How does the fabric, a digital fashion company that raised $14million, subvert the fashion field?

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Recently, Tiktok, a subsidiary of ByteDance, has entered the digital fashion industry and plans to launch a business called "pheagee". This business is a brand-new digital fashion community, involving virtual clothing, virtual people, virtual fashion and other aspects, to build a market that integrates science, technology and humanities into fashion.

The layout of ByteDance is not a fad. With the continuous warming of the concept of meta universe and virtual technology, digital fashion has become a new industry.This new wearable trend has not only attracted people's attention to the virtual world, but also brought a promising market for enterprises

The fabric is the first clothing store in the world that only provides "digital clothing". It is committed to building a pure digital fashion industry. Recently, it has just completed a round of financing of US $14million led by the encryption fund Greenfield one, which will be used to support and expand the company's plan to build a "meta universe Wardrobe" on its NFT platform the fabric studio.

Following the better commercialized virtual human and virtual idol track, more and more companies began to turn their attention to digital fashion.

From T-shirts and shoes to brand-name bags, from fashion items to sports brands, they are launching their own virtual products to catch up with the upsurge of digital fashionIs digital fashion really so popular? Is it a trick of old wine in new bottles, or is it an untapped market of hundreds of billions? What innovations has the fabric brought?

What is digital fashion?

Affected by the global epidemic, the offline fashion shows held by fashion brands in the past were suspended every quarter, so the fashion field had to find new breakthroughs to change the current embarrassing situation.

An unprecedented change seems to have quietly started. Thanks to the development of metauniverse, NFT and other related technologies, a new space related to the real world and the virtual world has been built, and digital fashion is an important supplement to the virtual world.

The fabric defines "digital fashion" as "an interdisciplinary subject in the digital world, including games and crypto art"。 Digital fashion covers the fashion design, wearing and collection culture in the digital field. In the virtual world, users can express their multiple identities and show their personality through digital fashion.

Previously, a studio called rtfkt studios published a photo of musk attending the event wearing a pair of sneakers inspired by Tesla cybertruck on the instagram account. This pair of unique style sneakers attracted a large number of inquiries from fans.

actually,This is a virtual sneaker designed by rtfkt studios. However, this pair of shoes did not exist in the real world, and finally sold for $15000As a result, rtfkt gained a large number of fans and was later acquired by Nike.

Digital fashion has broken the boundaries of time and space. Even fabrics that do not exist in reality can become possible in the digital world. With the help of digital technology and related tools, digital fashion can show the same details and appearance as the real object, and truly achieve unrestricted design and display.

In April this year, xiaohongshu and Xintiandi launched a virtual fashion event, and joined hands with 9 famous designers to launch new virtual fashion products in xiaohongshu R-space.

Since last year, little red book has cooperated with a number of native artists on the platform to launch r-digital collections in different forms and themes. On its R-space plate, it can unlock and experience these digital collections and virtual fashion in various forms such as ar.

The collision between emerging technologies and fashion is bound to bring new shopping experiences to consumers, and will also completely subvert the manifestation of the fashion industry

It is precisely because the rise of the digital fashion industry has spawned many platforms for digital fashion, and the brand the fabric, headquartered in Amsterdam, is one of the most representative platforms in the field of digital fashion.

Who is the fabric?

The fabric was founded by slouten, Kerry Murphy and Adriana hoppenbrower in 2016 and launched its official website in 2018. It is a studio focusing on opening up the future of pure digital clothing and introducing the fashion industry into it.

Kerry Murphy, its founder and CEO, once said in an interview that“The fabric has been exploring the possibility of fashion. We have established the world's first digital fashion company, established the concept of intangible fashion and fundamentally established an industry。 We have created a future of self-expression in the virtual space, focusing on our own values and taking the promotion of digital technology as our mission. "

There is no doubt that the fabric has brought more possibilities to the fashion industry and provided the necessary tools and channels for brands to seamlessly enter the meta universe at the dawn of the meta universe era.

After six years of development, the fabric has made a series of extraordinary achievements.

In 2019, the fabric cooperated with dapper labs to launch "iridescence" digital virtual clothing together with AR filter designer Johanna jaskowska, creating a milestone in digital clothing sales.

The fabric cooperates with dapper labs to cast its pure digital fashion into flow based NFT, which endows digital fashion with the value of digital assetsWith the high scalability of flow, it provides more possibilities for designers and creators.

In addition, the fabric has established a partnership with Epic Games to render digital fashion and build an interactive experience through the illusion engine of Epic Games' real-time 3D creation platform.

With the help of flow and unreal engine, in the future, the fabric will provide all creators and designers with a fashionable multi universe that can participate in, open stores and organize their own independent brands and immersive activities, and is committed to becoming the largest and most exquisite wardrobe in the virtual world.

The fabric has successively provided rich digital fashion for many brands, designers and activities, such as Adidas, a global sportswear company, Karlie kloss, a fashion supermodel, stephefung, a 3D artist, puma, an American high-end functional sports brand under armour, dezeen, a world-famous architecture and design website, and Australian fashion week.

At the same time, the fabric also reduced the brand's carbon footprint by cooperating with the brand to replace physical clothing with digital samples. The professional outdoor brand peak performance cooperates with the fabric to reduce the carbon emission of its sample clothes to 4% of the original.

As a result of this,In April, 2022, the fabric announced that it had obtained round a financing led by early encryption fund Greenfield one, with a financing amount of $14millionRed Dao, sfermion, Ashton Kutcher and sound ventures of guy Oseary participated in the investment.

It is no exaggeration to say that today's the fabric has gathered together "favorable weather, favorable place and people", and the future can be expected on the track of pure digital fashion.

The fabric is changing the expression of fashion

Traditional fashion design is a professional activity. In order to turn creativity into practical clothing from zero to one, it needs a series of links and multi-party cooperation, such as drawing clothing effect drawings, selecting materials, making clothing versions, making samples, adjusting and modifying.

Designers need to have basic art skills and professional qualities in fashion design. They must understand the size and structure of the human body, different clothing materials, etc. in order to turn inspiration into reality.

It can be seen that fashion design is not something that ordinary people can participate in at will, and a large number of materials are consumed in this process. The whole production not only consumes a lot of human and material resources, but also has a long production cycle, and the industry threshold is relatively high

However, the fabric combines 3D digital technology with fashion to solve the above problems.

The fabric has launched an online fashion design platform, the fabric studio, which cooperates with fashion brands and designers to put some 3D clothes into it. These clothes will be used as blank templates for users, and users can customize the clothing design by adding fabrics, decorations and accessories.

The whole process does not require users to master 3D design software or have professional garment design ability. Users can easily design digital fashion clothes that meet their own imagination.

It can be said that the fabric has changed the expression of fashion in one fell swoop, changing fashion design from the expression of a few professional designers to a self-expression that everyone can participate in.Because most professional requirements can be ignored, the fabric, a virtual fashion platform, can fully release the vast imagination of ordinary users and inject a new flowing water into the fashion industry

Furthermore, the fabric has created a new digital economy in the meta universe, and everyone can benefit from the self-expression of clothing.

The fabric studio can put the digital fashion clothes designed by the user onto the blockchain and generate NFT works, so that the unique works of the user can be permanently recorded by the tamper proof network such as the blockchain, support the transaction of these NFT works, and display these clothes in 3D in various digital environments in the meta universe.

These clothes are jointly created by the main fashion designer who provides the template and the users. The royalties sold will be equally distributed to everyone involved in their creation.

As amber slooten, co-founder and creative director of the fabric, said“We have designed tools to help build a new fashion industry, and we believe that we will all thrive in this industry。”

In recent months, people's interest in virtual fashion has surged, and they are increasingly accepting the digital economy and its meta universe. Therefore, people will pay more and more attention to how we dress our avatars in the meta universe, or how we better express and show ourselves in the meta universe.

Under such a trend, the relatively novel digital fashion industry may become the mainstream in the future. The fabric has been deeply involved in this field for a long time. It has made great achievements in both strategic cooperation with brands and exploring the display of digital fashion in the meta universe. The fabric is likely to become a pioneer in leading the development of digital fashion.

Will digital fashion be the next outlet?

When we talk about the change of fashion, in the past few hundred years, most of them have only changed materials, forms and styles, and rarely brought about innovation in essence. This is why the current digital fashion will cause such great popularity when it roars, because this change can change the current pattern of the fashion industry to a great extent.

According to the 2021 digital fashion report jointly released by British fashion shopping search platform LYST and the digital fashion company the fabric,About 3.5 billion people worldwide are digital fashion customers, accounting for more than 55% of the total purchasing power, which means that nearly half of the global users can become digital fashion customers

Of course, compared with traditional fashion, digital fashion can not compete with it. After all, more than 7 billion people in the world, at least 80% of them can be classified as having needs in the fashion field as long as they have the need to wear.

On the other hand, from the perspective of user attributes,The Z era (people born between 1995 and 2010) and the young millennials (people born between 1981 and 1995) who grew up with the Internet are more likely to accept the changes brought about by digitalization, and they are also more accustomed to expressing themselves in more fashionable and interesting ways, which is why blind boxes and digital collections are young people.

Therefore, from the perspective of the market itself, digital fashion will continue to grow with the expansion of the meta universe. In a sense, it belongs to the development of the meta universe. According to the analysis of Morgan Stanley, by 2030, the Web3.0 revenue channel of the fashion and luxury industry may reach $50billion.

At the same time, virtual human, as the digital identity of everyone entering the meta universe, plays an ineffable role in digital fashion.

In the real world, we will have a variety of personalized clothes, and the same is true in the virtual world. Everyone's personality and characteristic performance need to rely on the virtual image. Therefore, from the overall market background, the formation of the digital fashion industry has its needs, rather than simply trend change.

So,From the perspective of user trends and market demands, digital fashion has become a new blue ocean in the fashion field

At present, most of us only see that traditional luxury clothing brands have begun to enter the meta universe. For example, gucci sells the virtual version of Gucci Dionysus package on roblox. Burberry launched NFT in the game blankos block party through cooperation with mythical games. Even in the just concluded "618", major luxury goods have launched digital collections to announce their determination to enter the meta universe.

These reflect that the fashion giants have understood this track. If it was still unknown a year ago, now they have to seize this opportunity. At the same time, it also sows the seeds of opportunity for unknown brands to show their strength in the meta universe.

The cutting-edge digital fashion brands such as the fabric represent this. We can see their achievements in this field. Perhaps with the expansion of digital fashion, the fabric may become a well-known clothing brand in the meta universe. After all, the fashion industry that has lasted for hundreds of years has finally ushered in an absolute "rebirth". Who doesn't want to challenge the fashion giants?

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