From users' "poking the screen" to the active removal of the platform from the shelf, whale detection is also difficult to escape unsalable?

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Source:Yuan spacecraft

Author: Huang Kai

Original title: "whale detective is also difficult to escape unsalable?"

At noon today (2nd), whale detective sold the digital collection on time at 12:00 on weekdays as usual, but the difference is,This sale is not as hot as before, several Tibetan warships found in many collectors' communities that as long as users participate in the purchase on time, most of them have bought the collection for sale.

At the two "leak detection" time points of 15 and 30, you can also participate in the purchase. 15 minutes is the payment time limit set by whale detection. Orders that have not been paid for more than 15 minutes will be cancelled by whale detection, and the corresponding collections of the order will be released again,This means that a large number of users who grab the collection choose not to pay and give up the collection.

This is a significant change from the previous scene where it was difficult to find a whale exploration collection by puncturing the screen. This situation was further amplified when Jingtan was on sale at 14:00. At about 14:23, Jingtan took the initiative to remove the collections "towards happiness" and "taohuayun" sold at 14:00,This is an extremely rare off the shelf action of whale detective. It is certain that the two collections were not sold out before they were off the shelf.

Many senior collectors believe that,This may be a sign that Jingtan is beginning to be unsalableIn fact, the sales situation of today's whale probe is indeed similar to the first large-scale unsalable phantom core (phantom core released line friends IP digital collection on April 28).

first,Both of them sell trendy IPTrend and contemporary art digital collections are relatively "unpopular" categories in the current digital collection circle. The main reason is that current digital collection buyers prefer to collect for speculative profits rather than out of love. Therefore, compared with cultural relics collections, which simply tell users the value of the collection with labels such as "national treasure", "national first-class cultural relics" and "treasure of the town museum",Trend and contemporary art digital collections test users' recognition of IP and their own art appreciation ability.

But obviously,At present, the impetuous digital collection user group neither wants to collect digital collections nor has the ability to appreciate art. Digital collections of fashion and contemporary art are the same in their eyesOn the other hand, compared with cultural relics, the above two types of IP will continue to be created, and continuous repeated distribution means that there is no scarcity, which makes the secondary sale of this kind of collection unprofitable. This is an important reason why digital collections of fashion and contemporary art are not as marketable as digital collections of cultural relics and works of late art masters.

The second similarity is that the whale probe is the same as the long-term unsalable phantom core,All the unsold collections were removed from the shelves after a certain period of timeMany skeptical voices in the Tibetan community believe that,Jingtan didn't want to expose the unsalable state to collectors for a long time, the more people know about the unsalable information of Jingtan, the more unfavorable it will be for the subsequent sale of Jingtan. Once there is a large-scale unsalable situation, the platform will enter a vicious circle of continuous unsalable.

In fact, it's not surprising that Jingtan is unsalable. The following points have doomed Jingtan to be unsalable sooner or later.

First, the official boycott of over-the-counter trading.In addition to a few platforms that have not opened any circulation mode, such as phantom core, whale detection is the most pioneer platform to resist digital collection trading and speculation.

As early as February this year, Jingtan has begun to impose a large-scale penalty on over-the-counter trading users to restrict the gift transfer function, and such penalties have been carried out several times in succession, which not only greatly reduced the number of accounts and collections that can be traded over-the-counter, but also hit the enthusiasm of some users who buy Jingtan's digital collections.

Second, Jingtan strides to speed up the release frequency.Since May, Jingtan has significantly accelerated its distribution frequency. According to statistics, Jingtan has not sold its digital collections for only four days in June, which does not include Alipay skin, tmall digital collections, taopiao tickets and other collections that have also entered the distribution channels of Jingtan. Since then, whale detection "spamming" has begun to spread in the Tibetan community.

Third, Jingtan will no longer issue cultural relics prototype digital collections.On the morning of April 11, the China cultural relics Exchange Center held an enlarged meeting of the Party committee and a special meeting on standardizing the authorization of digital collections. Tan Ping, director of the China cultural relics exchange center, pointed out that it was necessary to say "no" to the digital replica of the prototype of the cultural relics ontology, and said that the center would resolutely clean up and rectify the project of simply selling the prototype of the cultural relics ontology.

Since then,All the digital collections of cultural relics issued by Jingtan have been changed into the second innovation collection of cultural relicsThe collectors' community generally believes that the market value of cultural relics erchuang is greatly reduced compared with the cultural relics prototype, which also promotes the subsequent sale of cultural relics erchuang digital collections to be less popular than the cultural relics prototype.

Fourth, the data collection industry has entered a recession.Since the second half of the year, the digital Tibet industry has started the "thousand Tibet war". The grand occasion of publishing digital collections on thousands of platforms has dazzled users. With the endless new means of new platforms and the hot money making effect of platforms opening up the secondary market, the traffic of the head platform is gradually being divided up.

on the other hand,The news has repeatedly spread that the upcoming policies will have a certain impact on the Tibetan industryIn addition, many platforms have been closed and suspended, and even the head platform "phantom core", which is as famous as whale detective, has also fallen into the storm of shutdown, which has exacerbated the departure of new and old users.

The diplomatic exchange price of Jingtan's representative collection "Dunhuang Feitian" series fell from a high of 20000 to about 7000 yuan, "the Asian Games torch" fell from 2000 to about 400 yuan, "the king of Yue Gou Jian sword" fell from 5000 to about 1500 yuan. In addition, except for cultural relics and special collections, the OTC prices of most collections represented by animation and trendy games are concentrated near the issuance price, and even a few collections have broken.

The above reasons make users realize that,You may not make money when you buy the whale collection, even after having to hold it for half a year, it may face the situation of losing money, which makes today's whale detection appear unsalable signal.

It should be emphasized that,It is not a bad thing that Jingtan is unsalable. We even think that Jingtan is the beginning of Jingtan users' return to rational thinking and purchase, Yuan spacecraft is"Why do I see the hope of the industry from the" unsalable "of phantom core and the" indiscriminate "of whale probe?"As pointed out in,The high profit makes users have the idea of "brainless buying whale exploration". The vast majority of users buy whale exploration platform, not whale exploration collection.

Nowadays, the "spamming" and "unsalable" will become cold water to wake up the users of "mindless whale buying probe". Only when more and more users gradually open their eyes blinded by interests, can the digital collection really get rid of hype and return to its intrinsic value that should be valued.

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