Buy "beads" as gifts to NFT, and jewelry watches are turning their eyes to the next Internet Era

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With the rapid development of digital technology, our daily life has already been highly integrated with the digital world. Naturally, the way to own a product is gradually not limited to the physical product itself. At the same time, owning a "digital version" product with a unique mark in the digital world is becoming a new normal. Under this wave, the jewelry and watch industry, which has high value, has also begun to focus on the next network era, launching various forms of "digital" products such as NFT (non-functional token), bringing a new definition to "owning" a jewelry and watch.

It is the key to the digital world and the passport to a unique experience

2022 can be said to be a year when the jewelry and watch industry has greatly accelerated its embrace of new digital technologies. At the "clocks and miracles" watch exhibition held in April this year, the contents about digital creativity were displayed for the first time in the "lab space", showing the new sparks of clock products and "non homogeneous tokens (NFT) and the meta universe world". Also at this watch exhibition, Bulgari launched the brand's first wristwatch with "two-dimensional code", which is like a passport to the digital world, opening a new door.

Bulgari Octo finissimo ultra wristwatch is engraved with a two-dimensional code to provide the owner with access to the exclusive digital world.

This Bulgari Octo finissimo ultra wristwatch has set a new record for ultra-thin wristwatches with a thickness of 1.8mm. In order to create a new world record, Bvlgari Bulgari submitted 8 patent applications, combined the back of the watch case with the main board of the movement, and integrated 170 parts of the BVL calibre 180 movement. What is more difficult is that this ultra-thin watch, which is infinitely close to the "concept", is also engraved with a two-dimensional code on the clockwork box, providing the owner with exclusive access to the digital world. At the same time, each watch is accompanied by a separate NFT certificate to ensure authenticity.

With the blessing of NFT digital technology, the wrist watch is no longer just a simple wrist watch, but also begins to incarnate as a certificate to enter a specific field or even a specific experience. This year, peinahai launched a 50 piece limited radioir eilean sailing experience wristwatch, equipped with a series of exclusive limited edition NFT technologies.

Peinahai launched a 50 piece limited Radiomir eilean sailing experience wristwatch, equipped with a series of exclusive limited edition NFT technologies.

Each customer who purchases a watch will receive one of the 50 original NFTs of peinahai related to the radioir radimir series eilean sailing experience watch from peinahai, which will be stored in the exclusive encrypted digital currency wallet, so that customers can really own this NFT. This digital asset will unlock the exclusive content directly related to the Pena sea experience wristwatch. The first activity is the eilean sailing experience tour held on the Amalfi Coast in June, inviting consumers to take the eilean sailing ship with a long history to visit the Mediterranean.

The watch jointly launched by Yubo and famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami is also open to buyers to receive NFT version for free after sale.

Coincidentally, at the beginning of this year, Yubo watch also announced that it had launched two NFT digital works for the previous two artists' cooperative watches, which were exhibited at the "clock and miracle" watch exhibition. In 2021, Yubo watch and the famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami jointly launched two watches, each showing the iconic smiling face sunflower element on the dial, and all of them were sold out within a few days of launch. Now, the holders of these two limited edition watches only need to apply within a limited time to receive free NFT works through the E-wallet. At the same time, Yubo watch also opened a page in the decentralized NFT market in May for watch owners to trade their NFT works here.

IWC world watch creates IWC diamond hand club to build a virtual 3D world. Only customers who have obtained NFT tokens can enter the experience.

In order to make the concept of the digital world more concrete, IWC wanguobiao cooperated with the famous architect hanirashid to build the IWC diamond hand club to build a virtual 3D world through the Web3 solution platform arianee cloud community. It is reported that the first batch of 1868 membership NFT tokens were put into the IWC world watch to pay tribute to the year of establishment of the brand in 1868; The token will be issued mainly to customers, watch fans and brand fans, and NFT tokens will be issued on the principle of "first come, first served". After the launch, customers who buy the new IWC international watch color ceramic pilot watch will also get an NFT.

It is a new favorite of jewelry collectors and a unique digital certificate

As a unique digital product, NFT, which is linked to precious collections, has naturally become the digital certificate of these collections and a new favorite in the auction market. At Sotheby's spring 2022 auction of "magnificent jewelry", a gold earring named "autumn warm sun" became the first jewelry auction to test the water of NFT. This earring is inspired by Van Gogh's 1889 painting the wheat field and the reaper. It comes with an NFT version and a certificate of authenticity from the Kule Muller Museum.

This year, more than 100 design manuscripts personally drawn by G รฉ rald Genta, the clock designer of the legendary watch, were also put on the shoot by Sotheby's, with NFT certification attached.

In fact, before that, Sotheby's has applied NFT technology to watch related works of art. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Royal Oak series of Abbey watches, and more than 100 design manuscripts drawn by the clock designer g รฉ rald Genta of this legendary watch were also taken on the stage by Sotheby's this year. Unlike in the past, these master manuscripts will be attached with NFT certification.

In this regard, Sotheby's also explained to the public and the media the special significance of NFT to the auction: "The innovation of NFT technology stems from the fact that it can provide digital works with a digital authentication of authenticity and source that can not be tampered with. It can truly record the ownership of items and provide the final proof of their legitimacy. Zunda NFT will also provide the above functions to link the value of physical works with the digital version. Therefore, if there is no NFT to prove the legitimacy of the works, it can not be resold."

This year, Bulgari released Eden the garden of wonders premium jewelry series, including two Bulgari NFT premium jewelry works in the name of "beyond wonder".

In this close connection, jewelry watches and the "digital version" are like the two sides of a new concept, becoming the proof of collection in different fields. This year, Bulgari released Eden the garden of wonders premium jewelry series, including two Bulgari NFT premium jewelry works in the name of "beyond wonder". The "Ruby Metamorphosis" necklace of magnica Qizhen Yibao high-grade jewelry series and the "Emerald glory" necklace of Eden high-grade jewelry series of Eden Wonderland - collectors of these two high-grade jewelry can additionally receive the NFT version of the corresponding jewelry and become a digital collection certificate.

Gemfields took the opportunity of the emerald, the grandmother of the chippebele rhino, to launch the chippebele crash NFT series of rhino virtual avatars, which were auctioned and sold on the opensea platform, the world's largest NFT trading market, for public welfare.

The digital media attribute of NFT also provides convenience for jewelry watches to create a "digital peripheral". At the end of 2021, gemfields, a famous gem dealer, successfully auctioned a high-quality grandmother emerald, chipebele rhinoceros emerald. Since then, gemfields took this opportunity to launch the chipembere crash NFT series of rhino virtual avatars, which were auctioned and sold on the opensea platform, the world's largest NFT trading market. Although it is difficult to accurately assess the value of such figures, gemfields seems to be determined not to make a profit. The auction proceeds of these NFT products will be donated to the North Luangwa wildlife conservation project to fund the conservation plan of endangered wild black rhinos.

So far, jewelry brands, watch brands and auction houses are actively exploring the next generation of digital technology. The unique particularity of NFT also gives these NFT products multiple identities, such as pass, collection certification, additional gifts and even publicity gimmicks. In the future, with the popularization of technology, it is expected that there will be more amazing sparks between digital products like NFT and jewelry watches.

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