Industry Report: Digital Collection thousand regiments war, game companies embrace the new wave of generation Z consumption

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Source:Competing nucleus

Author: zhutaowei

Core view:

The report "digital collection thousand regiments war, game companies embrace the new wave of generation Z consumption" focuses on the following questions: what stage has the digital collection entered? What are the general ways for domestic game companies to cut into digital collections? What is the psychology of players participating in digital collections? What is the general direction for game companies to develop digital collections in the future?

1. The reckless development period of digital collections has ended, and differentiation and compliance are becoming increasingly important

After more than a year of development, the digital Tibet industry has attracted Internet giants, game companies, and hundreds of start-ups. According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of data collection platforms on the market, and the homogenization of collections is very serious. It should be pointed out that digital art accounts for more than 90% of the total transaction volume of digital collections, and the industry needs to find a differentiated development direction. At the regulatory level, we see that the platform side (wechat) and major industry associations have successively launched policies and initiatives (de financialization), calling for a reasonable and stable operation of the industry.

2. IP digitalization, platform building, and game manufacturers actively embrace digital Tibet

Domestic game companies actively embrace digital collections and evolve along the two routes of IP digitalization and platformization. At first, manufacturers focused on IP digitization. For example, Netease game "forever forever" IP authorized the release of "narakahero" series NFT blind boxes in July 2021; Tom cat and the only Art Co released the "limited edition digital card of Tom cat's flying car theme series" in December. Also in December, LGD E-sports club and red hole digital collection co released the LGD commemorative edition series badge.

By 2022, the first game manufacturers to try digital collections have successively built digital collection platforms, such as Tom cat's optical chain; There is fish art under the banner of China Mobile Games. In view of the above situation, we believe that game manufacturers will enter the digital collection in the form of IP authorization and self built platform.

3. The entry threshold is low, and manufacturers pursue commercialization and liquidation, taking into account the maintenance of core players and the expansion of new users

IP authorization mode: similar to physical authorization, it is basically a win-win situation. Building a platform: the cost of establishing a new digital collection platform is extremely low. According to estimates, the general function modules (including digital collection casting, distribution, registered user management, etc.), optional business models (airdrop collection, sale and rush purchase, blind box, multi-level synthesis, etc.), three-party docking services (blockchain docking, payment method docking), optional platform terminals and technology implementation services are packaged as a whole, and the price is between 7.1w-13.6w.

Manufacturers have sufficient motivation to build their own platforms. On the one hand, they are digitizing their IP to achieve commercialization while maintaining core players; On the other hand, through the linkage of historical and cultural heritage, museums to create positive value, in order to meet the general tone of regulators.

4. Start with curiosity, and finally return on investment. Z generation has a comprehensive view of consumption

Consumer psychology of participating / not participating in Digital Collections: 1. Curiosity; 2. Aesthetic appearance; 3. Commemorative significance; 4. Return on investment; Reasons for not participating: 1. Unfamiliar with the field; 2. The industry does not understand; 3. Not interested in the collection; 4. The price is not easy to evaluate; 5. The risk is difficult to control.

Consumption characteristics of Digital Collections: 1. The post-00s are full of interest, and the post-80s and 90s are the main force of consumption; 2. Men's sense of existence is significantly higher than that of women; 3. There is at least one "Internet worker" among every four buyers of digital collections; 4. Developed areas such as the southeast coast are more enthusiastic about buying digital collections; 5. In the new era, "migrant workers" tend to buy.

5. Deeply cultivate existing IP, integrate into the real economy, and create digital identity

Three directions for the future development of the digital collection industry: 1. Commercial copyright NFT, with different images; 2. Integrate with the real economy to promote economic growth; 3. Circulation display, looking for scenes in the meta universe, is one of the identity certificates (to meet the user's psychology of showing off)

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