Stop B plays with the digital collection of "Peking Opera" to pay tribute to the beauty of the quintessence of Chinese opera

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Original title: station B plays "Beijing Opera" Digital Collection

NFT marketing workshop learned that recently, BiliBili officially released the "cheers! Peking Opera" series of digital collections.

Station B + Mei Lanfang culture pays tribute to the beauty of the quintessence of Chinese opera

It is reported that the "cheers! Peking Opera" series of digital collections are authorized by Mei Lanfang culture and Technology Co., Ltd. each collection is integrated with different Chinese opera elements, and the classic appearance of Mr. Mei Lanfang, a "cultural giant", shows the beauty of Chinese opera and pays tribute to the quintessence of Chinese culture.

"Cheers! Peking Opera" is the first co branded digital collection in the original cheers series of station B, with a limited number of 1790 to pay tribute to the year of the birth of the quintessence of Peking Opera in 1790, 55 of which will be airdropped to users as activity prizes. At present, the collection has been reserved by more than 168000 people.

The digital collection of this series is distinguished by the opera industry. Many classic opera role elements are integrated into the avatar design, such as Jia Baoyu in a dream of Red Mansions and Yang yannei and Wu Sheng Sunwukong in Wangjiang Pavilion. The painting style of these classic opera roles has changed and become a toast shape with precious jade and golden cudgel.

In addition, the "cheers! Peking Opera" series of digital collections also incorporate master Mei Lanfang's classic stage images, including Yang Guifei, Xi Shi, Muguiying, Du Liniang, etc., so that future generations can appreciate master Mei Lanfang's unique posture and feel the breadth and depth of Chinese culture and art.

"Cheers! Peking Opera" series digital collections each work has a unique number and style, and online secondary creation and derivatives production rights are not open. After obtaining the collection, users can click on the digital collection in their personal page to change the avatar, and gain special rights and interests such as exclusive animation and collection likes.

Cheers series of digital collections are officially created by station B. they are original digital collections built on the high-energy chain of station B. High energy chain is a digital native community built by station B for new applications, cultures, games and digital assets. At present, it focuses on content copyright protection, that is, providing services such as ownership authentication for digital works. At present, a block browser tool that can query information on the chain has been officially launched, and will support community governance in the future.

Previously, station B has created a number of digital collections in the high-energy chain around the community ecology, including digital collections such as the artistic head of Ge De, the small TV head of the Chinese zodiac, the head of the original cheers series "cheers 2022", and the image of Ling Yuan's 10th anniversary.

It is reported that the cheers series, as the global key IP of station B, will continue to launch new content, deliver innovative content of community culture and traditional culture to overseas users, and make Chinese traditional culture go abroad and go to the world.

Digital Collection + traditional culture, innovative exploration of traditional culture inheritance

The quintessence of Chinese opera is a combination of music, dance, art and acrobatics, which precipitates the moral and aesthetic choices of generations of Chinese civil society. It has a unique cultural heritage and artistic charm. In recent years, it has been valued and loved by the young generation. The innovation and integration of culture and Science and technology is the general trend.

On June 22, the 8th anniversary of China Grand Canal's successful application for the world heritage, people's creativity joined hands with Huayun media's "China voice network" to release the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal opera masters' and famous sections' digital collections with the theme of "long journey" on Baidu super chain digital collection platform:

  • Beijing Opera Digital Collection: shangxiaoyun's 1929 Gaoting company record "thousand gold Quande"
  • Digital collection of Pingju Opera: white jade frost 1935 EMI record Sima Qianlong leaves the country
  • Digital collection of Shaoxing Opera: xiaodangui and jialingfeng's 1939 EMI record Diao Liu
  • Kunqu Opera Digital Collection: hanshichang's 1935 victory company record "Yaotai"

The four antique vinyl album versions were released from the 1920s to 1930s. Their master albums came from the world-famous EMI, Shengli and Gaoting record companies. The four out of print vinyl records of opera masters and famous sections released after technical repair will be released throughout the network for the first time in the form of vinyl audio repair. This is also the first time that the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal and traditional Chinese opera collided in a digital way.

Users who purchase all four famous artists' and famous sections' digital collections will also receive free airdrops of digital collections on the cover of out of print vinyl records from EMI, Shengli and Gaoting.

When shangxiaoyun, one of the "four famous operas" of Beijing opera, baiyushuang, the queen of Pingju opera, xiaodangui, the queen of Yueju Opera, and hansichang, the king of Kunqu Opera, and other great opera masters of the current generation reappeared in digital form, their euphemistic and exquisite or lingering melodious tunes were difficult to convey. The classical artistic conception made the national music magnificent. Opera culture has found a resonance between traditional culture and modern culture in its new path, new methods and digital innovation.

Culture + figures connect the cultural gene of the Chinese nation with modern life, and let traditional culture reach the young people and the public through digital collections. China's traditional culture will also glow with more vigorous vitality due to the power of numbers.

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