Phantom core night, Tencent wakes up "counting Tibetans"

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Wealth and freedom are far away, and cutting meat is very close

Fast Reading

■ phantom core, the safest digital collection platform in the hearts of former players, has become shaky. The rumor of its shutdown caused an uproar in the circle. Players try to return money and stop losses. Non magic core players also smell the crisis and are ready to withdraw cash and leave the field quickly.

■ gamblers of digital collections lose confidence, just like a dream of sudden wealth, which is smashed into shining gold foil, leaving only chicken feathers on the ground. Players who invest in real money have no time to mourn spring and autumn. What to do next is the most important thing they need to consider.

■ in the storm, digital Tibet players walked to the fork of the road: someone left the scene and said goodbye completely; Some people continue to run wildly and hope; Others took advantage of the opportunity to copy the bottom and draw chestnuts from the fire.

Author Yan Xuegong

Source:Snow leopard financial agency

"It's over, it's all over." Yu Xiaofei, who spent nearly 100000 yuan on phantom core, smoked two packs of cigarettes and clenched his mobile phone to brush the news. A line of words was impressively printed on the screen: Tencent plans to shut down the phantom core business of digital collections.

This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue. Yu Xiaofei took some time to calm down, washed his face and sat back in front of the computer. He has no time to hurt spring and autumn. The first thing he has to do now is to stop losses.

Magic core, the safest place in the hearts of former players, has become shaky. The head platform vibrated, like a dream of sudden wealth being smashed into shining gold foil. Snow leopard financial news agency observed that during the storm, Tibetan players were forced to go to a fork in the road: some people left the scene and said goodbye completely; Some people continue to run wildly and hope; Others took advantage of the opportunity to copy the bottom and draw chestnuts from the fire.

The gamble hasn't come to an end yet. Will it be the ecstasy of sudden wealth or the panic of broken dreams waiting for them?

at a loss

Yu Xiaofei is trying his best to find a buyer and try to minimize the loss. He has more than 800 digital collections on the phantom core platform, which used to cost hundreds of yuan a piece, but may become worthless electronic pictures in the future.

Anger, shock, panic, Yu Xiaofei has been unable to find an accurate word to describe his mood. The mobile phone kept shaking. He unlocked it impatiently, and several 999+ group messages jumped out. In the past, players discussed which digital collection had the most room for appreciation here. Now the group is full of criticism and abuse.

"Refund! We must refund!" "Such a big factory, can't you run away?" "Why not? Haven't you seen the earliest agreement of the platform? It's already announced."—— They refer to the service agreement signed between magic core and users. A screenshot forwarded by many people shows that the agreement clearly suggests that the platform may terminate the provision of services, and Tencent will not bear any responsibility for this.

Disclaimer in phantom nuclear clause

The full screen of "refund" and "(investment value) return to zero" upset Yu Xiaofei, but he still forced himself to browse all the information every day. "What if there is any good news?" He held the last glimmer of hope.

Tencent is the first Internet manufacturer to enter the digital collection in China, and its magic core is one of the largest digital collection platforms in China. In a sense, magic core is the weather vane in the hearts of many Tibetan players, and every move is worth reading under the microscope. As soon as the rumor that it will be shut down comes out, it is not just the players on the phantom core who are affected.

"A fire at the city gate will bring disaster to the fish in the pond." In the early morning of July 21, eight hours after the news of Tencent shutting down phantom core came out, Wu Zhenhua sent such a circle of friends. Although he didn't spend a penny in magic core, his anxiety was no less than Yu Xiaofei.

Wu Zhenhua is a "wild" player(editor's note: it refers to players who compete for the first place on various platforms, buy low and sell high on the same platform or cross platform to earn a price difference), he bought dozens of digital collections on fourorfive platforms. After the phantom nuclear storm, Wu Zhenhua told Xuebao finance and economics that the price of his collection fell rapidly in just a few days. Red, which represents the increase, turned green. Looking at the full screen of green light, Wu Zhenhua was uneasy and heartache.

Most of these data collection platforms have trading time limits, and every past day means that the loss is expanding. Wu Zhenhua counted the time to live, set up many electronic alarm clocks, and then marked them with "XX platform, you can sell". Just a week ago, these alarms were used to remind him to wait for the launch of new products on various platforms.

Helpless people gathered in wechat groups to vent their emotions with grief.

At 12:30 a.m., Wu Zhenhua's digital Tibet exchange group was still lively, but there were no new platforms and new links. "I didn't expect the news of phantom core to have such a great impact. Are all the brothers OK?" "It's very good. I'll lose thousands a day." "Be content, some small platforms have run away, and I didn't even leave a picture."

Occasionally, people try to send positive signals. "The rumor stops at the wise man. When did Tencent announce that it had completely shut down phantom core? It's just possible to lay off staff." But these words, like a small spray, were soon submerged by the tide of pessimism.

From products to pricing, and then to the most criticized function of not giving away, the most indispensable thing in the group is the verbal and written criticism of phantom core. Many people even believe that the phantom nucleus castrated the most important liquidity of digital Tibet, and finally led to the fate of being shut down.

Snow leopard financial news agency observed that since May this year, magic core has fallen into a unsalable crisis. At that time, Wang Shimu, the former head of Tencent News, was transferred to PCG "social platform and application line" to be responsible for innovative businesses such as phantom core. However, the change of command failed to boost sales. Since then, there have been more and more unsalable products on the phantom core app, and the "sold out" full screen in the past has gradually been replaced by "finished".

It is not the first time that the ills of phantom core have been seen, but Yu Xiaofei, who turned a blind eye and ran wild, still cherished the dream of becoming rich overnight and risked the risk of collapse to dig gold mines.

Dream of sudden wealth broken

Willing to bet and admit defeat is the motto of many Tibetans, but most people can only do the first half: the entrants throw bets because of the temptation of interests, but few people can quietly admit defeat.

Yu Xiaofei is a programmer in a small Internet company. He plays digital collections to make money. He often told his friends that he had missed bitcoin at the beginning and could not let go of digital collections this time. With a more cautious personality, he thought twice and decided to enter the magic core.

In his view, Tencent is a big company with high reputation and many IPS, and the digital collections made of well-known IPS have more investment value. Magic core does not open secondary trading and gift transfer functions, which is what Yu Xiaofei gambles on. On the one hand, such an operation strategy can make the platform more secure and lasting; On the other hand, once the platform turns on the gift transfer function, the out of print collections he saved early can be sold at a high price.

More and more money was invested, and soon it reached 100000 yuan. Yu Xiaofei thought that his dream of becoming rich was getting closer and closer to him, but he was awakened by the sound of dream breaking.

Qi Mingxuan, also a phantom core player, also took a fancy to its big factory background, but he bet on the power of Tencent's social Empire built by QQ and wechat. "Digital collections are luxury goods in the future digital economy. Since they are luxury goods, they must have a relationship with social networking, otherwise they are just a game of drumming and passing flowers." Qi Mingyu told Xuebao finance and economics that he had invested 12000 yuan in magic core. "Since someone can accept luxury bags of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan, one day they will also accept digital collections of the same price on social accounts."

Wu Zhenhua, who boasted himself as a high-end player, chose the opposite of Yu Xiaofei and Qi Mingxuan.

He doesn't limit himself to a trading platform, and believes that this is tantamount to a cocoon. With a starting capital of 1000 yuan, he began the road of "fighting wild", and soon his book wealth reached more than 40000 yuan. But he also pays close attention to every move of phantom core. In his view, what small platforms sell is the possibility of profit, and magic core is the expectation of the whole circle.

Therefore, the news that phantom core may be shut down means that the collapse of Wu Zhenhua's collection is a foregone conclusion. In the past week, Wu Zhenhua's assets have shrunk by nearly 60%. He felt a little relieved that someone always showed a worse record than him in the wechat group.

Some players lose thousands of dollars a day

With the fading hope of returning money, the wechat group and QQ group where Wu Zhenhua is located are becoming quieter and quieter, and few people take the initiative to initiate topics.

In the past, as long as someone said, "it takes 10 people to register with me on the XX platform and eat meat", the team would be full immediately. Four digit increases are not uncommon. Some people will take the initiative to send red envelopes if they make money. Congratulations to each other. Now, it is more and more difficult for players who form teams to search for gold. Even if someone occasionally initiates, no one replies for a long time.

Stand at a fork in the road

Whether the phantom core is finally shut down or not, the signal released by this rumor is ultimately disturbing. Yu Xiaofei chose to say goodbye completely. But before saying goodbye, stop loss is his bottom line.

"Magic core has nearly 100000 goods, and now 50000 are on sale. Come in good faith." Yu Xiaofei began to sell in more than 20 data collection groups, and his response was usually only sarcasm. Occasionally, there are several people who want to buy even bargain. The highest bid is 30000 yuan, and the lowest bid is only 6000 yuan. Yu Xiaofei tried to argue, but the other party threw out a post that a player sold 150000 magic nuclear collections for 50000 yuan on the post bar.

After tossing and turning, Yu Xiaofei decided to talk to the man who offered 30000 yuan, although he was initially dismissive of the price.

Someone is on a "fracture" sale figure source: phantom core post bar

Qi Mingxuan believes that digital Tibet is the luxury of the future, so he chose to stick to it and still optimistic about phantom core. If the phantom core comes out later, he will still buy it. But if it is completely shut down, he will not hesitate to seek a refund, nor will he buy products from other platforms. "Without Tencent's digital library, it is doomed to just entertain yourself in a small circle."

For wild players like Wu Zhenhua, it was normal to live without a fixed place, but the storm experienced by phantom core made him realize that the destination of the next stop must be carefully considered.

Some of the Tibetans who left the magic core migrated to "whale detective". A whale Scout Group leader told everyone, "whale Scout is the last line of defense to maintain the domestic digital Tibet. We have no problem playing whale scout, so we can invest at ease." But this made Wu Zhenhua alert. According to his observation, the phenomenon of difficulty in seizing goods by whale detectives is decreasing, which is by no means good news. Before the news of the shutdown came out, phantom core also began to be frequently unsalable.

Wu Zhenhua judged that the whole circle is accelerating the contraction, the popularity of the old platform is gradually cooling down, and the risk of the new platform is getting greater and greater. The days when you can lie down and make money after grabbing the first round are gone. Next, he was ready to quickly clear out the goods in hand and wait and see with money.

Yu Xiaofei, who was awakened by the dream of sudden wealth, dared not easily step into this crisis ridden circle for a long time, but some people still tried to seize greater opportunities in the chaos.

A player shows a screenshot of his income in the group

In post bar, group and other channels, some people widely issued purchase advertisements to buy out the use right of phantom core account through electronic contracts. The current wave of low-cost sales has become the best time for them to enter the market and bargain hunting. They bet that the phantom core will continue to open in the future, and will soon open the gift transfer function and secondary market transactions.

Rumors that it is difficult to distinguish between true and false are widely spread in the circle, which has become the basis for them to copy the bottom. Some people said that magic core was preparing to acquire Ibox (a well-known secondary trading market platform of digital Tibet in China), and some people rumored that magic core would soon be wholly-owned transferred to a blockchain technology company, and the subsequent functions such as resale and consignment would be opened. Sun Yuchen, a celebrity in the currency circle, also tweeted that he wanted to buy magic core.

In other digital Tibet groups, some people still tirelessly recommend new platforms and call on people to grab "airdrops" (Digital Tibet launched by the platform for free or at a low price for innovation).

There are many people who inquire and trade in the group, and from time to time, some people show screenshots of asset inflation. They don't care about the future of magic core, only about whether their dream of sudden wealth can be realized.

After all, in the face of the temptation of high returns, no one believes that they will be the last to accept the offer.

(at the request of the interviewee, the characters in this article are pseudonyms)

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