of oma3 and metauniverse standard forum, there are obvious differences between them. The former is mainly a Web3 emerging enterprise, and the latter is more a technology giant in the web2 era. From the metauniverse vision publicly expressed by the two organizations, we can also see that there are differences in the direction of standard formulation.

The official announcement of oma3 shows that the alliance will operate in the mode of Dao, and the standards will aim at real ownership and real-time interoperability. We hope to build an open meta universe so that users can independently own and use digital assets, identities and personal data across platforms.

The technical fields involved in the meta universe standard forum mainly include 3D rendering, user created content, ar/vr/xr human-computer interaction, digital twins, and geospatial systems.

Zhang Yuanjie, co-founder of conflux, said, "the meta universe standard covers a wide range of fields, from the graphics card chip at the hardware level to the digital asset certificate at the software level. Formulating the standard can reduce the collaboration cost of meta universe participants and make the data island become mutually integrated and interconnected. At present, the implementation of the meta universe standard has not achieved particularly remarkable results, which mainly depends on enterprises to explore the answer through market competition."

Chain news learned from the Chinese member enterprises of the meta universe standard forum that the "meta universe standard forum" alliance was founded by the industry association Khronos group, which focuses on the formulation of open standards. It is open to enterprises. The alliance itself does not organize and publish standards, aiming at "broader industry coordination and exchange". At present, major domestic enterprises have not carried out substantive cooperation and research in the alliance.

Roblox, the first stock of metauniverse games, put forward eight elements necessary for metauniverse in its prospectus in 2021, which are identity, social interaction, immersion, low latency, diversification, anytime, anywhere, economic system and civilization.

Facebook, which changed its name to meta for metauniverse strategy, was questioned by industry insiders for "adulteration". Yat Siu, founder of animoca brands, a blockchain game company, publicly "cracked down on counterfeiting" in a media interview: "Facebook is making a fake metauniverse, which is just a beautiful Disneyland, in which users cannot really own assets and build businesses."

Since last year, the concept of metauniverse has become increasingly popular in the capital market. Many A-share listed companies have been suspected of rubbing the concept, and the exchange has also sent a letter to inquire about their metauniverse business.

Wang Linchuan, the founder of mossai metauniverse, believes that in addition to the characteristics of generativity, emergence, openness and sustainability, an important difference between true and false metauniverses is "information ontology". A metauniverse without ontology must be false.

The so-called "information ontology", that is, in the real meta universe, information has the existence of similar material primacy. Wang Linchuan said: "Professor Wu Kun, the pioneer of information philosophy, laid the philosophical foundation for the meta universe more than 20 years ago. If the meta universe wants to develop in the long term, its philosophical foundation must be information ontology. The development of blockchain technology makes information have the existence of a similar substance."

Consensus form of the metauniverse: Island = website?

In the practice of metauniverse by domestic and foreign enterprises, they all move towards "island", "land", "real estate" and other forms. There are a large number of metacosmic land projects based on blockchain.

The first batch of popular meta universe projects abroad, such as decentraland and the sandbox, are virtual reality platforms built on the Ethereum public chain, attracting celebrities and well-known brands from all walks of life to settle in, purchase virtual land, open virtual stores, hold meta universe fashion week, performance and singing, and other activities, integrating games, creation, social networking, immersive experience and other elements.

Take the sandbox's land as an example. Its virtual land is an NFT digital asset generated based on the erc-721 standard. Players who own virtual real estate are one of the owners of the meta universe project, so they can create content and hold assets in the sandbox.

In 2021, the sandbox virtual land sales exceeded $350million, of which a virtual land sold in December was finally sold at a price of $4.3 million, setting a record for the highest transaction price of yuanuniverse real estate.

In China, Baidu xirang, mossai and other platforms have also begun to explore the meta universe scene suitable for Chinese enterprises and users. By renting and selling virtual venues, islands and other ways, many brands have been introduced to build marketing space and hold activities.

Wang Linchuan said, "if the page of a web page and the site of a website are metaphors of the Internet era, then the island is a metaphor of the meta universe. The meta universe island is equivalent to the website of the Internet. In the future, there must be unified standards, such as HTTP standards for analog transmission, HTML standards for web page layout, etc."

According to Wang Linchuan, the current practice of metacosmic islands has abstracted out preliminary construction standards, such as island terrain and 3D scene standards of buildings on the island. Just as the Internet era is not just HTML, the standard of Yuandao will not only be the standard of 3D scenes, but also include the norms and exchange standards of metacosmic people (avatars), Finance (Digital payments), things (digital assets), and so on.

As the head of domestic public chain system development, Zhang Yuanjie said, "as a decentralized distributed ledger, the most important function of blockchain is to issue digital assets. The contract standard of digital asset vouchers is the direction of blockchain enterprises in promoting the formulation of metauniverse standards."

Policies promote the formulation of metacosmic standards

According to a metauniverse report released by newzoo, a market research institution, in the past year, the number of companies involved in metauniverse business has increased from 200 in July 2021 to more than 500 now.

When there are enough participants in the metauniverse market, the norms and standards of the industry are still absent. At present, it is mainly enterprises and industry organizations that naturally screen consensus solutions by relying on market competition.

In April this year, two group standards, the "meta universe identity authentication system based on blockchain technology" and the "meta universe payment and clearing system based on blockchain technology", drafted by the Shenzhen information service blockchain Association, were released. They are the first batch of meta universe technology standards released in China, focusing on the field of digital identity and payment and clearing of meta universe.

Recently, more and more local policy documents have begun to overweight to promote the development of metauniverse industry, and will speed up the research and formulation of metauniverse standards into the policy scope.

Earlier this year, Beijing Tongzhou District issued the "eight measures on accelerating the innovation and leading development of Beijing Sub Center meta universe", which pointed out that "support enterprises, associations and alliances to participate in the creation of domestic and foreign meta universe standards, and reward the formulation units of international standards, national standards and industrial standards that have been approved for release."

Recently, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government released the "action plan of Shanghai for cultivating a new track of" meta universe "(2022-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the" action plan "), which mentioned the standard of meta universe in many places. For example, "support enterprises and scientific research institutions to participate in the formulation of domestic and foreign standards, focus on data, interfaces, platforms, codes, improve relevant standards and connection protocols, and achieve the universality and consistency of standards. Improve industry norms, strengthen the research on the impact of near eye displays and end products on health, improve inspection and detection standards; explore the composition of virtual digital identity and value system, and study the cross-border circulation of digital identity and digital assets."

In addition, the action plan also specifically mentions the industrial metauniverse: "support enterprises to build intelligent manufacturing twin platforms based on multi-dimensional perception, real-time reverse modeling and other technologies. Promote universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to jointly build a collaborative innovation platform for industry, University and research. Study the standard rules of the industrial 'metauniverse', promote the unification of data, protocols and rules, and realize interconnection."

On July 11, the people's Government of Jiangxi Province issued the implementation opinions on implementing the national standardization development outline. The opinions mentioned that the research on future industrial standards in the fields of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and metauniverse should be strengthened.

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