552 metauniverse apps and 70 social apps, which one can really make friends?

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Metacosmic social, far away in the universe

Source:Snow leopard financial agency

Author:Gao Xuyang

Fast Reading

■ yuan universe social networking has gradually become a red sea. From November 2021 to January this year, about 552 apps added the word "metauniverse" to their descriptions, with an average of more than 6 per day, of which 70 claimed to be metauniverse social apps.

■ the life cycle of many metauniverse apps is extremely short. The Party Island of gel and Tiktok was taken off the shelves at the speed of light after causing a uproar. In fact, there are not many applications available for download on the market.

■ although metauniverse social apps have some differences, they are far from enough in playability and immersion. The metauniverse that Zuckerberg envisioned using his favorite virtual image to complete all activities in the virtual space is still very far away.

In 1971, the world's first email kicked off the development of social networks. 50 years later, with the rapid progress of science and technology and the increase of human spiritual needs, metacosmic social came into being.

In order to seize the opportunity in this emerging field, a land enclosure movement has quietly started. Sensor tower data shows that since the outbreak of the concept of "metauniverse", an "metauniverse" app has been added on average every day. From November last year to January this year, about 552 apps added the word "metauniverse" to their descriptions, with an average of more than 6 per day, of which 70 claimed to be metauniverse social apps.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of metauniverse social apps. One is to add functions such as face pinching and virtual scene on the basis of virtual community, and the other is to try to create a new world or planet so that players can live in a parallel world with a new identity.

At the same time, the life cycle of many meta universe apps is extremely short. The Party Island of gel and Tiktok was taken off the shelves at the speed of light after causing a uproar. In fact, there are not many applications available for download on the market.

Snow leopard financial service downloaded and experienced several meta universe social apps, and focused on the following 9 items from multiple dimensions, such as screen sound effects, community atmosphere, and use experience, to explore the true face of meta universe social.

Are they true metauniverses or mobile QQ shows? I believe you will give your own judgment after reading it.

Application evaluation


App store score: 2.2

Snow leopard score: 3

Picture sound effect: 4

Social experience: 2

App experience: 2

Before entering the world of xirang, you can choose the image set by the system, such as male youth or green snake Xiaoqing, or you can generate your own exclusive image in a sentence or take photos. However, this image may have nothing to do with your requirements. After snow leopard financial news agency said "fitness girl", Xi rang created a female image wearing cheongsam.

In xirang, you can see Baidu Apollo's driverless car, visit the campus of Communication University of China, and even run twice on the playground.

The super realistic streets and architectural style are the obvious characteristics that distinguish xirang from other meta universe social apps.

The founder of a virtual content production company told Xuebao finance and economics news agency that the free material packages in the two modeling tools commonly used in virtual space are European style. Therefore, behind the sentence "a large number of Chinese elements are integrated into it" in the introduction of xirang application, Baidu has indeed made a lot of money.

However, at least for now, the experience of this app is far from good.

The life you can experience in xirang is very monotonous. Maybe you can only browse the map scene. Snow leopard finance and economics news agency has landed in xirang at different times for a week, and few players have met, let alone submitted to friends.

What makes people laugh and cry is that there may be ubiquitous threading bugs in the Greek soil at any time (between objects or between people, because the collision volume is set incorrectly, resulting in mutual penetration and superposition). For example, when you encounter a bumblebee, you will pass through his body. When you navigate to a certain place, you will see yourself running through the wall, "supercilious" to the destination.

Even if you just stand quietly, you may also flash back. Downloading a map or clicking other buttons on the screen are more "high-risk" actions.

Original world

App store rating: 4.3

Snow leopard score: 4.5

Picture sound effect: 4

Social experience: 4.8

App experience: 4.5

If xirang is Chaoyang District, the original world may be a corner of Chaoyang Park. There are only four pavilions, four tents and an open-air stage in the application, which can be called a minimalist version of the metauniverse.

The painting style of the original universe is also relatively young, which is not like the application for adults. However, due to the small number of players, this app has not been captured by primary school students for the time being.

Compared with similar software, what makes this app more interesting is the players.

Among the multiple meta universe social app user groups joined by snow leopard finance and economics, the number of group chat in the original world is only 90, but the activity and atmosphere are the best, and the players encountered in the app are also very friendly.

After entering the original universe, snow leopard finance and economics encountered a group of friends who were talking around the stove in the tent by accident. Close to any player, they will automatically join the voice group. After everyone said hello to each other, they also played a werewolf kill together.

In addition to the basic social functions, the original home page of the universe also has a "go to k song" button, which can be clicked directly to the HONGPU hall called "Lanxiang Conservatory of music", which is equipped with a card seat. After you put on the headset, you can hear the sound of ear return. KTV has common functions such as canceling and turning on the original song, adjusting the voice and accompaniment volume, and there are many optional songs. Jay Chou's songs are also included in the song list.

At 8 o'clock every night, there is a hi sing session in the hall, as well as resident singers. At night, there is a chat room in the tent.

Snow leopard financial agency also met the main creative team of Yuanyuan universe in the app. A developer said that his dream is to have 1000 people online at the same time. This dream seems a little distant now, but if he can continue to operate, it is also a way to retain users through the community atmosphere.

Maybe this is why, although there are only 22 scores, the score of this app in the app store is as high as 4.3.

Rainbow universe

App store rating: offline

Snow leopard score: 2.5

Picture sound effect: 3

Social experience: 2

App experience: 3

"There are few styles of clothes. I don't have a house yet. I can only sit on the moon every day. It's quite boring." Someone in the little red book commented on the experience of using rainbow universe. This sentence also basically summarizes the life of snow leopard financial agency in the universe for many days.

Generally speaking, this is a game in which the first comer eats meat and the later comer can't drink soup. The main way to socialize here is visiting. Users can visit any player's house and decorate their own house. However, this also means that if there is no house, the game is basically not played.

"Real estate speculation" is the most remarkable feature of honguniverse.

Houses on rainbow universe can be divided into SSS, SS, s, a, B and C according to the level, of which the rarest SSS level "idle court" has a total circulation of only 35 sets. Most players of this game are not concerned about whether they can make friends, but whether their houses can be sold, how much they can sell, and whether they want to shoot another one.

Players who participated in the internal test in the early stage can obtain houses by doing tasks. When the concept of virtual real estate was on fire last year, many people took out the houses they had drawn for resale. In mid December, a player said in xiaohongshu that he had only played for three days, and had just done the task casually, so he got an S-class house and sold 3000 yuan in Xianyu. However, he "worked hard and earned less than 3000 yuan a month". At that time, the quotation of a house with SS grade and top 100 numbers in Xianyu had reached 88000 yuan.

The hot real estate transactions of honguniverse and the ensuing disorder made the Xianyu block the keywords such as "meta universe" and "honguniverse" at the end of December last year, but the player groups such as wechat and QQ are still the gathering places of virtual real estate auctions, and even the organization of auctions has become a business.

At 8 p.m. every day, the group joined by snow leopard finance and economics will hold an auction. If the transaction volume is greater than 500 yuan, the auctioneer will charge 5% of the handling fee, and even if the auction is not completed, it will charge 2% of the fee.

Slow planet

App store rating: available only for Android

Snow leopard score: 4.5

Picture sound effect: 4.5

Social experience: 4

App experience: 4.8

Compared with other meta universe social applications, the number of users of slowly planet is larger and more active. Snow leopard financial service is the 150000 + resident of slowly planet.

The interface of slowly planet is similar to that of the original world. Both are cute q-version painting styles. When entering the application, there are limited images to choose from. Boys and girls have 6 images to choose from, and they do not support face pinching and other custom functions. The advantage is that once you enter, you will have your own small home, with sofas, tables, chairs and beds for sitting and sleeping.

Before the slow planet goes out, the system will prompt you to choose a destination, including slow Island, where the first generation of residents gathered, Star Island and Music Island for teenagers. In addition to being able to enter tents, cafes and other spaces to chat, the unique way of playing slowly planet is to be able to play 3v3 football games. There are two main forms of communication in applications. When players get close, they will automatically form a voice group. At the same time, compared with other applications, there will be a text chat dialog box.

At any time when you enter the slow planet, you can find people to chat. The real-time online number of the three islands fluctuates around 50. However, in the days of slowly experiencing the planet, snow leopard finance and economics met mostly teenage primary and secondary school students. The common user name was "XX is a handsome boy" and "I can't grow tall".

From the perspective of interactive experience, when the slow planet encounters obstacles, it will not get stuck or pass through them, but will bypass or even skip, which has been regarded as a relatively pleasing thing in the social applications of the meta universe.


App store rating: available only for Android

Snow leopard score: 1

Picture sound effect: 1

Social experience: 1

App experience: 1

Today's fateu is more like adding a primary entry to the original pan entertainment social application, which calls itself "the first meta universe social app in China". But the universe may live with creatures like "lightning", and the average time to switch pages is more than a minute. After entering the application, it is a general image creation function. Although it has the functions of changing clothes and pinching faces, there are not many optional clothes. As a more realistic character image, the head body ratio is also a little strange.

There are three entries on the homepage of fateu, namely, superhero, CP at club and Summer Party Island.

Superhero is a 123 wooden man game of the same version of the popular online drama "squid game". It needs to match 10 people to start the game, but Snow Leopard financial service failed to get together 10 people after logging in for many days in a row.

The most challenging thing is the Summer Party Island. When playing hide and seek with friends, the character can be changed into anything at random, such as a drink bottle, but Snow Leopard financial agency has made many rounds on the island, and no one has been caught. No one has passed the friend application to the players they meet.

From the perspective of user experience, the loading of any page is slow, and the running of characters is also too laggy, so the score we give is only 1 point.

Write at the end

The social media track with 4.55 billion users around the world integrates the emerging concept of meta universe, which has become a new blue ocean for giants.

According to the Research Report on the development of meta universe from 2020 to 2021 of Tsinghua University, meta universe will be a close integration of the virtual world and the real world in economic system, social system and identity system. Social media in the meta universe will be a real-time online virtual world parallel to reality in social scenes.

Soul, a stranger social software, also proposed the concept of social metauniverse. According to its assumption, in the social meta universe, users can experience a variety of immersive social scenes through virtualized bodies, and establish social links in a near real common experience. The social meta universe will have five characteristics: virtual avatar, social assets, immersion, economic system and inclusiveness.

But taken together, today's meta universe social apps are just empty with a layer of meta universe shell, which is far from "immersive social". Even this shell is not delicate, and the settings of characters and scenes are simple and rough. Snow leopard financial service has prepared in advance to accommodate emerging products, but the results are still disappointing.

The metauniverse that Zuckerberg envisioned using his favorite virtual image to complete all activities in the virtual space is still very far away.

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