Tencent established XR department to "arch fire" meta universe again. What is the truth? Nearly 100 concept stocks rose, driven by policy or trend

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Source:Financial Associated Press

Reporter linjian

As a hot topic of stock market investment, the yuan universe sector once again came to the stage.

In the morning trading on June 21, yuanuniverse concept stocks changed, Chinese online rose by more than 10%, and BAOYING shares, Zhongke Jincai, Anjie technology and Alto electronics rose by the daily limit. As of the closing of the afternoon trading, 91 concept stocks had become popular, with the increase of more than 5% in Anjie technology, alto electronics, chinaonline, Jiahe intelligent, zhongqingbao, Chang'an Automobile, Jinyun laser and Skyworth Digital. In the afternoon opening, the yuan universe plate continued to rise.

The picture shows the stock price trend of yuancosmos, which has been rising since April this year

The financial Associated Press reporter noted that the change of Yuan universe concept stocks is mainly related to a rumor. According to blue whale finance, Tencent holdings announced to its employees on Monday that it had officially established an "extended reality" (XR) department. The task of this department is to establish an extended reality business including software and hardware for Tencent, and will become a part of the company's interactive entertainment business group (IEG).

There is a market view that Tencent is "betting" on the meta universe. According to public information, "extended reality" generally refers to "immersive" technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), which are regarded as important cornerstones for building a "meta universe".

So far, Tencent has not commented on this matter. However, a person familiar with the matter told the financial associated press that the XR Department launched by Tencent this time is indeed the meta universe field.

It is not difficult to find that since last year, many Internet companies have been given the concept of meta universe. For example, baidu launched the meta universe office social application "xirang" and held the baidu AI developer conference in it. For example, Netease launched the immersive conference system "Yaotai"; In addition, foreign meta (formerly Facebook) has officially launched "horizonworlds", and the domestic video platform station B is testing the "high energy chain" of meta universe business. At present, Huawei, perfect world and ideal automobile are also actively exploring the application of meta universe.

In addition, in terms of news, according to the news from China Mobile Communications Federation on June 21, the global meta universe conference "spark a prairie fire" lighting plan and the 2022 global meta universe conference press conference will also be officially launched online in the near future, which also has an impact on the strength of the sector. Around August this year, the 2022 global meta universe conference will begin.

Yuancosmos, as a star of the secondary market, has continued to pay attention to online securities companies. As of June 21, in the past month, yuanyuzhou investment reports have been released by Wanlian securities, CICC, Tianfeng securities, Guosen Securities, Western securities, Kaiyuan securities, Haitong Securities, Shanghai Securities, China Merchants Securities, Huatai Securities, Minsheng securities, Huaxin securities and Huachuang securities. Among them, many securities companies have mentioned the investment opportunities of virtual people.

The enthusiasm of the secondary market has returned

In April this year, the concept stocks of yuancosmos ushered in a collective cooling, and the sector continued to decline until May. According to the flush Ifind data, as of the afternoon of June 21, a total of 106 of 114 concept stocks have risen in the past two months, including digital source technology, Gongda electroacoustics, Huayang Lianzhong, Skyworth Digital, Zhongke Chuangda, United optoelectronics, Tiandi online, zhongqingbao, Suda Weige and other stocks, all of which have increased by more than 30%.

The financial Associated Press reporter noted that Hengxin Oriental, Sanqi mutual entertainment, silk road vision, huakaiyibai, Jinlong Electromechanical, Dobe group, St Masson and *st e-shang were the only stocks that fell. Except for the two Pixian stocks, Dobe group, as one of the concept stocks of the meta universe, became a "hero of the green forest", with a decline of 10%.

It can be seen that although the meta universe has not been popular for a long time, the meta universe concept stocks have been expanded to more than 100, which is related to the fuzzy concept of the meta universe. It is understood that the concept of meta universe comes from Neil Stephenson's work avalanche, and it generally refers to a virtual world parallel to the real world through AR (reality enhancement), VR (virtual reality) and other technical support. At present, the domestic investment market and industrial chain do not have a unified consensus judgment on the meta universe.

The financial Associated Press reporter found that due to the vague concept of the meta universe, many listed companies have been involved in the concept of the meta universe and tasted a cup of sweet soup, such as zhongqingbao, zhongshouyou, Yingke, huayanglianzhong, Pingzhi information, etc.

Virtual human: the first step towards the meta universe

Although the research reports of securities companies vary greatly in terms of the definition of meta universe, virtual human has undoubtedly become the investment direction that securities companies focus on in meta universe.

In the Research Report "virtual human of yuancosmos series," the tide of "human" is surging, exploring the future ", CICC proposed that although yuancosmos is still in the process of expanding its definition, the market has reached a certain consensus, that is, virtual human plays a key role in it. According to the research of the securities firm, in the short and medium term, virtual human related technologies are gradually implemented and the application scenarios are expanding, which may be a preliminary attempt to integrate and upgrade technology, content and Industry under the concept of meta universe; In the long run, when technological progress can achieve mass production, personalized customization and full intelligent interaction of low-cost virtual human with high cost performance ratio, we believe that it is expected to be popularized to multi industry applications, and become the entrance connecting the virtual world and the real world in the form of digital cloning and AI symbiosis.

The recent research report of Minsheng securities also combed the industrial layout of yuanuniverse and analyzed the industrial development. The research report pointed out that the meta universe is an important platform for the interaction between virtual and reality, and the virtual human is an important part of the industry. It also believes that among the core technologies of the meta universe, virtual human is the first step towards the meta universe.

According to the statistics of AI media consulting, China's virtual human market will reach 12billion yuan in 2022, and is expected to drive the relevant market of 186.6 billion yuan. Among them, interaction technology and artificial intelligence technology are the core capabilities of virtual human. Interaction technology acts as the "external" of the virtual human, while artificial intelligence acts as the "internal" of the virtual human by virtue of algorithms and other processing capabilities. Therefore, it puts more emphasis on the data transmission capability and the richness of application scenarios.

Chen Min, an analyst at Shanghai Securities, also suggested that attention should be paid to innovation fields with large imagination space, such as NFT and virtual digital people.

Where are the opportunities for yuanuniverse to "dig for gold" in the second half of the year?

The picture shows the article "how the yuan universe rewrites human social life" published on the official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

2021 is called the first year of the meta universe, and the meta universe is hot both at the social level and at the investment level. At the end of that year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also published an article on its official website saying that a new round of technological revolution and its impact on society brought about by the yuan universe should be viewed rationally.

Chen Min, an analyst at Shanghai Securities, has divided the development of China's yuan universe into three stages and believes that the industrial development will go through three stages, namely, g-end /b-end project, g/btoc project, C-end application and content. In the research report he wrote, Chen Min specifically pointed out that at present, yuancosmos is in the early stage of development, and the relevant construction costs are high. The g-end /b-end has initially tried to embrace new technologies and new business forms, especially the g-end project has a faster landing speed and progress. Virtual reality will be an important landing scene for g-end /b-end projects, including g-end virtual exhibition hall, b-end virtual exhibition / cultural performance, and BtoC virtual entertainment space.

The financial Associated Press reporter noted that at present, many governments have successively issued policies to support the development of yuancosmos industry, involving Sanya, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Beijing, etc., while Shanghai is the latest one. On June 15, Shanghai released the investment promotion plan for four "new tracks" including yuancosmos, and said that it would strive to achieve the industrial scale of yuancosmos of 350billion yuan by 2025. In this regard, according to the analysis of Zhu Jun from Huatai Securities, the government led investment is expected to stimulate demand. With the promotion of 2h22 steady growth policy and the alleviation of the epidemic situation, the yuancosmos industry is expected to develop healthily.

Policy orientation provides guidance for yuanuniverse investment and industry reform. Xiaqingying, an analyst at Wanlian securities, pointed out in her latest research report that it is suggested that investors should follow the policy guidance to promote industrial reform and grasp the innovation demand brought about by the concept of meta universe. The analyst put forward four points:

One is games. The policy guides the long-term healthy development of the whole industry. Game addiction prevention, game going to sea and cloud games will be the focus of the industry in the future. It is suggested to pay attention to the head companies with rich version number reserves, strong R & D capability and strong sea going capability;
Second, digital media. The platform has gradually stepped into cost reduction and efficiency increase, and the structure of the online film industry has been continuously optimized, which is one of the key development directions of each video platform in 2022;
Third, advertising marketing; The image of ladder media remains the same, and they are optimistic about ladder media advertising;
Fourth, meta universe: the concept of meta universe drives the market valuation of virtual reality technology to rise. In terms of film and television, the video platform has made efforts to develop yuanuniverse variety, and film and television companies have arranged virtual assets; The virtual human industry has shown a strong growth trend, and the commercialization process has accelerated. It is recommended to pay attention to companies involved in virtual human, ar/vr hardware industry chain and ar/vr content ecological construction.

Chen Min believes that the current regulation has not touched the meta universe, which deserves attention. The analyst pointed out that in the early stage of metauniverse, large-scale projects such as g/b end are expected to take the lead in generating economic benefits. In addition to focusing on innovation fields with large imagination space, the virtual exhibition industry with deterministic performance is also recommended.

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