Science and technology enterprises seize the beach of yuanuniverse and send digital people to start "outpost war"

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Source:China News Network

China News Finance reported on June 22 that in the crowded yuancosmos track, people sent digital people to take the lead. What is digital people, where are digital people used, and are there risks in using digital people?

Technology enterprises have launched "digital people"

Recently, Yingke mutual Entertainment Group officially changed its name to yingcosmos, and its business has entered into yuancosmos in an all-round way. It has signed a digital person "Yingying" as the brand spokesman of yingcosmos. On June 14, baidu digital man Du Xiaoxiao and Gong Jun digital man jointly sang the song "every minute, every second, every day" on the screen.

Live broadcast screenshot.

On June 15, metastudio, Huawei's cloud digital content production line, launched a new upgrade scheme for digital people, and demonstrated the "divine synchronization" between real people and digital people on site. It's no problem to jump "Liu Zhenhong". It is reported that the delay is less than 100 milliseconds. Zhang Ping'an, CEO of Huawei cloud, said that through Huawei cloud technology, one digital person can be employed in the future.

In addition, the previous virtual idol women's group a-soul, the "first sound future" that often holds concerts, and the virtual beauty expert "Liu Yexi" who "catches demons", etc., more and more digital people emerge. Gartner, an information technology research and analysis company, predicts that by 2026, 30% of the world's enterprises and institutions will have products and services for digital people and the meta universe.

However, some analysts pointed out that the current digital human market is mixed. For example, the so-called digital man launched by some enterprises is actually a virtual cartoon character, lacking in intelligence and interactivity. Even uploading a picture is a "digital man". What is the difference between this and the current account avatar?

According to the Research Report of Anxin securities, "Liu Yexi" is essentially different from some cartoon digital people. It is "super realistic and virtual personification". Its emergence has led to the rise of super realistic digital people. "In the future, more and more super realistic digital people will appear. We think it is similar to" Liu Yexi "

How realistic are these digital people? Let's put it this way, some netizens often ask, "is Liu Yexi a real person?"?

Digital people live broadcast and concert have been applied

At present, digital human has been applied in many scenarios. For example, Du Xiaoxiao can realize natural multiple rounds of chat interaction, and identify users' search and service needs in the dialogue. According to the introduction, in terms of user experience, Du Xiaoxiao can not only chat and interact smoothly, but also grow in depth with the interaction with users. He is an AI partner of the "nurturing Department" who can think.

According to Huawei, Hunan duodou Leman entertainment media has built a "square pot" digital human IP based on metastudio digital content production line, combined with AI to realize a single camera drive, with action accuracy of more than 90% and mouth shape accuracy of more than 95%, and realized digital human live broadcast.

"Chuyin future" has held several concerts, with nearly 1.5 million fans on station B; In 2020, the virtual idol group a-soul launched by Lehua entertainment was active on multiple video platforms; After "Liu Yexi" became popular on the Internet, there were more than 8million fans on Tiktok. The short film was favored by netizens, and people asked for "update" almost every day.

The hyper realistic digital man "Liu Yexi". Screenshot of Tiktok

At present, the virtual digital human market has great commercial value, such as customer service, shopping guide, commentator, lecturer, live broadcast anchor, news anchor and other roles can be replaced by digital human.

Taking the popular live broadcast with goods as an example, the time and energy of live anchors are limited, and the staff mobility is also strong. After the Eastern selection became popular, the anchor also took turns to play, and even there was a news that 50000 monthly salary was paid for the anchor. If digital people live broadcast with goods, there will be no such problem. Digital people can be online 24 hours a day.

More importantly, some people believe that digital people will be the basic unit and identity carrier of users in the meta universe ecology. If you don't launch a digital person, you'll be embarrassed to say that business is tied to the meta universe.

Risk emerging, cost or key to future development

Digital people are in the ascendant, but some risks have begun to appear. For example, what is the relationship between real people and digital people? Why are high-quality digital people so hard to find?

In May this year, Jiale's rights protection event was highly publicized. Netizens said that the actor of Jiale, one of the members of a-soul, was squeezed by the company and suffered unfair treatment. It is understood that each member of a-soul corresponds to a real person, providing sound, action, emotion, etc., and then displaying them through the corresponding digital people.

Screenshot of station B. A-soul virtual idol.

Subsequently, the official announcement of a-soul said that after internal and external investigation, there was no "bullying and squeezing" in the planning of a-soul. But in the end, the a-soul Production Committee terminated the contract with actor Jiale 14 months in advance. A-soul also changed from a 5-member group to a 4-member group.

At that time, some analysts said that this involved the ownership of digital people. Even if digital people were owned by the company, if the real actors behind the roles were replaced, it would be like shooting a sequel to a popular TV series. Once the original people were not available, both the company and the actors might lose.

It can be seen that it is difficult to incubate a high-quality digital person. Even if it becomes popular, the frequency of updating works is far from "mass production". Even "Liu Yexi" has been updated slowly. According to the Tiktok platform, only 16 works have been updated since it was launched in October 2021.

There is a cost problem behind this. Andersen Securities pointed out that super realism also means higher technical threshold and production cost. For example, the production cycle of 3-4 minute short video is about one month for digital people of "Liu Yexi".

Some recruitment websites show that with the popularity of the meta universe, modelers, animators and 3D scene designers are popular, with a monthly salary of tens of thousands of yuan, which indirectly push up the production cost of digital people. A-soul has also announced that there are more R & D and art costs, so these virtual idols can not compare with popular real artists in terms of income.

According to the report of Anxin securities, the more important thing for digital people is to reshape the business model. The meta universe has given virtual digital people new vitality. Digital people, together with digital collections, are behind the pulse of productivity and production relations under the leadership of the meta universe, bringing a new round of IP incubation and commercialization. Digital people and their human-computer interaction are expected to be transformed and reshaped.

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