Observing the meta universe is the future of digital fashion

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Author: Lin senlou

Source:Yuan spacecraft

"The dimensional wall was broken, and elements such as meta universe, digital people, wearable technology and NFT gathered in the digital show to dance with fashion."

"With NFT, you will have a new generation of fashion identity."

"In the digital age, you should have a human high-quality" virtual fashion. "

PUMA x The Fabricant

With the strong attack of the yuan universe, various new concepts and new topics emerge in endlessly. Under the background of the rising topics of meta universe and digital economy, the fashion industry has also accelerated the digital transformation. In addition to digital marketing, new online sales channels, etc., a new economic form - virtual digital fashion has also been derived, leading to a new round of trends.

Stroll through digital fashion, which is extremely romantic, and feel the vigorous vitality of the fashion fields such as makeup, clothing, accessories, etc. in the "meta universe digital fashion".

Figure from dressx

oneDigital technology opens a new fashion ecosystem

The blessing and subversion of "fashion & Technology", metauniverse is redefining the future fashion lifestyle of interaction between virtual and real world. It is a new trend under the background of the era that the clothing industry is fully digitalized.

On July 2, China International Fashion Forum - how digital technology can open a new ecosystem of fashion industry was held online. This forum is sponsored by China Fashion Designers Association and organized by fashion designers magazine. All industry elites present the thinking and exploration of all sectors of industry, learning and research in an online way, and describe the new mode and great value generated by the collision between digital technology and fashion.

Digital fashion is a new concept emerging in recent years."Digital fashion" can be defined as "an interdisciplinary subject in the digital world, including games and encryption art".

Digital fashion brand republiqe creates limited edition NFT for coach

The characteristic of digital fashion is that it will not exist in actual form, but a combination of data and imagination. The digital universe expands the digital clothing industry chain in combination with digital fashion. At present, it has been expanded to fashion, shoes, bags, jewelry or any imaginary category of meta universe fashion.

twoDomestic and foreign fashion brands "cross foot" meta universe

Recently, meta partnered with dressx, a digital fashion company, to launch a new digital fashion in the avatarstore. Users can buy and wear them on platforms including Messenger, Facebook, instagram and quest, a VR device. Meta hopes that through this cooperation,Shoppers will be keen to open a virtual wardrobe.

(image source: dressx)

The most classic is the digital fashion crossover company - the fabric Dutch digital fashion design company, and their first digital fashionIridescence rainbow skirt "Rainbow"Since then, it has led the fashion industry into a new field of digital clothing.

High priced virtual clothing "iridescence" in 2019

Whether Balenciaga, which has long been at the forefront of the trend, or other brands such as LV, Gucci, Burberry, all aim at the virtual world to bring gaming experience.

Balenciaga joined meta together with Prada and Thom Browne

In China, Internet companies such as Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, byte and xiaohongshu are also interested in digital fashion and virtual clothing.

The epidemic postponed Shanghai Fashion Week in autumn and winter, but the fashion trend in the yuan universe never stopped. Because there is no offline fashion show, fashion designers have to be creative in the way they show clothes.

Jike Junyi "upper body" Chinese designer brand annakiki 2022 autumn and winter NFT virtual clothing

American luxury brand Hanifa held a digital show at Shanghai Fashion week. There were no real models, but headless floating figures wearing 3D rendered new clothes. Chinese designers Xu Zhi, Andrea Jiapei and Roderic Wong showed their fashion collections through ar virtual show at Shanghai Fashion week.

In March 2022, decentraland held the first meta universe fashion week, and global fashion brands have brought wearable NFT clothes.

3D technology debut of fashion brand Hanifa (by anifa Mvuemba)

Decentraland holds the world's first meta universe Fashion Week

threeYuancosmos is the future of fashion and the new ecosystem of digital fashion

Digital fashion meets the customization of consumers

Virtual reality technology and big data technology have been introduced into new consumption scenes, bringing new customized consumption scenes, strengthening communication with consumers, and customizing virtual clothes in real time, making "the emperor's new clothes" more symbolic; The uniqueness of customized digital clothing and the fitting of clothing to fit the human model reflect the operability of digital clothing.

You can try on AR shoes on Gucci app!Gucci app uses AR technology to enable users to conduct cloud trial wearing of sneakers, hats, glasses, watches and other products in a virtual way. Users can choose to shoot and save the trial wearing picture or share it through social platforms.

(image source: Gucci app, AR shoes)

The application of beauty brand allows you to make up your own virtual trial!Relying on the AR and image semantic segmentation technology of Meitu magic mirror, through the accurate positioning of consumers' faces, make the makeup highly fit with consumers' faces, and achieve a good makeup trial effect.

Chanel virtual makeup trial app

The application of AR technology forms an interesting linkage between virtual and reality, stimulates consumers' desire to buy, and forms new marketing advantages.

Digital fashion arouses the creativity of creators

The development of digital art is innovative. Its original concept and operation create a new platform, giving designers a new creative power.

The unrestrained imagination breaks through the material limitations in the field of traditional clothing and tries to bring a new way of expression by combining new ideas, new cultures, new perspectives and new lives.

When advanced customization meets digital fashion, "intangible cultural heritage" can also play a modern sense! Teachers and students of the two schools, Yangmei x Beifu, jointly launched the "beautiful Dunhuang dream" game clothing design joint course to explore the new road of Dunhuang culture. Enjoy Dunhuang aesthetics!

"Dream journey to the west" and Yangmei x Beifu explore the road of cultural heritage rejuvenation

Digital fashion changes consumer expressiveness

The application marketing of digital clothing collections is more like a concept of subscription and comment. You have the concept and right to own and display, but you can't use it at this stage.

Unlike the traditional luxury clothing or unconventional real clothing to promote themselves, the subscription consumption mode of digital fashion guides consumers to reduce material consumption.

The digital virtual fashion show, which is popular all over the world, is like the retro reproduction of QQ show in childhood (post-80s),Now we buy costumes, props and decorations on the meta universe platform to express and build another self.

Sustainability of digital fashion development industry

Nowadays, with the proposal of the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization" and the social demand under the influence of the epidemic, a large number of offline manufacturers of fashion brands are anxious about the use and recycling of their raw materials.Digital fashion equipment maintains the design concept of sustainable development and pays attention to the clothing needs of environmental protection and low carbon. It can be seen that digitalization is a very effective way.

Virtual clothing is a virtual, non-material existence. It does not need to be manufactured, packaged, and transported. There is no consumption of raw materials. The consumption of energy is far lower than that of traditional clothing, and it will hardly affect the earth's environment.

The tide of digitalization has never subsided, and it is expected to become consumer goods of mass art. A series of digital fashion industry chains around it are also blooming.

Digital fashion is no longer a virtual Pavilion, and we expect it to gradually become a part of our lifestyle.Yuancosmos fashion is also a digital game, which combines virtual reality with digital technology and gives full play to the story operation of infinite imagination.

fourCreate future digital fashion and build a multi-mode industrial chain

In the meta universe platform, we can break through the existing limitations and imagine as much as we like.It is not only designed for the meta universe, but also a new life experience in the future.

For example, at the metauniverse Music Festival, immersive activities enjoy a variety of fresh sensory experiences, including VIP areas, amusement parks equipped with roller coasters, Ferris wheels, pirate boats and other amusement facilities, human cannonball machines, psychedelic sculpture gardens, NFT wearable equipment stores, and even portable toilets.

After thinking and exploring at different levels,Metauniverse foresees the future of fashion industry and describes the new development mode and great economic value generated by the collision between digital technology and fashion.

The groundbreaking digital fashion show will also link new industrial development models. Cross border games, online release of new products, physical links, self clothing design... The future of fashion is undergoing an unprecedented change.

The plug-in blessing of modern technology focuses on imaginative items, materials, AR effects and new filter display to create digital clothes, creating clothes full of a sense of future, which has won the love and admiration of generation Z. Only what you can't think of, nothing can't be achieved.

Digital fashion is an important aspect of future lifestyleWe look forward to the emergence of more digital fashion talents to make our life better.

Metauniverse + digital fashion is under way. We sincerely invite creators to explore and create, and truly make "ever-changing" achievements in various fields of the whole life cycle of digital fashion, such as design, marketing, supply, consumption and so on~

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