Beauty brands enter the meta universe, "fake gimmicks" or "real outlets"?

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Today, searching the little red book with the keyword "meta universe" can find more than 70000 relevant notes, and more than 500 notes of "meta universe beauty".

The relevance of yuancosmos beauty makeup is rising, "yuancosmos" has become a new outlet for beauty companies to aggressively enter under the digital wave.Beauty brands have "annotated" through cross-border co branding, cross-border endorsement and creating their own brand virtual character IP, taking it as an innovative marketing means.

Register relevant virtual trademarks

The infinite imagination of the new virtual world can be said to attract a batch of brands and companies from all walks of life.

According to statistics, by the end of last year, 1692 companies had applied for more than 11400 yuan universe trademarks; As of the first quarter of this year, the total number of trademark applications including "metauniverse" has been close to 20000.

Beauty brands are not willing to be outdone. As the domestic affordable beauty brand with the largest flow at this stage, Guangzhou Yixian e-commerce Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of perfect diary, registered four trademarks of "perfect diary metauniverse", "Pico bear metauniverse", "perfect diary metaverse" and "Pink Bear metaverse" under it as early as January this year.

A few months ago, L'Oreal Group applied for 17 trademarks related to virtual goods, which belong to the categories of "NFT" and "metauniverse", suggesting that L'Oreal intends to get involved in the virtual commodity economy. The application documents include the brands of Kiehl's Keyan, Maybelline Maybelline, pureology, urban December and Redken.

In eight documents, L'Oreal said it would "provide people with a virtual world to browse, accumulate, buy, sell and trade virtual cosmetics"; In Kiehl's application documents, the items applied for also include the right to "non downloadable virtual perfume" and "hair care preparations and cosmetics body care preparations in virtual environment". Although it is not clear how these perfume and hair care products are realized, it seems that nothing is impossible in the metauniverse.

Subsequently, Rihanna personal beauty brand Fenty beauty also announced its entry into metauniverse. The brand applied for a new trademark through roraj trade LLC, which will be used for the sale of virtual cosmetics. "Downloadable virtual goods", including makeup and hair accessories, will be carried out online in virtual worlds, retail stores, NFTs and digital media.

Launch related concepts NFT

With the meta universe in full swing, its key application NFT also ushered in explosive growth.

In fact, for the public, the meta universe is like a concept full of sense of technology, nihility and remoteness, while the emergence and development of NFT is to successfully establish a connection between the virtual and the real; More importantly, it has given many enterprises, including cosmetics, access to the $100 billion market.

At the end of last year, L'Oreal Group launched an NFT project with lipstick as the starting point, and invited five female artists to create NFT works with the theme of their new lipstick "reds of worth", which were auctioned on the opensea platform from December 13 to 15.

L'Oreal Group said that previously, the creation of NFT works has been dominated by men, and female artists account for only 16%, and "reds of worth" NFT is an opportunity to encourage women to join NFT creation.

The profits from the auction of this series of works are directly owned by five female artists, and 50% of the profit from the secondary market of the resale of works has also been donated to the charity initiative organization "women of women" under L'Oreal in Paris to help more women.

However, although the "nft+ beauty" model is quite innovative, L'Oreal is not the first enterprise to "eat crabs".

As early as the middle of last year, Givenchy beauty announced that it would launch a series of NFT art works, becoming the first fashion beauty brand to launch NFT projects. The NFT art series was jointly completed by Givenchy and artists from Amar Singh, the owner of London Gallery, and rewind collective.

In March this year, Estee Lauder launched its first NFT during the yuan universe fashion week. The brand distributes up to 10000 small brown bottle NFTs, and users will be able to enter the bottle body of the "small brown bottle" to obtain a wearable NFT, providing a "radiant face" for the user's virtual image.

St รฉ phane de la faverie, President of Estee Lauder group, said that this effort is "the key point for Estee Lauder to contact and interact with new and existing customers in the metauniverse".

Some niche beauty brands are also eager to try. For example, American Lipstick Brand vald รฉ held a virtual product launch on decentraland at the beginning of this year. Three limited edition luxury lipstick gift boxes were launched at the press conference. These lipstick gift boxes are displayed in the NFT Gallery of the website and can be purchased through the NFT platform bitski.

The $1200 lipstick box is equipped with the brand's full set of colors. In addition, in addition to the corresponding digital artworks, buyers can also obtain lifelong membership of the brand's newly established vald รฉ NFT group. Members can enjoy VIP community experience and special treatment, and are invited to talk with brand founders, celebrity makeup artists and music artists. Members will also receive a special digital wearable device for future meta cosmic activities.

Create a virtual image

At present, with the explosion of the concept of meta universe, the beauty brand led by virtual people has quickly become popular in generation Z, and many virtual makeup imitation videos have been derived from platforms such as xiaohongshu and Tiktok, breaking the boundary between reality and virtual and successfully making a circle.

Inviting virtual spokesmen is the best example of the perfect combination of "meta universe" and beauty makeup.

On October 31, 2021, virtual beauty blogger Liu Yexi released her first video in Tiktok, which was positioned as "a virtual beauty expert who can catch demons". She attracted 200w+ fans in just three days.

Subsequently, the topic of "beauty + virtual characters" began to catch on, and many beauty brands stepped up their cooperation with virtual characters through cross-border joint branding and cross-border endorsement. For example, in December 2021, L'Oreal hairdressing officials announced the virtual character ayayi as their new color officer, and declared that ayayi was defined as "meta universe digital man", starting meta universe marketing; On December 30, 2021, Lanzhi announced its official entry into metauniverse, and specially invited Chuan Chuan, a virtual popular idol with different eyes, to serve as Lanzhi trend experience officer.

Build virtual brand space

Virtual platform, as an important carrier to build a meta universe scene, is also favored by many brands.

Last month, Givenchy Parfums announced the launch of an immersive beauty experience space in roblox, the game platform, which is also the first beauty salon launched on the meta universe platform.

Inspired by the former residence of Hubert de Givenchy, the founder of the brand, the space designed a castle as the game scene of the beauty salon, and set up swimming pools, subway stations based on L 'interdit perfume, and other facilities. Users can get virtual images created through Givenchy makeup, as well as fashion items such as iconic lock accessories and hats in Givenchy fashion.

Skin care brand SK-II has created a digital immersive metropolis called "SK-II city", so that people can virtual stroll and get brand experience. Secondly, "SK-II city" can not only experience the city streets virtually, but also watch 6 "vs" animated films in the cinema to enjoy an immersive theater viewing experience.

Sunsilk, a famous hair care brand under Unilever, launched the immersive meta universe experience Sunsilk city on roblox game platform, mainly to attract female players, especially young girls. Sunsilk city's mini game "sidewalk superstars" encourages players to put education above housework, while another mini game "blow them away" allows players to "resist" with the help of virtual hair dryers, which are often used to disparage women.

In addition, Sunsilk city also aims to provide women with tangible practical skills through house of skills. The platform cooperates with the learning platform udemy and uses 20 free online courses to educate players. These courses provide women with soft and hard skills and encourage them to realize their dreams.

P & G launched the online virtual world "beautysphere" at the American consumer electronics show with the theme of "responsible beauty". Consumers can interact with the brand through virtual reality technology, visit the Royal Botanical Garden Qiu garden, and explore the plant ingredients used in P & G's brand "herbal essentials phytophilosophy".

And why do many beauty brand giants compete to win the yuan universe? The answer is simple. First of all, it is natural that the heat of the "meta universe" is still rising, and it contains a huge flow.

The 2021 digital fashion report shows that about 3.5 billion people worldwide are digital fashion customers, accounting for more than 55% of the total purchasing power. The main force of consumption of the younger generation has grown up in a mobile digital world. For them, the boundaries of reality and the online world have been integrated, which makes the development of the meta universe full of infinite possibilities.

secondly,Yuancosmos' virtual technology has a certain role in promoting the development of the beauty industry.The integration of virtual technology and beauty industry can build a new consumption scene for beauty retail, and also provide new ideas for beauty marketing. At the same time, it can convey a more futuristic brand concept and values to consumers, which is conducive to brand upgrading.

However, until now, a large number of consumers are still hesitant about whether the "virtual beauty products" have their corresponding value, and believe that the concept of meta universe is more like a hot spot and a gimmick. At present, as a new thing that is not yet fully mature, there are still many problems that need rational thinking and judgment. Especially for the beauty industry, telling the story of metauniverse is not an overnight thing. The iterative upgrading of virtual and reality should not just stay at the marketing level.

Is the new model of "beauty meta universe" desirable, and can it bring vitality to the beauty industry in the long term? The market may need more time to give our answer to this proposition.

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