200000 Ethereum were almost sold out? At the beginning, caiwensheng and Meitu's coin circle investment

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This round of cryptocurrency crash triggered a series of retail investors and institutions in the market. Among them, three arrows capital, a Singapore cryptocurrency hedge fund with total assets of up to US $10 billion, is in a liquidity crisis and is in danger of bankruptcy and liquidation.

Recently, an address holding 200000 Ethereum was also on the verge of being sold out. This news aroused great concern in the market, and the owner of this address directly pointed to caiwensheng's Longling capital.

Caiwensheng denied holding the address, saying it was the address of a friend. As an early bitcoin holder and industry investor, maitu company of caiwensheng is also the first listed company in Hong Kong stock market to announce that it holds cryptocurrency. However, under this round of sharp decline, the US $100million bitcoin and Ethereum invested by the US stock company have been halved.

More than 200000 Ethereum escaped death

According to hexun.com, on June 20, caiwensheng released a message in his circle of friends: "if things backfire, I believe it must be God's plan!"

With just a few words, caiwensheng's 200000 Ethereum will continue to ferment the rumour of position explosion in the currency circle. However, the blockchain Daily reporter can no longer see this trend in caiwensheng's circle of friends.

Back to June 15, Larry cermak, vice president of the block research, wrote on social media that Nansen removed the three arrows capital mark of the address 0x4093fbe60ab50ab79a5bd32fa2adec255372f80e.

It is worth noting that at that time, there were 212000 eth pledged at the address under the decentralized agreement AAVE, and the clearing price was about US $1020.

Encrypt KOL blogger Chris on the same day_ Defi posted on social media that by tracing the transaction records of the address on February 26, 2021, the above address may be the holding address of Longling capital founded by caiwensheng.

According to the early warning message from peckshield, the above address converted 45000 Ethereum into usdc in the early morning of June 18 to repay the debt on AAVE, reducing the Ethereum clearing online to $895.

On June 18, the price of Ethereum fell below $900, but the address did not sell out. Up to now, there are 152105 Ethereum on the AAVE.

"The price quoted by AAVE on the chain did not reach the breaking price, which was a little worse." A person in the currency circle explained to the blockchain daily that although the price of Ethereum in major exchanges such as binance has been lower than US $895, AAVE only uses the price of chainlink. The price of chainlink usdt/eth needs to reach 0.0011168eth before liquidation. In the early morning of the 18th, the price difference of the Oracle machine is about 1.1% to this level.

Based on the unit price of 1000 US dollars, 200000 Ethereum is about 200million US dollars. The address didn't explode at last, which was a narrow escape.

According to hexun.com, caiwensheng denied the ownership of the wallet address. He said in a comment: "this is my friend's address, a super Ethereum believer. There were 280000 eth at the highest eth price of 4800. At that time, there was basically no leverage, so he chose to fall to cover his position... My friend said that if he really liquidated his position, it would also be regarded as a contribution to cryptocurrency."

The reporter of blockchain Daily called caiwensheng and hongyupeng, CEO of Longling capital. As of press time, no response has been received.

Caiwensheng has many titles, such as "the king of domain name", "the king of webmaster" and "angel investor who knows the most about startups". Now, as the chairman of metu, he is also one of the early VCs to join the blockchain.

According to public information, in 2014, caiwensheng's Longling capital invested in cryptocurrency exchange okcoin. Later, there was little news about him in the blockchain until 2018, when the blockchain ICO (first issue of tokens) became popular again. He served as the rotating group leader in the "three o'clock sleepless blockchain" group.

On May 22, 2018, in the "three o'clock Mars financial founding learning group Wang Feng's ten questions", caiwensheng disclosed that he had invested in almost a dozen blockchain projects, such as theta, ontology (ont), cortex (ctxc), arcblock (ABT), zipper (zip), yeecall (Yee), dxchain (DXC), charter (CAF), etc. there were many returns and losses here.

At the same time, in this event, caiwensheng announced that he had 10000 bitcoins.

Over the past four years, the cryptocurrency market has passed through several bulls and bears, and more and more traditional investment institutions and companies have entered the blockchain industry. Even if the address beginning with 0x4093 is not owned by caiwensheng and Longling capital, I don't know how many bitcoin and Ethereum caiwensheng still holds.

Meto lost nearly 50million dollars in one year

Caiwensheng not only played with the money himself, but also became a rare "crab eater" among Hong Kong listed companies.

In January, 2018, Mito officially released the white paper on blockchain solutions. According to the white paper, metu will create an ecosystem based on blockchain and AI technology, and create a decentralized, secure and encrypted identity pass for users: metu intelligent passport, or MIP for short. Users can use facial features as pass keys on the blockchain to conduct decentralized KYC user identity authentication.

At the beginning of 2018, the token "Meimi" (BEC) of the US chain landed on the cryptocurrency trading platform okex, while Meitu company, which claims that it will not ICO (initial issue of tokens), was referred to as the issuer of BEC tokens at that time.

The BEC token that had been online for two months had abnormal transactions. Some hackers generated unlimited tokens through the batch transfer method of the contract, triggering a wave of selling, and the currency price was close to zero.

In this regard, Meitu company announced that Meimi was not issued by Meitu, but an independent third-party organization. However, Meitu has cooperation with Meitu overseas.

Since then, there has been little news about the blockchain field from metu. Until March, 2021, Mito announced that it had purchased 15000 ether coins and 3791214267 bitcoins in an open market transaction on March 5, 2021, with a total consideration of about US $22.1 million and US $17.9 million respectively, totaling US $40million.

Subsequently, caiwensheng, chairman of metu, wrote in the circle of friends, "metu continues to lay out the blockchain, and this time purchases Eth and BTC digital currencies as value reserves for the long-term development of the blockchain strategy."

He also said: "someone must be the first to eat crabs. This should be the first listed company in Hong Kong to buy BTC digital currency, and also the first listed company in the world to use eth Ethereum as a currency value reserve."

Since then, the company has continued to increase its holdings of cryptocurrencies. According to public information, Mito purchased cryptocurrency through its subsidiary miracle vision and its subsidiary Mito Hong Kong in three successive times. The total consideration for buying bitcoin and Ethereum was US $49.5 million and US $50.5 million respectively, a total of US $100million, with an average price of US $52000 and US $1629 respectively.

This round of cryptocurrency accelerated its decline. If the investment of metu did not sell, it would be a heavy loss.

According to the current price of bitcoin of about US $21000, the 940.89 bitcoins held by metu have a market value of about US $19million and a loss of 61%; Ethereum is about $1150, and the market value of 31000 Ethereum coins held by metu is about $32million, a loss of 35%

On the whole, the market value of bitcoin and Ethereum that Mito invested $100million in the first half of last year is only $52million, which has been slashed by half.

The reporter of blockchain daily put forward an interview demand to Meitu company, and the relevant person of the company responded that everything was mainly based on the company's announcement.

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