Dialogue with Alibaba and JD digital store operators: how does the brand rebuild the human and freight yard with the yuan universe?

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Source:Marketing Entertainment Jam

Original title: how does the brand use yuan universe to rebuild the human and freight yard? Dialogue with ALI and JD digital store operators

" This year's 618 was a bad year. We didn't expect many things;,In the past month, many brands and platform related people haveId:marketingyuzijiangExpressed similar views.

In the general environment of declining consumption capacity and large-scale obstruction of logistics, the volume of hot e-commerce festivals in previous years decreased significantly (Gmv plunged and the goods couldn't be sold. What happened to this year's e-commerce Festival?), The absence of the head anchor is a comprehensive blow to a number of brand promotion nodes.

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As the channel of bleeding impact on Gmv was gradually closed, brands began to think about how to build stronger brand power and how to occupy a place in the minds of consumers in the stock fight.

Marketing entertainment jam has observed that two domestic leading e-commerce platforms, Alibaba Taoshi and jd.com, have provided new solutions for brands and consumers in the past six months - meta universe and digital collection marketing,Start to consciously help brands export brand ideas and build private traffic through new fashionable concepts at the big promotion node, so as to directly improve Gmv,This is also related to the " Domestic metauniverse " Road (why only the share price of brand marketers can stand up to so many listed companies that rub against NFT?) agree without prior without previous consultation.

According to the publicly disclosed data, after the launch of JD Lingxi digital collection, JD has participated in five major promotion activities on the platform, issuing more than 50000 digital collections for more than 30 brand businesses including Xiaopeng and Lancome, and the relevant Gmv has increased by more than 10 million;

Tmall digital collections deeply participated in the promotion activities of Burberry, Keyan and other brands at multiple nodes. During the "tmall super product day", more than 260000 people participated in the promotion activities with 10 digital collections. During the women's day, it targeted to help a women's clothing brand increase its sales by 100%. Nike and other top brands also gained a large number of members' retention through the first digital collection activities in China.

On the basis of laying down technical frameworks such as blockchain and digital collection distribution platform, the two platforms are taking service brand as the guide, launching a one-stop package of meta universe marketing, integrating their own ecological resources, and providing support for the brand to build a new human and freight yard in the virtual world.

What features have Taoshi and jd.com introduced in the marketing of digital collections? What is the core demand of the brand for meta universe and digital collection marketing? How do the two platforms view the prospects and development of relevant concepts of the meta universe in China?

Marketing entertainment jam has a dialogue with Ren Renchun, the director of tmall digital collection channel, ruoke, the virtual marketing director of Ali mom, and guoyanyan, the digital content product director of JD technology and product innovation department, respectively, to try to find the answer.

Make a magazine and make a big show. Tmall digital collection should help the brand connect to the virtual " People and goods yard "

In the past two years, with the rise and end of top stream e-commerce anchors, many brands have also experienced a process from taking off to being at a loss. In the communication between the marketing of Entertainment Jam and the marketing directors of various brands, a common problem is:

" Now, no matter how much we promote our own brand, we might as well go to the live studio at a high price. The sales data are up. What about our own brand image and pricing system in the future& quot;

Although this kind of confusion and anxiety exists widely, it is particularly obvious in the FMCG track where the traffic is dominated. In the era of "integration of quality and efficiency", these brands also need to switch modes in brand building and marketing play to find new growth points. Metauniverse and digital collections are one of the directions they are exploring together with the platform.

Marketing Entertainment Jam discovery, search on Taobao app " Digital collection "e;, You can enter the tmall digital collection channel. The internal top banner resource is named "e; MO Magazine" Of "e; Meta universe special show " Column.

It is worth noting that in this column, which clearly emphasizes fashion and texture, there are luxury and beauty brands such as ambush, off white and make up for every, as well as FMCG brands at home and abroad such as Yunnan Baiyao, heluxue and Budweiser, as well as Xiaopeng automobile. And they participate in " Big show " All of them are digital collections that fully reflect their brand concepts and elements,It is bundled with physical commodities and sold in limited quantities, which is jointly created by brands, artists and platforms.

According to the marketing of Entertainment Jam, this 618 related activity is already this " Magazine " The third issue of. The first two issues are the inaugural issue of Jing Boran's joint top stream virtual personification ayayi, and the virtual exhibition hall built for luxury brand Burberry on Alibaba Taobao platform.

Ruoke, the virtual marketing director of Ali's mother, told the marketing of Entertainment Jam, " MO Magazine" It is a marketing project of metauniverse and digital collections jointly launched by alimama and xuxuhuasheng group. The former provides technical and brand resources, while the latter is responsible for content and media related services. The team positions it as a platform for cooperation between the platform and the brand on metauniverse and digital collections," We hope it can be a multi inclusive field;.

" 618 itself is a marketing field and a transaction field. In fact, most brands are promoting content, and relatively few brands are investing in branding. This time, we still want to promote brand building and Gmv growth by means of digital collections from the perspective of branding& quot;When explaining the positioning and layout of tmall digital collection related activities at node 618, ruoke said so.

On June 5, \yuan cosmos clothing also became popular in China \entry was posted on the microblog hot search. It was the digital collection clothing of Yunnan Baiyao that participated in the tmall 618 yuan cosmos show. When the collection was released, another virtual person, Kai Ya Noah, who was promoted by tmall this time, wore it and was bound to the Beijing Opera themed toothpaste promoted by the brand during 618.

At present, this product has topped the hot selling list of tmall anti sensitive toothpaste 618, and this Beijing Opera themed digital collection dress will also be worn on Aiko, the virtual anchor launched by the brand, and will be brought to the camera in the brand live broadcast room at 8:00 on the evening of 618.

From the perspective of effect, Yunnan Baiyao not only uses virtual human and Yuan universe" Brush fashion value "In addition, it has actually accumulated a sum of brand assets, promoted the Gmv of popular products, and completed a commercial closed loop of digital collection marketing. Ruoke said to the marketing of Entertainment Jam: " Yunnan Baiyao is an old brand of domestic products. People have a traditional understanding of it, but they did not expect that it was willing to break through in marketing, so there will be a wave of natural hot search ".

In the opinion of the chief executive of tmall's digital collection, Ren Chunchun, digital collection and yuancosmos marketing also have the attribute of public welfare, as well as the role of reducing costs and increasing efficiency in marketing. Compared with the previous methods of making gift boxes and giving small samples, digital collection has the attribute of social display, the technical foundation of permanent holding and preservation, and the value of subsequent secondary utilization and development.

Photo note: data collection related to cultural creativity and traditional culture is also the direction of tmall

" Nike realized the demand of transforming more members by launching its first digital collection in China on tmall. Some clothing brands promoted the year-on-year sales of digital collections on women's day, and some cultural and creative brands achieved more than 70% increase in customer unit price& quot; Dachun said that in addition to direct cooperation with tmall Taobao system, the brand can also receive cooperative suppliers with different tonality, price and speed through the platform. Finally, with the support of blockchain technology, they can be distributed to consumers to ensure the consistency of experience.

" Our core still hopes that the digital collection will be positioned in the form of digital gifts. It can be integrated into the brand tone and delivered to consumers through blockchain technology. Consumers can permanently store it in their e-wallets. As a virtual product, it will not hurt the pricing system of the product. Secondly, it can also be used as a new marketing tool for the brand on tmall& quot;Dachun said so.

Laying the foundation, stabilizing the quality, Jingdong digital library packs the whole case of Yuan universe with the help of virtual reality

" Because of the development of the whole metauniverse and Web3, the three dimensions of retail people and goods yards will change dramatically, and more emphasis will be placed on experience and personalized features in the future. JD now has technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, as well as core retail stores, merchants and users. Therefore, we want to take digital collections as a starting point to move towards the industrial meta universe& quot;

Before disassembling the playing method of JD's digital collections, guoyanyan, head of digital content products of JD's technology and product innovation department, first explained the overall layout of JD's meta universe and digital collections to the marketing Entertainment Jam," To help reality with emptiness, experience first "Is the top priority.

From the relevant actions of digital collections during the 618 period, the Lingxi digital collection platform and JD Zhizhen chain in JD ecology exist as the infrastructure for the platform to export the whole case of meta universe and digital collection marketing to the brand, and have been exposed and exposed in JD app. At present, the digital collections being issued by the platform are mainly cultural and creative IP, with the participation of brands such as Xiaopeng automobile and Hasbro. Content manufacturers such as football daily also choose Lingxi to issue digital collections, which covers quite a variety of fields.

It is worth noting that in the warm-up phase of the 618 promotion, jd.com launched "e; 618 Jingdong super interactive city digital collection Interactive activities such as "green plan digital collection" and "digital yuan power reward" attract users to participate in interactive activities such as check-in attention and points, so as to obtain the opportunity to extract digital collections.

From the formal point of view, in 2021, the game playing methods such as "all the people bomb the beast of the new year" and "love travel notes" have been verified to be feasible in JD; Super interactive city " The addition of digital collections with both scarcity and truck game attributes has further strengthened the sense of value and experience of marketing activities, said guoyanyan," We hope to use the scarcity and unique value of digital collections to stimulate consumers' demand for collection and sharing, and help brands and C-end consumers establish a better connection ".

At the level of closed-loop marketing, JD is more inclined to provide" One stop service package "e;ใ€‚ Based on the existing technical capabilities and user insights, the platform will provide brands with IP screening, product customization and distribution, integrated marketing solutions, and finally reach users. At present, the issuance of JD's digital collections is mostly tied to physical goods or rights and interests that can be consumed offline, and there are many ways to play, such as blind box, lottery, sharing fission, etc," Online purchase, offline verification, and special rights and interests exclusive to members can help brands better manage their internal ecosystem;.

On the other hand, JD's own IP image joy is also becoming part of its data collection marketing case.Marketing Entertainment Jam noted that Xiaopeng automobile launched "e when cooperating with Jingdong Lingxi; Gulong โœ– Xiaopeng p7"e; And "e; JD joy โœ– Xiaopeng p7"e; The two series of digital collections are limited to 2000 copies and 1000 copies respectively. The former is Jingdong as a platform party to help the brand complete the connection with IP, while the latter is more like a global hot " Boring ape " In the co creation mode, Jingdong's own classic IP image is used as the base plate to jointly seek new value growth points with the brand.

Photo note: Xiaopeng's Gulong IP co branded data collection bundled the test drive rights

In addition to the marketing case for C-end communication, JD is also using technology accumulation to further supplement the product communication and guarantee capabilities for the brand," We can provide relevant measures for copyright protection for brand content dissemination, and also help the commodity supply chain and blockchain technology to achieve full link traceability and tracking;Guoyanyan said so.

No donation, no hype, digital collections can also usher in an explosion under supervision

Over the past period of time, marketing Entertainment Jam continued to pay attention to the development trend of the domestic digital collection market. Among them, brand marketing and related playing methods of cultural and creative industries have always been the focus of domestic digital collection players' concentrated practice.

How leading e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and jd.com make use of and promote digital collections at big promotion nodes such as 618, and how to view the future of meta universe concept marketing in China, will undoubtedly have a weathervane effect.

The relevant principals of the two platforms emphasized on the marketing of Entertainment Jam,At present, gifts and transactions are the red line that must not be touched. However, in addition, it is within the development plan of the platform to continue to make efforts in digital collection marketing, continue to develop meta universe social networking and games, and build a new people and goods yard triangle in the virtual world.

However, from the actual situation, there are indeed quite a few users who continue to pay attention to the digital collection market " Speculators "e;, In this regard, the chief executive of tmall digital collection, Ren Chun, believes that " The digital collection is not only a communication channel between the brand and its existing stock users, but also a way for the brand to reach new users. Of course, there are digital collection enthusiasts who pay attention to our channel every day,This in itself is a process of common growth of both sides. If new people come in, it will bring about an increase in trading volume& quot;

Source: pexels

On the technical level, the process of integrating digital virtual human, VR and AR technologies under the concept of meta universe into the shopping experience has begun. Guoyanyan, head of digital content products of JD technology and product innovation department, said to the marketing Entertainment Jam; We have some layout in the aspects of digital brand spokesperson, shopping guide and customer service. We also hope to move businesses and users on the platform to the virtual world through new technologies to achieve a more immersive experience. We use digital collections as one of the application entry points of the meta universe, and work with brands from all walks of life to stimulate the energy of the brand meta universe& quot;

Marketing Entertainment Jam believes that as platform giants gradually establish their own meta universe and digital collection development routes, the exploration of compliance in relevant domestic markets is expected to speed up; The road of domestic meta universe " It will become clearer.After such a special 618, what the waves leave behind will be those brands that will enter the new freight yard pattern faster.

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