Bet on the edge of the new era: Web3 should not lack AI

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Author:Liu QiuChinese fir

Even before last year, when writing the book metauniverse: the road to infinite games, although there was a general survey of the significance of artificial intelligence in the metauniverse, it did not go deep into the "soul perception" level, but only met by chance and made a difference to readers. Until 2022, I had the honor to participate in an entrepreneurial project related to digital art and the economy of creators in the new era, and became an in-depth researcher of digital art, but also an in-depth participant and creator.

At the beginning, although I had countless ideas and ideas about digital art creation in my mind, I was helpless and stretched out, because I didn't understand painting, PS, and any professional expression of art that refused people thousands of miles away. Is it possible that in this Web3.0 era of "everyone is equal and everyone creates together", which is shouted every day, there is no expression of the creative rights of our group of "Xiaobai"?

I think there is also a supreme right over the ownership of artistic works, that is, the creative right of the whole people.The creation of the new world and the digital definition of the new world are the "natural human rights" of Web3 aboriginesใ€‚ This power is still monopolized by the professional "class", or by the old productivity, and most people are still just spectators, or just pay for them? This is also the dilemma of the current digital collection market. With the progress of productivity, in this context, productivity is artificial intelligence, which will always awaken a wave of people who rely on new technological innovation to challenge the traditional production relations: no longer pay for the producer consumer relationship in the old era. So in the vigorous Web3.0 process, a trend around the democratization of creative rights began to spread,That is the so-called "Web3 creator economic era"!

Perhaps the success of cryptopunk (cryptopunk) and bayc (boring APE) indicates that new artists coming out of the masses have completed the challenge to traditional art masters and large-scale IP, so the next big cry from the lower level will resound through the entire metauniverse of digital art. Take boring ape as an example, its popularity can be attributed to co creation. The people who buy it, or even those who don't buy it (just because it is the leader of NFT and can drive other NFT projects to share weal and woe), are no longer just simple consumers, but also co creators.Starting from this step, everyone participating in CO creation is obviously the most clear-cut slogan in this new era of Web3ใ€‚ A single spark has set fire to half the world, and people's desire for CO creation has become increasingly fission uncontrollable. As long as they have ideas and ideas, they will always find tools to realize and spread them. As a result, AI art began to shake the stage, an unprecedented visual sensory stimulation!

The progress of AI is also breathing with the times. Since gpt-3 began to land the super large language model with hundreds of billions of parameters, AI seems to have also begun to wake up. In recent years, it has shown unparalleled productivity explosion. From assisted driving to today's digital art, human beings seem to have found an omniscient "Aladdin magic lamp": if you say any desired picture to it, it can give you far more output than cognition and imagination. This epic hundred billion level super large language model is more and more similar to the human neuron system. It is said that in the near future (in half a year), trillions of large language models will also be available. At that time, no one can guess what kind of output AI can create,That is an "infinite game"!

With the rapid evolution of top-level AI, some small and medium-sized "smart" Ai art models can be opened source and can be used by everyone. This is in line with the spirit of blockchain Inclusive Finance and Web3 inclusive Internet. Among them, DD (Disco diffusion) is the most famous one. Millions of people all over the world scrambled to deploy and began a wonderful decentralized doutu competition. Countless people are fascinated by the color of AI, but also by AI's imagination. Some people say that I can see at a glance that this is painted by AI. In fact, it means more that only AI can depict such a magnificent and magnificent world of imagination.DD's open productivity has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the whole people for artistic creation, countless high-quality paintings have appeared on some professional digital collections, digital art and digital copyright platforms, which have been seen, amazed and purchased by more people, and then further drive this group of consumers into the circle of creation, becoming the next wave of new creators. yes,This is the inheritance of national creative rights, an endless relay infinite creative game!

Everything about DD

The creators of the previous wave have no longer satisfied with DD's expression or wisdom level, and have begun the next step of "sailing", seeking the realm of top AI success, and looking for "one piece"! As a result, another wave of new productivity appeared in front of people, among which midjourney is the most famous for its successful commercialization and the top AI art platform with the most significant user payment behavior.It makes full use of the power of the community to build a complete set of trial, innovation, community, user system, payment system, as well as secondary creation, works out of the circle and other all inclusive business models, very Web3!It would be better if crypto payment could be accepted. MJ gives the impression that he is more intelligent. If DD is only one year old, MJ can be up to eight years old, so the logic of his works is stronger and more refined. Especially when producing sci-fi themes, character themes and IP related themes, MJ's output can even reach the commercial level.

The criticism is that because of this monopoly level productivity, it is not open source and needs to pay more. It even inherits the "cat cakes" - various payment thresholds of many traditional monopoly giants. Only by paying continuously can we obtain commercial works. Similarly, there is Dall ยท E 2, a stronger (maybe 13-year-old) top AI art tool. What can it do? As openai people said on Twitter: if you see a group of pandas wearing red scarves riding motorcycles in the desert, it's us. Come and say hello!

Dall ยท E 2 is more famous for being able to enter the aesthetic eye of top fashion magazines. "In the wide-angle shooting from bottom to top, a female astronaut with a strong female figure swaggered to the camera on Mars and in the infinite cosmic background, adopting the synthwave style", so the following picture with a great sense of picture appeared on the cover of Cosmo, a top international market magazine, As insiders lamented, "the adoption of AI will indeed have a far-reaching impact on all walks of life, causing many people to lose their jobs, but at the same time,Creativity will usher in an explosion, and new types of work will be created. That possibility is beyond our imagination todayโ€ใ€‚

Dall ยท E 2, with its more top-level intelligent ability, has also recently opened a payment system. Not long ago, millions of trial places were opened, and now many business users are competing to pay for them in order to get unique creative pictures. A shining new era seems to be in sight. It is worth expecting that due to the rapid development of AI and the spirit of open source, many 100 billion level large models of high-level intelligence (comparable to MJ and Dall ยท E 2) are expected to be open source in the near future (the second half of the year), and then inherited and utilized by developers and entrepreneurs all over the world,Paid MJ will eventually make a compromise for this, and no one can stop Web3.

Introducing various AI art tools is not the focus of this article, but I hope readers can feel the author's vision for the future and the call for a new era in which the creative rights of the whole people are supreme. The productivity progress of AI has reached an alarming level every month. Human beings cannot predict the finality of the future, but they can know the infinite possibility that will happen in the future according to the habit of progress speed, and this infinite possibility is hope, the source of creativity, and the first principle of building a new world!

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