The concept of "meta universe" helps digital collections lead a new model of cultural tourism consumption

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Source:China Culture Report

Four seasons of Detian waterfall in spring, summer, autumn and winter digital collection provided by the Department of culture and tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

For only 1 yuan, you can have a "winter landscape and rain" of Detian transnational waterfall by auction, or you can snap up a "spirit beast flower mountain rock painting" with 19.9 yuan... On May 19, at the launching ceremony of "China Tourism Day" and "Guangxi People's visit to Guangxi", the digital collections of Guangxi's first batch of cultural and tourism scenic spots were launched online synchronously. The sales channel is jointly established by Detian transnational waterfall scenic spot and Huashan rock painting scenic spot, which are subordinate to China travel investment Guangxi regional company, in conjunction with Xuhang technology and Alibaba auction.

"I can't travel often now, so it's good to buy it and collect it from time to time." Wang Jingyu, a fashionable white-collar worker, is a consumer of digital collections in Guangxi's first batch of cultural tourism scenic spots. She thinks this way is very interesting. She has been to all the places in the collection and believes that she can experience a different feeling.

In recent years, with the popularity of the concept of "meta universe", digital collections have gradually come into the public view. Digital collections refer to digital works or works of art that generate unique vouchers through blockchain technology. Their presentation forms include digital pictures, music, video, 3D models, electronic tickets, digital souvenirs, etc. The emerging digital collections have now become the focus of the cultural tourism industry. Many precious cultural relics hidden in museums and distant poetic landscapes are known and collected by the public in this virtual way.

In Guangxi, the first batch of digital collections of cultural tourism scenic spots for sale were developed by CTS investment Guangxi regional company. They mainly focus on Guangxi landscape, cultural characteristics, world cultural heritage and collections with Zhuang elements, including rights and interests such as art works, scenic spot punch in experience, scenic spot tickets, etc., which can enable consumers to deeply understand Guangxi landscape and national culture. It is an active practice of "culture, tourism and science and technology" integration in Guangxi.

Wenyoutian, the development manager of China Travel Service Investment Guangxi regional company, said that 9 digital collections were sold, totaling 30642 copies. Among them, the world cultural heritage - Zuojiang Huashan rock painting cultural landscape has launched four digital collections of the "World Heritage China ยท wordless epic" series, including Luoyue prayer, bronze drum music, divine beast and boat race. The design adopts elements such as Luoyue ancestors and Zhuang bronze drums, fully reflecting the mysterious color mark of Huashan rock paintings; There are 5 digital collections of Detian waterfall series, the largest transnational waterfall in Asia. With the theme of restoring the four seasons of Detian waterfall in spring, summer, autumn and winter and the totem worship of Zhuang nationality, they show tourists the beautiful scenery of Detian waterfall in different seasons and enrich their online tourism experience.

"Collecting digital collections is like collecting cards and stickers when I was a child, but it used to be physical objects, but now it is digital products." Travel enthusiast liwenbin bought a set of four digital collections of the "World Heritage China ยท wordless epic" series. Unlike traditional cultural and creative products, it is not a physical commodity, but an elaborately designed digital picture, which shows the unique mysterious customs of Huashan rock paintings in a dynamic form.

Huashan rock paintings are located on the Bank of the Mingjiang River in Ningming County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi. On the Huashan rock wall at an altitude of 345 meters, there are a large number of ancient rock paintings, which are the representatives of the rock paintings group in the Zuojiang River Basin. Zuojiang Huashan rock art cultural landscape is the first rock art world cultural heritage in China and the first world cultural heritage in Guangxi. The launch of the digital collection of Huashan rock paintings has added a new means of display to this world cultural heritage and made up for the lack of real-world tours.

"The digital collection has opened a new window for the dissemination and promotion of Detian waterfall and Huashan rock paintings, and opened a greater imagination space for our cultural and tourism enterprises to break the routine and seek new breakthroughs under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control." Wen Youtian said that he would take this opportunity to cooperate with the surrounding scenic spots such as Tongling Grand Canyon and gulong Mountain Grand Canyon to launch a series of digital collections in Southwest Guangxi, and continue to dig the digital value of the IP of Detian waterfall and Huashan rock paintings.

Weihong, the relevant person in charge of China Travel Service Investment Guangxi regional company, said that the implementation of the digital collection of "meta universe" of Detian waterfall and Huashan rock paintings will open up and lead a "new track" for the development of Guangxi Cultural Tourism, give full play to the advantages of massive data and rich application scenarios, empower traditional tourism enterprises with "meta universe", and explore a development path of complementing reality with emptiness and co prosperity with emptiness.

"As a form of cultural innovation, digital collections convey the history and culture behind cultural relics in a younger way of experience, which is conducive to promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture." The relevant person in charge of the Department of culture and tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region said that taking advantage of the momentum of the "meta universe" cultural and tourism integration development to enrich the product connotation of scenic spots and cultural museums, it can not only expand cultural and tourism products through multiple channels, enable publicity and promotion, realize scientific and technological empowerment to help industrial development, but also cultivate a new ecology of "meta universe + tourism" and lead a new mode of cultural and tourism consumption.

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