Babbitt | metauniverse daily required reading: metauniverse standard forum was established by technology giants such as meta and Microsoft. Huawei and Alibaba joined but Apple was absent

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Abstract: on Tuesday, Eastern time, many technology giants such as meta and Microsoft announced the establishment of an organization called "meta universe Standards Forum" to promote the development of industry standards and make the emerging digital world promoted by these companies compatible with each other. China's Huawei and Alibaba Dharma Institute are also on the list of founding members. NVIDIA executives, who served as the chairman of the meta universe Standards Forum, said in a statement that any company is welcome to join the organization, including participants from the encryption world.

Hot information:

Babbitt information launches Daily News Release Notice of digital cultural innovation

On June 22, Babbitt released a new notice on digital cultural innovation and development. The top five in popularity are: the spot turtle glaze lamps of songjizhou kiln in the China Tea Museum, the Wuhuang cat Wonderland party, the drifting party series and the destiny series by liucixin. For more digital cultural and creative information, please pay attention to "Babbitt information".

Well known director Spike Lee: using NFT to fund films will "bring more democracy to film production"

According to the block, the well-known director Spike Lee said in his speech at the NFT NYC conference that the use of NFT funded films will "bring more democracy to film production". However, Lee also acknowledged the risk of NFT investment, saying that "no matter what you do, you must do research." In addition, Lee also hinted that a new NFT project would be launched "soon". However, when a listener asked if he would use NFT sales to fund his project, Lee replied: "maybe in the future, but not now."
Spike Lee is an American film producer, director, screenwriter and actor. In August, 2015, he won the 88th Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award. On february25,2019, he won the best adapted screenplay of the 91st American Academy Awards for "the black partisans".

Opensea releases nft NYC won the NFT award in 2022, and bayc won many awards such as "the most innovative NFT project"

On June 22, opensea announced nft NYC 2022 NFT award winning projects. All award-winning works will be presented at the event atrium nft On display at NYC gallery. It is reported that the awards are awarded according to the data of opensea in the past 12 months (May 26, 2021 - May 26, 2022), such as sales volume, number of holders, etc. Other awards are decided by community voting. This year's awards received more than 18000 votes.

According to the list of winners, bayc won the top collectibles calculated by sales volume, the most innovative NFT project and the best NFT business model; Nike was rated as the best consumer brand using NFT; Murakami was named the best NFT transformation artist.

Guomingyu: meta Yuanyu hardware and earphone business slowed down

Babbitt news, guomingfu, an analyst at Tianfeng international, tweeted today that meta's meta universe hardware / headset business is slowing down. He said that meta cut its 2022 shipment forecast by 40% (from 10million to 11million pieces to 7million to 8million pieces). In addition, meta postponed all new headset /ar/mr hardware projects after 2024.

Affected by this, the "meta universe concept" plate fell by 1.55% as a whole, Goethe shares have fallen by the limit, and the price of instant messaging precision fell by more than 5%, Weill shares fell by more than 5%, Lansi technology fell by more than 4%, and Changying precision fell by nearly 3%.

Meta will expand NFT testing in instagram and Facebook

Babbitt: on June 21, meta founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would expand the NFT test scope in instagram and Facebook, allowing users to cross post on instagram and Facebook. In addition, meta will soon test NFT in instagram stories and sparkar.

Gome has made metauniverse an important strategy and is recruiting relevant talents

According to the interface news report, Gome has recently identified yuancosmos as the most important strategic direction. The general director of yuancosmos project has been hired in June and is actively recruiting talents. A person familiar with the matter told reporters that the meta universe project may be partially launched in early July.

In addition, the public information from the workplace social platform shows that the business scope of the above meta universe project includes meta universe world, meta universe e-commerce, digital people, virtual idols, digital collections, etc. In this regard, Gome responded that the company is indeed making a preliminary attempt in the direction of the meta universe, and the true happiness app will soon launch the meta universe function. Gome real happiness app will include a meta universe game, which will undertake the growth task through game social networking. However, the above insiders said that the game is not within the scope of the overall meta universe.

Investment and financing:

Yuancosmos music platform authentic artists completed a round of strategic financing, and Warner Music Group and others participated in the investment

According to businesswire, the meta universe music platform authentic artists announced the completion of a round of strategic financing. Warner Music Group, crushventures, crushmusic, stevenvasilev, founder of Nike rtfkt and sebastienborget, co-founder of thesandbox participated in the investment. This round of financing aims to accelerate the development process of its artificial intelligence (AI) - driven meta universe music platform, shape the warpsound music brand, and seek partners to help the future development.

It is reported that authentic's creative music NFT series wvrps by warpsound is the No. 1 music NFT series on opensea so far. It contains 9999 music sounds driven by unique visual features, which are realized by authentic's music generation technology.

Doodles hired musician Pharrell Williams as the chief brand officer and completed the financing led by seven seven six

According to decrypt, the NFT project doodles released an important announcement at the NFT NYC conference, revealing that the musician and producer Pharrell Williams will join the project as the chief brand officer, and the project has raised the first round of funds, led by seven seven six, a venture capital company under Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of reddit. The amount of financing has not been disclosed. Seven seven six co-founder Katelin Holloway will join the board of doodles with Williams.

It is reported that Pharrell Williams will be the executive producer of a doodles music album called "doodles records: Volume 1", which will be released in cooperation with Columbia Records. According to a spokesman for doodles, the album will include "major recording artists" and will feature doodles artist Scott "e; Burnt Toast" Martin's works of art. Doodles albums will be streamed through various platforms, but will only be sold through NFTs. According to the representative, the doodles album NFT will also be bundled with other NFT collections that have not yet been determined.

Metauniverse recommended reading:

"Meta, Microsoft and other technology giants set up the meta universe standard forum, Huawei and Alibaba joined, and NVIDIA executives as the chairman said they welcomed participants from the encryption world"

On Tuesday, US Eastern time, many technology giants such as meta and Microsoft announced the establishment of an organization called "meta universe Standards Forum" to promote the development of industry standards and make the emerging digital world promoted by these companies compatible with each other. In the announcement of its establishment, the meta universe Standards Forum said that the participants of the forum included 36 technology giants such as meta, Microsoft, epic, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Sony, and the industry covered chip manufacturers, game companies and established standard setting institutions such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). China's Huawei and Alibaba Dharma Institute are also on the list of founding members.

Will the world's first AR contact lens be the lowest barrier entrance to the metauniverse

Mojo vision, which was founded in 2015 and has been kept secret, recently threw a big bomb - launching the world's first AR contact lens prototype product. You should know that North, the last company to make ar glasses with great fanfare, was unable to survive after burning up nearly 200million dollars and selling less than 1000 pairs of glasses, and was finally accepted by Google. What are the odds of mojo vision, which is more ambitious than north?

Science and technology enterprises seize the beach of yuanuniverse and send digital people to start "outpost war"

In the crowded yuancosmos circuit, everyone sent digital people to the front station. What is digital people, where are digital people used, and are there risks in using digital people?

"The great shock of the yuan universe: senior executives leave, the team dissolves, robbing Peter to pay Paul"

New giants are pouring in, while the giants on the other side who have been in the game for a long time are "struggling" to survive. How should the giants go to the meta universe? In the face of changes in the metauniverse market, how did Microsoft, the leader of the b-end track of metauniverse, and meta, the leader of the C-end track, respond? Why did their executives choose to leave when the meta universe was hot?

56 2022 conference winning projects in one article

It was reported on June 22 that the NFT industry event nft NYC ushered in the most important award ceremony, and opensea, as the sponsor of this award ceremony, announced the final award list.

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