618 results have been announced. How much has the digital collection contributed to this satisfactory answer?

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Source:"Thunder report" (id:leinewspaper), author: Shi Bingyu, editor: Nuerhachi 

Original title: 618 and digital collections, who achieved who

On June 6, leinewspaper reported on the PK digital collection of e-commerce platform. At that time, when the platform merchants were preparing for 618, tmall jd.com had launched a digital collection arms competition on 618.

JD launched a digital collection activity focusing on digital collections + physical commodities, and cooperated with pig xiaofart, budding bear, Dunhuang, Cleo and xiaoku, little monster wulala, dying on Mars and other IPS, involving children, short video animation, magazines, online articles, traditional culture and other fields. Tmall, on the other hand, has jointly launched a number of digital collections involving beauty, skin care, clothing, snacks, jewelry, cars, wine and other categories.

Half a month later, the 618 achievement has been announced. According to the official disclosure, JD's cumulative order amount in the 20 days from May 31 to June 18 reached 379.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3% year-on-year; On tmall, it shows that more than 260000 brands participated in tmall 618 this year, including 300 brands and 100 single products with a turnover of more than 100 million.

So what contribution has the digital collection made behind such a satisfactory answer sheet?

Tmall: digital collection of brand marketing, "number one plan" has attracted attention

In this 618, tmall set aside the entire top banner for its 618 yuan universe show Mobius on its digital collection search interface. The brands cooperated in this show include ambush, off white, make up for ever, Yunnan Baiyao, heluxue, Budweiser, Xiaopeng automobile and other well-known brands at home and abroad.

In addition, tmall also cooperates with brands such as Remy Martin, fresh, ledynamic, jiangxiaobai, Adidas and Chow Tai Fook, mainly in the form of "buy give" and combines physical goods with digital collections. Most of the digital collections are distributed in hundreds to thousands, adding a sense of cosmic atmosphere to this 618.

Unlike jd.com, which basically embeds commodity links "implicitly" in the collection details page, the settings that need to be clicked again are different. Many tmall digital collections previously counted by leinewspaper tend to be directly connected to the commodity details page or the store interface, and the path is more direct. However, like jd.com, the details page of physical commodities containing digital collections often has relevant descriptions and introductions.

Tmall's digital collection strategy of Brand Co branding marketing was steadily carried out. Until June 16, tmall released the 618 limited and exclusive digital collection of "tmall No. 1 Program", which includes 15 Brand Co branding models, 16 personality avatars, and 1 618 theme song. Among them, 15 brands have cooperated with each other: Sanxingdui Museum, Fauvism, Xiaopeng automobile, Yijia mobile phone, Debao, Wuling Automobile, alien, transformers, huaxizi, Burberry, Adidas Neo, KFC, b& O. Pepsi Cola, pidan. Brand types span the fields of automobile, electronic products, IP image, museum, FMCG, home, beauty, fashion, sportswear, etc.

As the focus and climax of 618 marketing, the "No. 1 plan" also triggered a heated discussion on Weibo. Through KOL communication and timely cooperation with the brand, passers-by under a set of combination boxing will inevitably stop for this. In addition, tmall has also designed an application environment for the digital collection of the "No. 1 plan". For example, the digital collection can be replaced by a Taobao avatar with one click.

In a public interview, the principal of tmall digital collection disclosed that the core of tmall digital collection is to position the digital collection in the form of digital gifts. It can be integrated into the brand tone and delivered to consumers through blockchain technology. Consumers can permanently store it in their e-wallets. As a virtual product, it will not hurt the pricing system of the product, and it can also be used as a new marketing tool for the brand on tmall.

JD: giving priority to buying, combining reality with reality, and a wide range of cultural and creative IP

Different from tmall's joint brand, the digital collection cultural and creative IP issued by Lingxi is in the majority. The cooperative IP includes budding bear, pig xiaofart, Dunhuang, Gulong series martial arts novel IP, Tang Palace Banquet, Yu Yingjun, Yuan 77, Shanhaijing, etc. in addition, Xiaopeng automobile, Hasbro and other brands participate in it. The content manufacturers such as football daily also choose Lingxi to issue digital collections, and their involvement is quite diverse.

In addition to the well-known animation IP such as budding bear and piggy fart, Yu Yingjun and other cultural and corporate IP images have also appeared frequently. Among them, Yu Yingjun is one of the protagonists of the urban social IP "alligator Rhys and Yu Yingjun" created by xinshixiang in 2020. It is a ruthless "anti correction expert" whose hometown is deep in the sea and whose mouth is soft after landing. This IP is spread through graphics, videos, peripheral products and other forms, and goes deep into the hearts of "migrant workers", It is popular on mainstream media platforms such as Weibo at station B.

Yuan 77 is the Chinese style two-dimensional virtual singer under Heng'an group. It was born on June 1 and became a singer. Founded in 1985, Heng'an group is one of the first enterprises to enter China's sanitary napkin Market. It is a well-known domestic household goods enterprise. Tmall yuan77 flagship store takes yuan77 IP as its main logo, and its product types include sanitary napkins, handkerchief paper, pumping paper, wet wipes and other household paper.

The most distinctive feature of JD's digital collections is the form of "physical goods + digital collections", in which physical goods dominate. The digital collections sold in combination usually cannot be purchased separately, but are sent along with the user's purchase of the specified physical goods. When the order reaches a fixed amount, there is also the opportunity to extract or directly receive digital collections. The collection details page is often embedded in the product details page, and you can click to jump and purchase. This coincides with JD's overall layout of the meta universe and digital collections, which "helps reality with emptiness, and experiences first".

In addition to linking external IP, JD has also launched some public welfare digital collections, such as "JD green commemorative coin", which aims to promote people's attention to sustainable lifestyle and the concept of green consumption for all. Its first collection, "joy&doga series", sells for 9.9 yuan and is limited to 10000 copies. It also uses the proceeds to support relevant public welfare foundations to carry out public welfare assistance.

Regarding the value and function of digital collections, JD cloud has said that "digital collections built based on the blockchain technology capabilities provided by JD cloud effectively integrate ip+ e-commerce operations, and make use of the traffic and characteristics of digital collections to add weight to the brand marketing of physical goods, helping brands to channel, innovate and generate income." Digital collections have also become a new model for brand makers to extend the marketing time cycle and further help brand makers gain customers.

How many times do you hide? Initial effect, but limited experience

After years of brand marketing, the promotion of e-commerce platform at the end of the year has become the common understanding of the public. While digital collections have become a means of brand marketing, they are also taking the platform as an opportunity to go to a wider group, which is a logical thing in our expectation.

In contrast, when we saw the "what is a digital collection? What can we do" comments in the microblog comment area and the circle of friends, the effect of digital collection breaking the circle has been marked. In this regard, leinewspaper interviewed three 618 participants of different ages, genders and hobbies. Previously, none of the three respondents had participated in the content related to digital collections, and talked about the impact of 618 digital collection activities on them from the perspective of "outsiders".

1. In addition to buying, Bao Ma's 618, who is also an online shopping expert, "pays more attention to activities with practical interests"

March (online name) is a post-90s treasure mother. She has been married for 6 years and has a 5-year-old child. She has settled in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. Her family conditions are good and her feelings are stable. Her biggest hobby is to study e-commerce platform concessions, "collect wool" and resell it. E-commerce has greatly promoted her to never be absent. During the 618 period, her total consumption amount was more than 10000 yuan (only the consumption range was counted).

When talking about whether she came into contact with the content related to digital collections during the shopping process, she said that she should have, but did not pay much attention to it. First, she had too many categories of shopping, and was more concerned about more practical activities such as filling up and reducing. The additional gifts of digital collections ("online virtual goods") did not attract her more attention.

However, in the social activities of "reselling" commodities, March also paid attention to the discussion about 618 digital collections. "Many younger children have won the top (obtained limited digital collections) and are broadcasting their digital collections on Weibo. However, they like a lot of things that are not as good as what I pay attention to." In March, household care, FMCG and maternal and infant products accounted for the vast majority in the shopping list, and more attention was paid to the discount of goods. However, when talking about the impression of the digital collection, March expressed great interest in the digital collection of tmall's "No. 1 plan" this time. "If you have the opportunity, you can try to win next time."

2. 618, a fitness coach and trendsetter, "got the digital collection, but it seems to have little practical significance"

Rabbit (net name) is a post-90s Beijing girl who once studied in Japan and has good family conditions. At present, she is engaged in the position of fitness coach and has a wide circle of friends. Before, she knew about the digital collection through friends and family, but did not touch it. "It seems very unreliable, and the underlying logic is not very clear.".

During the period of 618, the accumulated shopping amount of rabbit was between 5000-10000 yuan. Among them, a perfume she bought gave her a digital collection. "In fact, it was completely unexpected to get a digital collection. Many customers said that they liked her common perfume, so they bought a lot of copies to maintain their customer relationship. In the end, it seemed that there was only one.", Because most of the digital collections this time are in the form of limited rush purchase and gift in kind, unless there is a great deal of commodity discount to rush purchase, rabbits generally do not rush to buy.

"But it seems useless to get it. I'm far away from this kind of 'cyberpunk' in work and social life. Except for micro broadcasting in my circle of friends, I almost forget where the digital collection entrance is now." For the purpose and attitude of digital collections, rabbit said that she would focus on collection. If one day a popular digital collection suddenly appeared to lead the trend, then she "must have rushed to the scene at the first time, but now it seems that it is almost hot."

3. 618 of male college students, "saved money to buy large items, wanted digital collections but failed"

KK (net name) is a undergraduate student who lives in Chongqing, Sichuan, and has a sideline as a part-time game anchor at station B. "he has made some extra money, so he plans to upgrade the equipment". This year, 618 KK has saved himself a PC, which is also his only expense. As a trendsetter at station B, in the community with a strong atmosphere at station B, KK has heard about digital collections and NFT issued by station B earlier, but has never been in touch with it, "It seems that the digital collections they are playing with are different from those abroad in station B.".

What attracted KK's attention this time was the limited number one digital collection of tmall, because it was more like the digital collection in his impression, "you can make avatars, and then the image is also very regular. The key is the alien co branding, so it's hard not to be excited." As for the digital collections related to the number one plan, KK said that it has many favorite brands. It feels that tmall has found out the preferences of young people in the screening of Brand Co names. However, it is expected that it has not been selected for many years.

"What a broken circle"? What is the Enlightenment of digital collections?

In fact, in addition to the above three "outsiders" who deeply participated in 618 and had contact with the digital collection, leinewpaper also conducted a range survey. After entrusting four friends of different ages and social circles to distribute the questionnaire, 31 data were collected.

Among them, 5 were under 18 years old, 13 were 18-22 years old, 11 were 22-28 years old, and 2 were over 28 years old. Among the 31 respondents, 19 were 618 whose consumption amount was less than 500 yuan, 4 were 500-1000 yuan, 6 were 1000-5000 yuan, and 2 were more than 5000 yuan. In the process of shopping, only 30% said they had learned about digital collections, and 20 respondents said they had no access to digital collections. And the vast majority of users who come into contact with digital collections spend more than 1000 yuan.

Among the 10 respondents who came into contact with digital collections, only one said that they had obtained digital collections, and 7 of the remaining 9 respondents said that they would participate in activities related to digital collections if they had the opportunity. Among the respondents, 75% said that the digital collection launched by the e-commerce platform was "very novel. It's OK to try it if you come here", and 25% said "I don't feel much about it. Just click it easily". Because the embedding form of digital collection is reasonable, no one thought that the marketing was "fancy and noisy".

According to the survey data, although the vast majority of people still do not know much about digital collections, the proportion of influence has reached 30%, and the results have been good in terms of breaking the circle. Of course, different people have different opinions. In the survey, the most respondents reflected the limited experience of digital collections. Most of the respondents who are interested in digital collections are due to the "number one plan" digital collections.

There may be two reasons. First, the "No. 1 plan" has set up a suitable social scene for the collection. As a natural medium for social communication, avatars are also the first media selected by many foreign NFTs; Instead, it has planned marketing and high-quality UI design, which is in line with the aesthetics of most audiences, and has also selected Brand Co names that are in line with the audience. In the course of the survey, college students and the age group of new employees are the most attractive part of the digital collection.

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