Past, present and future of the metauniverse: how will UGC ignite the metauniverse?

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Since the early days of the Internet, great changes have taken place in the digital space we live in today. The next major evolutionary shift is unfolding rapidly. Many of the world's largest technology companies have announced their intention to create the so-called "meta universe".

As the venture capitalist Matthew ball described, "[the metaverse] is a concrete Internet composed of a large-scale and interoperable network of real-time rendering 3D virtual worlds. In fact, an unlimited number of users can experience their personal sense of existence synchronously and continuously."

Unlike previous iterations of the Internet, the metauniverse will be built and owned primarily by its users, rather than large, centralized entities. Therefore, user generated content (UGC) will be its core.


What is user generated content (UGC) and why is it important to the metauniverse?

UGC is content (such as images, video, text, and audio) created by users rather than professionally hired content creators.

(image: UCG example of Lacroix, GoPro and Netflix brands)

UCG is not unique to the digital world, but understanding how it affects the Internet, the web and social media is crucial to understanding how it shapes the meta universe.

Metauniverse and the latest World Wide Web iteration (called Web 3.0) are two aspects of the same coin. Metauniverse shows how users will experience the future Internet, while Web 3.0 is about who will own, jointly create and control the future Internet.


Schedule of Web iterations and user generated content

The role of UGC in the three main iterations of the web to better explain how it will shape the meta universe.


The early web was composed of static read-only web pages created by a few individuals and organizations with advanced technical skills. Such pages offer little interactivity. Nevertheless, their creators still control the content, because these pages are either hosted on their own servers or rented directly. Tools such as Microsoft frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver have been introduced to democratize website creation, but some web development and coding skills are required.


Our current iterative Web 2.0 features centralized platforms such as Facebook, youtube, and medium. In addition to platforms, this era has also been given new mobile tools, such as iPhone and Android phones, which provide connectivity and media capture. The rapid popularity of smartphones and mobile applications connected to social platforms has increased the number of UGCS to an unimaginable number. These tools and platforms make it easy for users to create and interact with content, but many tools and platforms limit the extent to which content creators have control over content. Intermediaries (platforms) really benefit from UGC and provide limited financial participation in the creator's achievement distribution system.


Thanks to blockchain technology and various solutions built on it (such as irreplaceable token [nft]), Web 3.0 promises to enable content creators to control their content without complicating production. It aims to achieve this by moving content from a centralized platform to a decentralized ledger and aggregator of similar content.

"No matter how the meta universe is formed, UGC will become the core building block to endow it with personality, authenticity and scale. Encouraging creativity and allowing freedom of expression through UGC is something that all meta universe experiences should strive to do."

โ€”โ€”Scott reismanis, founder of Moddb

Decentralization and ownership of content is critical to the metauniverse because it encourages users to spend a lot of time creating UGC for them. Content creators can control their products more finely, and even enjoy compensation beyond initial sales through configurable royalties. On Web 3.0, creators will also benefit from greater interoperability so that their single product can be seen and used in a variety of metauniverses.


UGC is already shaping the early metauniverse project

Without UGC, the metauniverse will never become a concrete version of the Internet, because without this type of content, the Internet would not be what it is today.

It is no longer an interactive place for people to consume content, learn, socialize and share their ideas and deepest feelings. It is more like a modern version of text-based television services, called teletext or broadcast teletext.

The importance of UGC to the metauniverse can be observed in early metauniverse projects, such as Somnium space, the sandbox, roblox, etc.

The success of these primitive metauniverses is largely due to the content created by players. This is in sharp contrast to the attribution of developers, who strive to provide easy-to-use tools for content creators and make money and motivate them according to their creative usage.

There is no doubt that roblox's top UGC will generate a lot of participation. For example, as of February 2022, the most popular roblox game pet simulator, adopt me, had received more than 27.39 billion visits. The independent studio behind the parent company employs about 40 employees with an annual income of $50million, most of which comes from micro trading.

However, UGC high-profile examples such as adopt me are just the beginning. Most of the UGCS in the metauniverse will be more mundane and insignificant, just as most of the UGCS on the network today are blind comments and self forwarding generated by users' interests. However, this ordinary UGC is what the virtual world needs to make people feel alive and truly immersive.

The Internet as we know it is developing and gradually becoming immersive. Soon, we will experience that it is a network of 3D virtual worlds rendered in real time, and user generated content will play an important role in the appearance of these worlds and what can be done in them. The way people of almost all ages learn will change fundamentally in the next decade.

Compared with meta's centrally controlled metauniverse, builders around the world are working together to develop the basis of alternative ecosystems: the multiuniverse. Also known as web 3, hyperverse is not only a gradually decentralized network, but also an interconnected, composable and collaborative Internet. It is a nonlinear digital space. It includes multimedia, community and financial protocols and is based on blockchain technology as a layer of permanent and unlicensed shared infrastructure.

New organizational models such as Dao (decentralized autonomous organization) are emerging to support this evolution and re adjust platform incentives to build collective value. The goal is to re open the Internet using collaborative economics - by combining traditional entities with Daos, by combining traditional incentives with token models, and by combining traditional technologies with blockchain systems.

The meta universe of xuanchi world is parallel to the real world and independent of the real world. It is a virtual world that maps the real world. Users can not only convert their real-life assets into virtual digital assets, but also open their own display space in the virtual space for social entertainment and other activities. It also supports businesses to settle in xuanchi world meta universe space, open stores according to their own needs, and provide meta universe open platform with online marketing scenarios, product display, intelligent commodity management, order management, logistics management and other services for physical businesses.

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