The double heaven of digital Tibet: there is a platform "operating at a loss", and the IP side is still waiting for dividends

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Author | Huang Wanyi

Rumors that the "magic core" of Tencent's digital Tibet platform was abolished have triggered discussions on the cold winter of Tibet in the industry. According to media news on July 20, Tencent plans to abolish its digital collection platform "magic core".

The head digital collection platform with strong IP and traffic access is still difficult to stop the downturn. What is the current living situation of other participants in the digital collection industry chain? There are endless discussions about whether the cold winter of Tibet is coming, and there are also differences.

"The cold winter of shuzang has long shown signs." The relevant person in charge of a data collection platform analyzed to chain news that the sharp fall in the price of some collections in the Ibox secondary market and the unsalable sale of some collections in phantom core in May were two landmark events. Since then, the market has been in a downturn, and the dividend period of data collection has long passed.

As another important participant in the data collection offering process, IP publishers are much more optimistic. Zhangshuqing, CEO of Yangzi culture, told chain news: "the market scale of domestic digital collections is still small, the user base is still small, and there are still a few well-known artists and IP that have issued digital collections. The empowerment of digital collections on artist IP is still in its infancy."

Facing the current market situation, the participants in the digital Tibet industry chain can be described as ice and fire.

1. Some data collection platforms of listed companies withdrew

In May this year, Ibox was once popular on Weibo due to the sharp fall in the secondary market price of some digital collections.

"(before) those who stir up the heavenly palace really made a fortune, from 40000 to 80000." On May 17, a user said in the Ibox digital Tibet exchange group.

However, on May 17, the transaction prices of some collections in the Ibox secondary market plummeted, with a maximum decline of more than 80%. For users who spend tens of thousands of yuan to connect, the collection of the havoc Tiangong series is only worth thousands of yuan.

The "havoc in heaven" mentioned by this user refers to the "havoc in heaven series" digital collection issued by Ibox. It is a star collection widely discussed in various Ibox user communication groups. The initial issue price is only 99 yuan.

According to NFT's real offer data, the latest circulation price of "havoc in heaven - Monkey King guarding the flat peach garden" is only 5290 yuan, which has plummeted 80% from the previous price peak of 28000 yuan.

The relevant person in charge of the above-mentioned digital Tibet platform said that this is a landmark event of the arrival of the cold winter of digital Tibet.

"Ibox will become the benchmark of the secondary market price of digital Tibet, and the head has played a great role." One digit Tibetan industry observers said that each leader has its own user base, which is the source of private domain traffic of these digital Tibetan platforms. The platform will give the leader a share according to sales, and the profit is very considerable. Therefore, the leaders are willing to cooperate with the platform that opens the secondary market.

The data collection industry observer was outspoken: "there are many other unknown data collection platforms that open the secondary market. These platforms don't even seek to get out of the loop, because as long as they cut the leeks within their private domain traffic range and run away."

Such a model is doomed to be unsustainable.

In addition to the sharp decline in the price of Ibox collections and the hot search on Weibo, the rumors of unsalable parts of collections, slow development and even platform abolition of another head platform "magic core" have once again cast a shadow on the development prospects of the digital collection industry. As of press time, the phantom core platform has not sold new digital collections for more than two weeks.

Not long ago, Tencent News's "digital collections" section was also replaced by "digital orders". Its digital collections business adjustment announcement showed that "due to the adjustment and transformation of business model, Tencent News will suspend the sales service of digital collections from July 1, 2022."

In addition, the listed company Hang Seng Electronics' data collection platform "Yu Zang" also shut down its business.

A staff member of the head digital collection platform, who did not want to be named, told chain news that the sale of the collection on the platform experienced a trough after April this year, reaching its lowest point at the end of June.

In the view of the aforementioned data collection industry observers, the data collection platform bears the brunt of the downturn in the market, which is related to the unsustainable development path of "speculation users". Users who had hoped for the big platform were waiting for magic core to open the secondary market, but magic core was not open for a long time. When users' expectations were hot, users came in and found that they could not make money or even cause losses, often flowing to other platforms.

The person in charge of a data collection platform that did not open the secondary market admitted that it was "operating at a loss", He told chain news: "we are actually operating at a loss, because the platform that does not support circulation cannot earn money for most users who want to invest, so it cannot attract users. Moreover, the platform does not have the income of circulation fees. We only have the profit-making channel of the first-class sale, but the first-class sale is a one-time sale, and the income is not much."

The sluggish market of digital Tibet sales has also been transmitted to the upstream of the industrial chain. The developer of the jizang system said, "how much will have an impact. The cooling of the market will lead to fewer merchants serving. Whether it is platform development or payment channels will have an impactโ€œ

In the face of the current market situation, the most direct way for the developer of the data collection system is to reduce the development cost appropriately to attract customers.

2. The popularity of IP distribution remains unchanged

In the first half of this year, the new platform of digital collections was constantly launched, and the market pattern of "thousand Tibet war" once appeared. According to incomplete statistics of data collection ships, as of July 9, 2022, the number of domestic digital collection platforms has reached 820, while the number of platforms at the beginning of the year has not exceeded 100.

After the blowout of the number of platforms, many IP issuers poured into the digital library industry chain. What is the survival situation of the IP publisher when the head platform is in the doldrums?

According to Huang Shuji, the person in charge of Yu box versebox, publishing a digital collection actually does not require too much cost for the IP party. The IP party only needs to provide IP, and the user group who buys the digital collection is equivalent to being provided by the platform. The revenue from the sale of data collection IP to C-end users is shared by the platform side and the IP side.

Based on the role of IP in the data collection industry chain, IP issuers are relatively more optimistic in the market downturn.

According to the observation of zhangshuqing, CEO of Yangzi culture, at present, the main cold spots in the digital Tibet industry are some leading platforms with excessive development in the early stage, but the whole industry has not cooled down, and some new platforms focusing on specific IP fields are constantly emerging.

Zhang Shuqing said that these newly launched platforms are not like the old big platforms, which have a large user base, many new ones at a time, and strong IP background. On the contrary, these platforms began to show a more vertical and differentiated trend, such as providing stores for IP parties, providing artists with channels to upload IP independently, setting the sale duration, etc.

Special IP publishers usually cooperate with multiple data collection platforms. Because each data collection platform has different IP style and reputation, IP publishers will match each IP with the appropriate platform for sale.

Compared with the interactive interface of mainstream digital collection platforms such as magic core, which simply presents the digital collection purchase area, some digital collection platforms that continue to launch new or newly launched have specially developed the artist IP zone, and provide artists with creation platforms and community operations, forming a stronger IP stickiness and value empowerment before creators and users.

In terms of IP mining, some local data collection platforms focusing on the promotion of local intangible cultural heritage are emerging.

According to incomplete statistics, at present, Zhejiang, Shandong, Sichuan, Henan and other places have launched data collection platforms with state-owned assets background, including virtual data collection, seal data collection, spirit beast universe, and data collection central plains. Spirit beast universe has positioned itself as a digital collection platform focusing on Bashu culture, and "seal digital collection" has repeatedly launched Shandong traditional cultural collections such as Lu school interior paintings and Puhui New Year pictures.

Hype users and intensive cultivation of IP may have become two choices for the digital Tibet platform to spend the winter.

Huang Shuji said that the role of speculation is fast, and intensive cultivation of IP goes far. Maybe people who go faster can ensure that the capital flow can survive this cold winter quickly, but the real way to do a good job in digital collections is to abandon the speculative psychology, combine digital collections IP with entities and scenes, and let consumers truly recognize the value of digital collections, rather than blindly cater to investment expectations.

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