How fragrant is the digital collection? Huangshan scenic spot is expected to have a revenue of more than 20million, and Mount Tai scenic spot is expected to achieve a profit of 150million

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Source:Beijing Youth Daily

Author: Zhu Kaiyun overall planning: Yu Meiying

Original title: is the digital collection of Mount Huangshan's "welcoming pine" Mount Tai's online tiger stone carving scenic spot still fragrant

Since the epidemic, the income of scenic spots has been affected to a certain extent. Many scenic spots have increased the income of tourism projects through live broadcasting, e-commerce, promotion of cultural creativity and other forms.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily found that recently, scenic spots have increased the revenue of scenic spots by cooperating with the digital collection platform and issuing digital collections.

Since this year, Mount Tai scenic area has launched the "Mount Tai series digital collection", Mount Huangshan scenic area has issued the "welcoming pine series digital collection", Qujiang cultural tourism has launched the "China welcomes the God of wealth" and other digital collections, and Zaozhuang Taierzhuang ancient city scenic area has launched the first digital collection, "night view of Taierzhuang ancient city", which has been popular in the market and sold out in almost seconds. On the "China Tourism Day" on May 19 alone, nearly 200000 digital collections of scenic spots including Mount Hua, Lijiang, Changbai, Huangguoshu, Mount Emei, Jigong and other scenic spots were released on various platforms. Since July, the popularity of publishing collections in the scenic spot has remained unabated. From the end of June to the beginning of July, Huangshan has issued digital collections three times in just half a month, and the enabling mode covers both online and offline channels.

According to CAITONG securities, the average daily issuance of cultural tourism digital collections in early July was 1.31 million yuan, an increase of more than 40% month on month.

Head scenic spot

Huangshan said that the revenue of digital collections this year is expected to exceed 20 million yuan

According to an article published by "Huangshan Tourism", Huangshan Scenic Spot took the lead in releasing a series of digital collections in the same industry in China. It has issued a total of 5 digital collections, totaling 50000 pieces, which are all sold out after being launched. Among them, the Yingke pine 3D digital collection and the gold leaf Yingke pine digital collection, totaling 16000 pieces, achieved sales of 400000 yuan and profits of 300000 yuan. It is expected that the revenue of digital collections this year is expected to exceed 20million yuan.

Anhui TUMA Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of "Huangshan Tourism" and Baidu baijiahao platform, jointly issued two Huangshan Qisong series digital collections (synthetic ones), which came from Huangshan's treasure attractions "Mengbi Shenghua" and "lianlisong", respectively. Huangshan Huizhou merchants' hometown cultural development group jointly released the "Huizhou cuisine digital collection" in conjunction with hungry. Anhui cuisine's top brand "Stinky mandarin fish" was made into a digital collection, with a total circulation of 10000 copies.

Taishan digital collection is expected to achieve a profit of 150million this year

In March this year, Mount Tai scenic area and Alipay's "whale detection" platform planned to launch the first phase of the "Mount Tai series of digital collections", including iconic landscapes such as the supreme five mountains, the boundless wind and moon, Ruyi, and "tiger" stone carvings. 32000 copies of Mount Tai's first phase of digital collections were instantly sold out, achieving a sales revenue of 800000 yuan.

On April 27 this year, Mount Tai scenic area released two limited digital collections, "Mount Tai God's Enlightenment painting ยท eighteen bachelors" and "Mount Tai God's Enlightenment painting ยท Dongyue emperor". Among them, "Mount Tai God's Enlightenment painting ยท eighteen bachelors" sold out in only six minutes after it was launched at a price of 18 yuan. The cumulative sales of three digital collections issued by Mount Tai scenic spot exceeded 2million yuan.

According to the official wechat official account of Mount Tai scenic spot, on July 5, Mount Tai scenic spot jointly issued the "Mount Tai spring summer autumn winter series digital collection" with, and 5000 copies were issued in spring, summer, autumn and winter, each at a price of 25.8 yuan. From July 4 to July 7, the virtual digital collection platform of Hangzhou International Digital trading center was launched in batches, including four natural wonders Digital Collections: rising sun, Yunhai yupan, Yellow River golden belt, rime and rime.

On May 24, an article on the official wechat official account of Mount Tai scenic spot, which was transferred from the "Tai'an reform" the first move of digital economy under the new wind of digital collections - the exploration and practice of Mount Tai scenic spot to test the digital economy and promote the appreciation of state-owned assets, showed that on April 25, Mount Tai scenic spot signed a contract with Tencent to jointly issue a total of 1000 digital collections with an output value of 250million yuan, which is expected to achieve a profit of 150million yuan within the year and 300million yuan in 2023.

Consumer: in the early stage, the alarm clock was stolen because it was scarce. Later, it was sold frequently and lost interest

For some time, the major scenic spots have quietly launched a round of digital collections war, and digital collections are becoming an important product line for the future development of major scenic spots. Under the epidemic, can digital collections make up for the impact of the reduction of tourists in scenic spots on their income?

Liu Qing, a citizen who is keen on digital collections, said that when Taishan first launched its digital collections, it set the alarm clock in advance for fear of not being able to grab it. I remember that at that time, when Jingtan grabbed the favorite "Taishan stone collection", it was very excited, and it specially sent a circle of friends to show off, but later, Taishan frequently sent digital collections on various platforms and was not interested in grabbing them. "Since the digital collection is a collection, it must be rare. If you send more, it will be worthless."

As a digital collection enthusiast, Ms. Yao said that based on her previous purchasing experience, the quality of digital collections launched by many scenic spots is uneven, and some collections are even rough and have false publicity. "Consumers have been aesthetic tired of some scenic spots' collections. Some scenic spots' digital collections have begun to be unsalable."

Industry view: the industry has just started, and relevant mechanisms and regulations need to be improved

A research report of CAITONG Securities pointed out that the cultural tourism digital collection is currently in a rapid development stage. The epidemic in 2022 repeatedly prompted more scenic spots to choose to participate in the issuance of digital collections to expand the source of income. As a typical application of digital collections to promote reality, the cultural tourism digital collection will maintain a high-speed growth trend, and it is expected to create revenue for scenic spots in 2022.

East Asia Qianhai securities research report pointed out that for cultural and tourism enterprises, "digital + culture" creates a strong IP drainage, using digital collections as a carrier to convert online traffic into offline traffic, and some scenic spots realize the integration of "digital + culture + tourism" by means of digital collections with scenic spot tickets. In addition, the scarcity of digital collection auction and its advantages of low cost and high gross profit can be used as other income to enrich the income structure of cultural and tourism enterprises.

However, there are still some chaos and risks in the current digital collection market. Pan Helin, CO director of the digital economy and financial innovation research center of the International Union Business School of Zhejiang University, said that in view of some current situations, the market supervision department and the cultural and tourism department can take the lead in formulating relevant regulations, and clarify the ownership of digital collections, platform access, business norms and other criteria with reference to the regulations on art management.

The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily noted that in view of some problems existing in the digital collection, Mount Tai scenic area also said in its official account that at present, the digital collection industry is still in the early stage of development, and China's laws do not clearly stipulate its legal attributes and legal application. Mount Tai scenic area carefully studies relevant laws and regulations and superior policies, especially the spirit of the Symposium on digital collections of the State Administration of cultural relics and other relevant meetings, explores the establishment of a clear system and mechanism with clear rights and responsibilities, standardized procedures, and strong overall planning, and ensures the information security of cultural relics.

Text / our reporter Zhu Kaiyun

Overall planning / Yu Meiying

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