The popularity of blockchain activities in Hangzhou is heating up. Behind the popularity of Web3 and meta universe is the advent of the blockchain era

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In the past year, Web3, metauniverse and digital collections have become popular, which gives people a feeling: How did the blockchain concept that was popular in the past two years go down?

Is that so?

There are more blockchain activities in Hangzhou, and cross-border dialogue has become the mainstream

In the past week alone, China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center has welcomed two heavy activities.

On July 22, the finity ecological demo day was held. A group of technology geeks flew from all over the country to Yuhang, Hangzhou. They were Chinese contestants and winners of the first supernova global hacksong activity of dfinity. They were invited to show their projects, plans and milestones to the community here. At the same time, communicate with practitioners to explore the technology trend of blockchain.

Wang Kai, a participant, said that he did not expect so many practitioners and enthusiasts to come to the scene. "The blockchain atmosphere in Hangzhou really deserves its reputation."

Figure: finity eco demo day activity

On July 20, Web3.0 data analysis and privacy security, jointly hosted by Babbitt and Amazon cloud technology, was held here. This event attracted from Amazon, Sumi technology and advance Many leading enterprises in the fields of cloud computing, AI, blockchain, and digital collections, such as AI, fun chain technology, attended the meeting and had cross-border dialogues.

Interestingly, the theme is data, but blockchain has always been the focus of guests' discussion, especially the privacy computing based on blockchain, which has become the best data privacy and security solution in the eyes of entrepreneurs.

Figure: Web3.0 data analysis and privacy security forum

A few days earlier, Polkadot's first offline workshop in Hangzhou was also opened at China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center, where more than 70 entrepreneurs came. The topic is also the trend and development of global blockchain technology.

In fact, in the past year, China (Hangzhou) future blockchain Innovation Center held about 30 offline activities, and more than 6000 people flew to Hangzhou from all over the country to Yuhang to participate in these blockchain activities.

Among them, hackers' activities are undoubtedly the most concerned by technology geeks, entrepreneurs and even institutional capital. Like layer2 Ethereum hacker song ", this activity attracted 8 temporary teams composed of dozens of computer and blockchain talents from all over the country. After 48 hours of fierce competition, they gave 8 brain opening plans and demos. The second summer Polkadot hacker song was also held here, attracting more than 100 developers from across the country.

In addition, this is also the main place for offline training of Babbitt education. In the past year, training activities with themes such as "meta cosmic offline training class" and "blockchain offline combat class" have been staged here, and more than 1000 students from across the country have learned or entered the blockchain industry through training.

Figure: group photo of Babbitt education offline practical class

Perhaps, the media has less endless reports on blockchain, but this vertical industry activity has actually been very active. With the epidemic cleared, the previous frequent online live broadcasts have also moved offline again.

Blockchain technology is invisible, and the era of blockchain is coming

In fact, as far as China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center is concerned, in addition to clear blockchain activities, many forums related to metauniverse and digital collections have also been organized in the past year. Even the earliest encryption art exhibition in Hangzhou was held here.

We found that no matter talking about Web3, metauniverse, or digital collections, without exception, the topic of the guests' dialogue will never avoid blockchain. Blockchain technology is the "node" linking these three concepts.

Meng Yonghui, an industry research expert, said that from the theory of "blockchain" on "blockchain" to today's "blockchain" on metauniverse, Web3 and digital collections, when blockchain is no longer "noisy", it is "invisible" and more mature. This may be the same as the development of the Internet era. Concepts such as e-commerce, Internet Finance and bike sharing have gradually submerged the shadow of Internet technology, but we still call that era the Internet era.

Blockchain is invisible, Web3, metauniverse and digital collections are on the front stage, and we are moving towards a real blockchain era.

China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center is the first blockchain Industrial Park jointly established by Babbitt and the Management Committee of Hangzhou future science and Technology City in 2020. Since the park was opened, the entry rate has been 100%. The blockchain enterprises settled in include media services, underlying technology research and development, big data, distributed storage, intelligent risk control, government affairs, judicial deposit, privacy computing, smart city, smart community and other fields. There are five blockchain quasi Unicorn enterprises in Hangzhou, and four of them are in the park.

Next, it is expected that China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center will usher in more activities related to Web3, metauniverse and digital collections, but blockchain must still be the core issue.

Wang Lei, CEO of Babbitt, said that China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center will combine the development advantages of Yuhang digital economy, give full play to Babbitt's comprehensive service capabilities such as media, training, exhibition and incubation, and strive to create a "famous park" of China's first-class blockchain industry.

Today, China (Hangzhou) future blockchain innovation center has become a business card for the development of Hangzhou blockchain. What's more interesting is that it is also becoming an "online popular attraction" that practitioners can't get around when they come to Hangzhou to "punch in Hangzhou blockchain".

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