Hong Kong University of science and Technology launched the world's first metacosmic twin Campus

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On July 28, the Hong Kong University of science and Technology (HKUST) announced the establishment of the world's first physical digital twin campus in metauniverse, in order to grasp the development trend of the next digital era and provide a better teaching and learning experience for HKUST campuses in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

With the rapid evolution of the third generation Internet (Web3.0), the University of science and technology is planning to launch metahkust: an extended reality or XR campus belonging to the University of science and technology and the University of science and Technology (Guangzhou) campus that will open in September. This virtual twin campus not only provides an immersive learning experience, but also an integrated platform for all students, faculty and alumni to participate, so that the university community can carry out cross campus creation, innovation and interactive connection.

Metahkust is a long-term development plan. In the first stage, the university will establish major infrastructure, including the construction of extended reality classrooms, the installation of sensors, video cameras and visualization equipment, and invite all university members to conduct crowdsourced scanning for the two physical campuses, so as to provide the required images for the establishment of virtual twin campuses. When this extended reality ecosystem is completed, members of the two universities can create their own content in the system, including personal avatars (avatars), non-homogeneous tokens (NFTs) such as virtual world gift certificates or works of art, and some of them can be displayed or used in the real world with augmented reality or AR technology. The two universities will also become more convenient in sending messages and processing administration, such as issuing encrypted diplomas or transcripts in the form of non-homogeneous tokens and using blockchain technology. University activities such as open days or graduation ceremonies can also be carried out simultaneously or independently in virtual and physical forms.

The University of science and technology has always been a pioneer of innovative education. It is not only the first batch of institutions to realize interdisciplinary teaching and online learning, but also has long promoted innovative teaching methods and courses. Metahkust is another major innovation education program of the University of science and technology, which aims to connect students in different geographical locations with research activities through immersive learning experience. To facilitate this work, the university will formulate the governance of the physical digital world, set standards and norms for digital assets, and strive to break through the technological bottleneck to accelerate development. The university will solicit relevant research programs from the University of science and technology community that can promote the metahkust program for funding. It will also actively seek cooperation with other institutions to promote the research and development of metauniverse.

Professor Wang Yang, vice president of the University of science and Technology (University Development), who led the metahkust program, said: "The physical and virtual worlds are merging rapidly. I think that in this era of Web 3.0, which is bound to overturn the future, Hong Kong has all the elements of development and fit. As I believe that HKUST is the first university in the world to establish an entity digital twin campus, we are ready to lead the creation of a sustainable XR ecosystem to promote research and development and learning. This online and offline interaction is not only conducive to the two campuses' Hong Kong University of science and technology first year ' The real integration under the framework of "two schools complement each other" will also help bring the development potential of the meta universe into education. "

Professor Xu Bin, who is also the chair professor of computing media and art at the University of science and Technology (Guangzhou) and the director of the yuan universe and computing Creativity Research Center (yuan universe Research Center) at the University of science and technology, said: "As a kind of XR, AR is one of the main technologies that can combine digital content and physical environment. However, most applications of Ar are still limited to independent users, and there are also many limitations in the application of time and place. What we are working on is how to expand the application level of relevant technologies to large-scale environment and large-scale multi-user level, which is not only one of the main challenges to realize the entity digital vision And is the biggest difference between metahkust and other campus metauniverse programs. "

The team of yuancosmos research center is now committed to building the first mixed reality classroom on the campus of University of science and Technology (Guangzhou). The classroom covers an area of about 2400 square feet and is expected to be completed in September this year. Together with the same type of classroom to be built on the clear water Bay campus, professors and students on the two campuses will be able to interact and participate in the same classroom in two parallel spaces at the same time in the future. The team will also strive to improve the display details in the virtual world and provide the best virtual environment for the HKUST community.

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