Meta, Microsoft and other technology giants set up the meta universe standard forum, which was joined by Huawei and Alibaba. NVIDIA executives as the chairman said that participants from the encryption world were welcome

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Source:Financial Associated Press

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Original title:ใ€ŠGlobal technology giants set up the meta universe standard forum. Huawei and Alibaba joined, but Apple was absentใ€‹

On Tuesday, US Eastern time, many technology giants such as meta and Microsoft announced the establishment of an organization called "meta universe Standards Forum" to promote the development of industry standards and make the emerging digital world promoted by these companies compatible with each other.

In the announcement of its establishment, the meta universe Standards Forum said that the participants of the forum included 36 technology giants such as meta, Microsoft, epic, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Sony, and the industry covered chip manufacturers, game companies and established standard setting institutions such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).China's Huawei and Alibaba Dharma academy are also on the list of founding membersใ€‚

Founding member of metacosmic Standards Forum

But it is worth noting that Apple has not yet appeared on this list. Well known game companies roblox and Niantic are not among the participants in the forum, nor are some emerging meta universe platforms such as the sandbox or decentraland.

According to foreign media reports, although Apple has not publicly admitted that it plans to launch headphones, it is reported that the company has shown the product to the board of directors in advance. Analysts predict that once Apple introduces the hybrid reality helmet this year or next year, it will become the dominant force in the meta Universe competition.

If Apple introduces such a device, it will enable apple to compete directly with meta. Meta has revealed that it plans to release a hybrid reality helmet code named "Cambria" this year.

Since its name was changed last year, meta has bet its future on the development of the meta universe and invested heavily in hardware to realize its vision of an interconnected virtual world.

In the past, Apple has been actively involved in the creation of web standards such as HTML5. For the three-dimensional content in the metauniverse, Apple has cooperated with Pixar to develop the "usdz" file format, and has cooperated with Adobe to ensure that the format is supported.

The chairman of the meta universe Standards Forum is Neil trevett, an executive of chip giant NVIDIA. He said in a statement that any company is welcome to join the organization, including participants from the encryption world. He said that the forum aims to promote exchanges between various standards organizations and companies and achieve "real-world interoperability" in the metauniverse, but he did not mention the impact of Apple's absence on this goal.

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