Unbounded territory won the title of innovative brand of digital culture industry in 2022

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Sponsored by Xi'an Municipal People's government, Shaanxi Provincial Internet Information Office, Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and technology and Shaanxi Provincial Communications Administration, and undertaken by Xi'an Big Data Resource Management Bureau, Xi'an Internet Information Office, Xi'an Bureau of industry and information technology, Xi'an Education Bureau and Xi'an Chanba Ecological Zone Management Committeeβ€œ2022 Western Digital Economy Expo”It was successfully held in Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 16 to 18.

In the afternoon of June 17β€œFocus on the meta universe, cultivate new business forms and release new kinetic energy”The sub forum of the 2022 Western China Digital Economy Expo with the theme was successfully held. The forum invited nearly 500 guests, including government leaders, keynote speakers, round table guests, representatives of industry associations, experts in the blockchain field, representatives of financial media, and representatives of local enterprises,Jointly explore the two-way enabling path of digital economy and real economy, actively promote the cross regional linkage development of the blockchain industry, release the new momentum of the development of the blockchain industry, and continue to promote the integrated development of digital economy and real economy.

Many media such as Babbitt, www.west.com, www.globegroup.com, China report, China news, Sanqin Metropolis Daily, daqin.com, Xi'an daily, Xi'an evening news, China business daily, China business.com, fenghuangfeng, sina.com, sohu.com, Netease, Tencent, chain node, 8 questions, and visiting blockchain provided reporting support for this forum.

Vice president of Babbitt, co-founder of unbounded territory

Secretary General of meta50 Forum

Ma Qianli delivers a speech

Ma Qianli, vice president of Babbitt, co-founder of unbounded territory and Secretary General of meta50 forum, delivered a speech with the theme of new forms of metauniverse products and industrial territory.

He mentioned that with the gradual maturity of the concept and key technologies of the meta universe, the meta universe has been continuously applied to various scenarios. In the era of mobile Internet, web pages have been replaced by app. People's interaction is more convenient. They can communicate and output thousands of information just by touching their fingers; The product form in the meta universe era is replaced by NPC, and ar/ai virtual technology adopts panoramic virtual technology to improve the sense of immersion.

In the future, the core of NPC will be the underlying protocol (blockchain) + virtual digital human (visual presentation) +ai (large-scale decision-making). In the future, the copyright form in the meta universe will give birth to new asset forms, new creative subjects and new combination states. The new industrial territory of the meta universe is gradually taking shape.

Ma Qianli, co-founder of boundless territory, received the award

Babbitt, founded in 2011, is one of the earliest blockchain companies in China. It is oriented by value investment and serves blockchain innovators.Relying on the advantages of blockchain technology in asset right confirmation and transaction, Babbitt created a digital copyright registration and circulation platform based on blockchain technology - unbounded territory.

Boundless territory fully integrates global high-quality photography, illustration, digital art, avatar and other art resources, and is committed to providing artists and creators with solutions for the registration, copyright protection, use and circulation of digital works, and providing high-quality digital copyright for new media, design, advertising, various vertical industries and individual users.

At this conference, boundless territory won the title of 2022 digital culture industry innovation brand.

Unbounded territory through blockchain technology,It clarifies the transaction modes of ownership, right of use and right of adaptation, and adopts the "radical" mode, that is, the ownership of the works is always on sale with conditions.All digital copyright works uploaded to the unbounded territory will be stored and licensed based on the blockchain,Copyright is unique and indivisible.

The underlying blockchain of unbounded territory is connected with Hangzhou notary office and Hangzhou Internet court,Provide one-stop online notarization and rights protection services and Copyright Agency registration services based on China Copyright Protection Center to provide more legal rights and interests protection for the registration and circulation of digital copyright.

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