Pepsi yuancosmos marketing revelation: how should consumer brands catch young people in yuancosmos?

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Inspur Guide: under the meta universe ecology, a new marketing era has arrived.

Author: guoziao source:Inspur new consumption

Inspur Guide:Under the yuancosmos ecology, a new marketing era has arrived.

Author | Guo Ziao

With the popularity of concepts such as metauniverse and Web3.0, "metauniverse marketing" began to be mentioned more and more frequently, becoming one of the hottest topics in the consumer industry.

For consumer brands, the most important is undoubtedly the "worldview" and "methodology" for this concept: what is the real meta universe marketing? Should we enter the field of meta universe marketing? How to use meta universe marketing to achieve long-term growth? With many questions, more and more brands began to step up the layout of this track.

In this summer, another heavyweight player in the marketing field of metauniverse - Pepsi.

Not long ago, the metauniverse live house created by Pepsi and tmeland, a virtual Music Carnival, was officially "opened", and a metauniverse music party called "Pepsi Cola tidal dream" was also officially held.Less than 20 minutes after the party began, the number of online people was close to 2million. This Pepsi universe Party created a "history", making the number of tmeland interactions exceed one million for the first time.

With the sound of various dynamic music, the audience is in the Pepsi universe. This is not only a live house full of science fiction, but also a unique Pepsi style. The blue and black light effect combined with the giant Pepsi Cola sugar free can instantly bring players into the music world belonging to Pepsi and "revel" with virtual idols. โ€

In addition to holding the "meta universe music party", PepsiCo has also made further exploration in the fields of virtual idols, NFT and so on. Taking the upgrade of PepsiCo Gainian store as an opportunity, PepsiCo has entered the meta universe field with a high profile.

As one of the most famous consumer brands in the world, PepsiCo has explored a set of marketing strategies that belong to the brand itself in the past development, and the launch of "PepsiCo metauniverse" shows its emphasis on metauniverse marketing. In PepsiCo's own view, this is a subversive test of the meta universe ecology under the joint creation of brands and consumers.

Why does Pepsi attach so much importance to the "meta universe"? Based on Pepsi's "advanced experience", how should consumer brands do a good job in "meta universe marketing"?

In fact, it is not "strange" that Pepsi will step into the meta universe marketing track.

Since the beginning of the last century, PepsiCo has focused on every generation of young consumers.In 1984, PepsiCo launched the slogan of "the choice of a new generation", and deeply implanted elements such as "Youth" and "trend" into the brand gene.

In China, Pepsi is also famous for its youth trend cultural marketing strategy. After entering the 21st century, Pepsi has cooperated with the most popular stars to build momentum for the brand for many times. Under the strong entertainment marketing offensive, Pepsi has not only left many classic marketing cases, but also once became the creator of popular cultural content. Many popular theme songs and advertising films have also become the collective memory of a generation of young people.

Therefore, Pepsi has always been the "trend pioneer" of major brands, and its brand concept is also evolving with the concept change of the younger generation, from "dare for more", "live for now" to "for the love of it",Through the perspective and understanding of the life attitude of the young generation, the concepts of trend, youth and creation have already become an important driving force for PepsiCo to establish its brand influence.

Under the influence of brand genes, PepsiCo's marketing has also continued its consistent strategy: focus on the young trend culture, and promote the connection with consumers by stimulating young creativity.

In 2017, PepsiCo officially established "PepsiCo Gainian store", which is a trend culture experience space for young consumers created by PepsiCo, focusing on the collision between "hard core technology" and "cutting-edge design". PepsiCo regards it as the most cutting-edge trend connection point between the brand and young people. In other words, it is the best "position" of PepsiCo trend culture marketing.

As the front line of trend marketing, Pepsi yuancosmos also chose to start from Pepsi Gainian store this time.

As the hottest scientific and technological concept at present, metauniverse is giving birth to various new formats and contents, which not only drives the development of web, NFT, virtual human and other industries, but also begins to take root in the network experience and daily life of the global young generation. Various metauniverse platforms are blooming everywhere, and young users are also increasing. The integration of popular culture further "symbolizes" the metauniverse, Shape it as one of the most fashionable cultural concepts at present.

"Young" Pepsi naturally cannot miss such an opportunity. Their bold attempt at metauniverse marketing aims to create a "Pepsi metauniverse" that conforms to their own unique brand culture and is highly connected with the love circle of young people.

In this process, Pepsi chose the super dare in the family - Pepsi Cola sugar free is the "pioneer" of the metauniverse trial. As one of the most successful brands under Pepsi in recent years, Pepsi Cola sugar free was launched in 2017, injecting continuous vitality into Pepsi's product innovation. The innate super dare spirit is very consistent with the new marketing concept in the core of the product.

This meta universe marketing is not Pepsi's first attempt. At the end of last year, Pepsi Cola announced the launch of 1893 "Pepsi mic drop" creation NFTs, paying tribute to the birth year of Pepsi Cola; During 618 this year, Pepsi Cola also launched a brand limited digital collection avatar with tmall.

It can be said that Pepsi has already tried in the related marketing fields of metauniverse and Web3.0, and this time is more like an all-round "March" against metauniverse marketing.

In the final analysis, the reason why Pepsi will promote the "Pepsi universe" this time is due to the brand's attention to young consumers.

Metauniverse is different from the previous marketing field. Its biggest feature is that it can give more "dominance" to generation Z consumers,This may be a more three-dimensional and diversified content output field, which integrates the creation and imagination of young people for the "future". It can not only make a breakthrough in marketing effect, but also, more importantly, the "meta universe" is changing and integrating into the "lifestyle" of young groups.

In this context, it is not difficult to understand what PepsiCo wants to do:Through Pepsi universe, we can achieve more diversified interactive playing methods with young people, and further occupy the minds of young consumers.In this process, Pepsi brand expands more possibilities of brand by deeply binding with metauniverse.

So, how does Pepsi build a "Pepsi meta universe"?

As mentioned above, one of the key points of metauniverse marketing is that it is not only a unilateral "content output" of the brand, which exerts an influence on the mental concepts of consumers, but also brings consumers into marketing behavior through more diversified and trendy ways.

Therefore, to do a good job in metauniverse marketing, a unique virtual field and enough attractive marketing activities are essential. In view of this, PepsiCo focuses on the two concepts of virtual idol and virtual live house.

The rapid development of virtual idols in the past few years needless to say, whether it is the highly sought after combination of virtual idols, or the popularity of virtual people such as Liu Yexi and Axi, all confirm the commercial value of virtual people. Nowadays, more and more brands begin to let virtual idols speak for themselves and seek new possibilities of broken circle marketing.

Pepsi also regards virtual idols as a "window" to break through the meta universe. However, unlike most brands on the market, PepsiCo chose to develop its own virtual human technology and launched virtual idols exclusively belonging to the "PepsiCo family" based on brand stories and influence.

In this Pepsi yuanuniverse marketing, Pepsi launched a total of four virtual idols. Taking Pepsi's most classic products as the design prototype, Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Cola sugar free, plus 7xi and meinianda, four Pepsi virtual images with different looks and personalities were created.

Such a choice is not difficult to understand. On the one hand, PepsiCo universe is not only a single marketing behavior, but also a series of activities to help brand evolution. Therefore, building a virtual idol group belonging to the brand itself is conducive to the development of long-term marketing activities,As a well-known classic brand, Pepsi has its own "closeness" with consumers, and has a unique Pepsi "love gene".

And if you really want to make the "Pepsi family virtual idol group" a blockbuster, the stage is essential. One of the core actions of Pepsi universe is to hold a "debut show" for your virtual idols.

Unlike the online virtual performance invested by its brand name, Pepsi chose to host a "Pepsi Cola tidal dream", which was jointly created by Pepsi and tmeland, who has held virtual music carnivals for many times. It emphasizes the concept of "dream", that is, it pays more attention to the deep experience of the audience.

Virtual concerts and virtual live are just one of the hottest online entertainment methods at present. With the arrival of the first year of the 2021 yuan universe, many virtual live have been successfully held and highly praised overseas.

Pepsi can be said to be the pioneer of virtual live in China. This time, "Pepsi Cola tidal dream" is the first show of yuanuniverse live house in China.From a certain point of view, as a consumer brand, Pepsi has set a precedent in the domestic metauniverse industry.

So, how did Pepsi make this "debut show" innovative? Eight words: Super interactive and co creation by the whole people.

Pepsi chose to endow this performance with super playability and interactivity.For a live, music and Carnival are the two most important elements.

First of all, in terms of music, as a brand that has launched too many well-known advertising songs, Pepsi has rich experience. This time Pepsi customized the first metacosmic theme song "Pepsi cypher" for its virtual team Pepsi. Four Pepsi family virtual idols performed their tracks in the form of current music.

In order to make the live explosion effect in one step, Pepsi also invited the domestic popular rappers Pharaoh and Alfred Jenny to help the Pepsi family. They also entered the "tidal dream" with their first virtual avatar and performed together with Pepsi's four founding partners.

On the night of the performance, participants can change their costumes and customize their virtual images before entering the virtual party. During the performance, Pepsi also provided a variety of new ways for participants to experience Pepsi, including regular customized red envelope rain - Pepsi Cola falling from the sky without sugar to attract the audience to fight for speed, and various interactive tasks to win rewards, further improving the audience's enthusiasm to participate in music.

In terms of human interaction, the audience can freely choose the "pure sharing" or "interactive" mode. In the pure sharing mode, you can feel the explosion of the music scene with the best seat of live house. After switching the interactive mode, you can walk around the scene at will. You can also choose to display / block others, interact with other audiences, disco hop, make the meta universe party an online social arena, or enjoy your time with idols alone.

This Pepsi led music party not only attracted a large group of young people who love music to sing and hi in the virtual world,The topic of # must see live house this summer # was rushed to Weibo hot search, which made the number of interactions in temland concert exceed one million for the first time.It can be seen that playability and interactivity are indispensable for brands to reach young people.

This is a fully immersive experience, not only in the performance process, the audience can enter the performance itself. Through scene switching and multiple playing methods, Pepsi makes the "meta universe" play a real role, and makes the performance a fully immersive interactive adventure.

Interactive play doesn't just happen on virtual live. In fact, carefully check this Pepsi universe marketing activity, "interaction" and "co creation" have been integrated into many links.

In the early warm-up stage of this party, consumers can experience interactive play methods in the appointment stage, and get exclusive virtual tickets at the rehearsal site of "virtual visiting class". Through these interesting interactions, you can share Party News in real time, making it a "social currency".

Before the official release of Pepsi universe single, users can also personally participate in the co creation of lyrics and integrate their inspiration and imagination for future music. The concert will also appear on the screen at random, so that this concert is no longer just a single output, but a love product created by the brand and young people. Naturally, the participants' true feelings are easier to enter.

For Pepsi, metauniverse is not only a marketing field, but also a place to "create" with young people.When young consumers are inspired by the fantasy universe, they can create opportunities for interaction between consumers and brands through experience activities and virtual spaces, and establish a connection between the two parties in "co creation".

Of course, the establishment of metauniverse is not as simple as a virtual live. PepsiCo also launched a cross-border cooperation with post-95 digital artist Shane Fu to launch four limited NFT digital collections inspired by the taste of Pepsi Cola; In August this year, Pepsi will also cooperate with super qq show to build the first virtual Pepsi Gainian store, providing contemporary young people with an "online space" that responds to their love at any time.

There is no doubt that Pepsi metauniverse is not just a "whim". They are serious about being a "metauniverse". Under the resonance with generation Z young consumers, a trend position of virtual and reality, technology and the future is being built,This may be the third space in the future created by Pepsi brand and young people together, a love position that gathers young people's ideas, and even provide new "creativity" for the development of the meta universe in the future.

Then, in the current brand marketing track with new concepts, what enlightenment can the success of Pepsi universe bring to consumer brands?

1. The "Youth" gene has become the driving force of brand development, understanding the "what young consumers want" and promoting the real-time evolution of marketing.

This is determined by the unique personality and attitude expression of generation Z at present. With the increasing enrichment of material resources and cultural content, young consumers no longer believe in the concept of cost performance, and the culture and story behind the brand are paid more and more attention. Whether they are in line with their own speaking habits and whether they can reach a consensus at the level of values is imperceptibly affecting the consumption behavior of young people.

Popular understanding, the current brand marketing should no longer focus on "what I have", but should pay more attention to the needs of target consumers and understand each other's "what they want". In view of the popularity of trend culture and online interactive experience, PepsiCo has put its perspective under the general trend of meta universe marketing to fit the trend of young consumers.

This is due to Pepsi's younger and trendy brand core. It is this brand gene that has laid the "foundation" for the success of PepsiCo universe.

2. For new concept marketing such as yuanuniverse, the marketing purpose should be precise, targeted and based on products.

In this Pepsi yuancosmos marketing activity, Pepsi is not just holding a "virtual music party", but deeply binding the marketing scene of yuancosmos with Pepsi virtual idols. Team Pepsi, designed with the inspiration of four products, can finally put all the "stories" and "culture" of Pepsi yuancosmos on real products, making marketing more targeted.

More notably,Pepsi makes the product interact with users. After the immersive experience of music parties, consumers may associate with metauniverse when buying Pepsi related products, further deepening the "fetter" between consumers and brands.

3. Grasp the "essence" of metauniverse marketing and give consumers "autonomy" with interaction and co creation.

Metauniverse itself is different from the previous online experience. Decentralization and UGC content are the important characteristics of its future development. With the blessing of these characteristics, the user's sense of experience and participation is crucial. In other words, only users and platforms, brands co create, is the real "meta universe".

If a brand wants to build its own meta universe, it should not only make its own efforts, but also provide opportunities for consumers to participate. This PepsiCo universe is not only a brand power, but also a process of innovating the world with consumers.Reach resonance in values and cultural circles. From the perspective of marketing, more interesting and interactive games can also make brands and product selling points better reach consumers. It can be seen that Pepsi knows its way well.

PepsiCo's "imagination" in interactive play is more worthy of brand reference. PepsiCo universe marketing is no longer "chasing hot spots", but "leading the trend".

Finally, we jump out of the marketing behavior itself,Starting from its brand status, PepsiCo's "end" in the field of meta universe marketing shows the trend of the whole consumer industry.

From the perspective of the whole market, now meta universe marketing has become a hot topic, and consumer brands of various categories have laid out. Some people believe that metauniverse marketing will mature in the next one to three years, and will become the most important part of the future marketing field.

Today, when the underlying technology still needs to be developed, the future maturity of metauniverse is not clear, but when brands such as Pepsi also begin to make a strong layout, it shows that the common growth of metauniverse and consumer brands is a foregone conclusion. The party may end eventually, but in the meta universe ecosystem, a new era of marketing has arrived.

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