Indonesia's state-owned assets ended up with a "meta universe" platform. Frankly speaking, it will regret letting foreign capital occupy the market

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Source:Associated press of Finance

Editor Shi Zhengcheng

While Internet giants such as meta platform, Microsoft and Google are fighting for the infrastructure of meta universe platform, the largest economy in Southeast Asia has also joined this future oriented competition and vowed to have a positive PK with foreign competitors.

Last weekend, Pt Telkom Indonesia held the launch of "metanesia". Eric thohir, Minister of state-owned enterprises of Indonesia, who attended the event, said that the launch of this meta universe platform will help Indonesia's economy adapt to the rapidly changing Internet field and is also the gathering place for the country's huge young groups.

(Eric thohir live experience VR device, source: social media)

Minister thohir said that if other countries were allowed to create this new world, use their own payment system and operate in Indonesia, the country would certainly regret it at that time.

Although Indonesia's state-run metauniverse platform is still in its infancy, the details of its operations disclosed to the public are very limited. However, thohir said that this platform will serve as a place for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in Indonesia to show their products, where they have the same status as large multinational enterprises. Other services such as online health consultation will also be integrated into this platform.

Although he is the Minister of state-owned enterprises, thohir also stressed that state-owned enterprises should not become ivory towers and must embrace small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. The private economy is also a common part of Indonesia's ecosystem.

On the whole, Indonesia Telecom's meta universe platform still focuses on "VR" existing Internet services. It is reported that this service will include a huge "meta universe hall", which provides supermarkets, services and entertainment centers, and can host "online concerts" activities. The platform strives to launch NFT market, online conference, even yoga, E-sports and other functions later this year.

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