What exactly does the 10000 word universe report released by McKinsey, a global consulting giant, say?

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Original title; What exactly did the 10000 word universe report released by McKinsey, the global consulting giant, say? (download the report attached)

Welcome to the metauniverse. Where are we now? Imagine the next iteration of the Internet, which will seamlessly integrate our real life and digital life.

The metauniverse contains many things:A game platform, a virtual retail point, a training tool, an advertising channel, a digital classroom, and a portal to a new virtual experienceใ€‚

Although the metauniverse is still being defined, its potential to unleash the next wave of digital disruption is obvious.

In the first five months of 2022, more than US $120billion has been invested in the construction of meta space technology and infrastructure. This figure is more than twice the investment of US $57billion in 2021.

McKinsey has now explored the potential of the metauniverse,This week vivatech conducted a survey of more than 3400 consumers and 450 senior leaders around the world in the latest "value creation in the meta universe" report released in Parisใ€‚

The report aims to better understand the value of the metauniverse, the extent of its adoption, where the greatest traction may occur, and what measures enterprises can take to capture value.

We talked with Eric Hazan and lareina Yee, senior partners of McKinsey, who are the main authors of the report. In the report, we discussed the development potential and momentum of this virtual world.

How would you define the metauniverse?

LareinaWhat is exciting is that the metauniverse, like the Internet, is a platform in which we can work, live, build feelings and collaborate.

This will be an immersive virtual environment connecting different worlds and communities. There will be a large number of creators and alternative currencies that people can use to buy and sell things. Metauniverse will have many Web3 and game and AR components, but it is far more than that.

Eric: the most basic meta universe consists of immersion, real-time interaction and user agents.Consumers and many companies are trying everything from social networking to fitness, business, virtual learning and other daily activitiesใ€‚

Like all other technologies, we cannot define the metauniverse itself simply as good or bad. What we need to do is to learn from and draw lessons from the previous era of great technological change.

Why did the meta universe suddenly become the focus of the spotlight?

Lareina: the metauniverse is very early and emerging, which means that its development mode will have a lot of creative freedom. But there are also many doubts and challenges, such as data privacy and network security, which need to be solved.

In fact, there is a very diverse set of cross industry use cases. The complexity and excitement of the technology supporting the meta universe is a complete source of innovation and renewal.

Eric: similar to the transition to Web 2.0 triggered by social networks and user generated content in 2004. At that time, people were busy imagining the utopian vision of consumer control over the Internet and the democratization of the Internet.

The potential of this technology is exciting, but computing power has not yet been able to make the virtual world that people imagine possible.

in other words,Billions of dollars are flowing into every corner of the metacosmic infrastructure to help achieve this ambitious goalใ€‚ Including back-end technologies such as engines, blockchains and hardware devices to platforms and virtual worlds. Overall, a large amount of capital is flowing into it to make more progress.

What do consumers think about this?

Eric: We surveyed more than 3400 consumers around the world and found that two-thirds of them were very excited about the shift of their daily activities to the virtual world, especially in establishing contacts with people, exploring the virtual world and conducting remote cooperation with colleagues.

Almost 60% of consumers prefer activities in an immersive world to physical alternatives. What is more surprising is that 79% of consumers active in the virtual world have already consumed in the meta universe.

What about executives?

Lareina: executives generally do not agree with these views, but our research shows that they agree on one thing:95% of executives believe that the virtual world will have a positive impact on their industryใ€‚

About one third of the people believe that metauniverse can bring significant changes to their industry operation mode, and one quarter believe that metauniverse will generate more than 15% of the enterprise income in the next five years.

What are the chances of the primordial universe?

EricWe predict that the economic value of the metauniverse will increase exponentially. Its appeal spans gender, region, sector and generation. Consumers are open to the adoption of new technologies; Many companies are also investing heavily in the development of meta universe infrastructure; And brands experimenting in the meta universe are getting positive feedback from consumers.

Our bottom-up view of consumer and enterprise use cases shows that by 2030, the meta universe may have an impact of up to $5trillion, about the size of Japan's economy, the third largest in the world.

How does the metauniverse promote sustainable and inclusive growth?

Eric: in the metauniverse, we have the opportunity to rethink public services and infrastructure. This has opened up new avenues for providing public services such as education and health care, creating employment opportunities and planning community space.

For example, we have seen this in the Seoul government, which plans to spend at least US $32million on the metauniverse ecosystem to improve urban services, planning and management and increase support for virtual tourism.

In general,One of the major challenges we face today is to ensure that the talent base in the public sector has the capacity to set priorities for the best interests of society and to work with technology providers to achieve this goalใ€‚

Lareina: for creators, providers and consumers, the meta universe, as an inclusive environment, is full of hope. Access and inclusion in the meta universe ecosystem is not for a few people, but for most people.

This creates space to help democratize opportunities for learning, development and education. It has opened a new and exciting door to the elimination of geographical barriers.

What should leaders do in advance?

EricHow to view digital trust in the meta universe remains to be defined. But there are some pressing challenges that need to be considered immediately. On the one hand, some labor forces need to be retrained to maximize the use of the meta universe rather than compete with the meta universe.

Stakeholders need to develop a roadmap to ensure that experiences in the metauniverse are ethical, safe and inclusive.This may mean developing guidelines around data privacy, security, ethics, personal safety, sustainability and fairnessใ€‚

As long as these challenges are taken into account in the process, there is a lot of hope and potential in the metauniverse.

What has McKinsey done for its customers in this field?

Lareina: we are conducting research to understand, share and help the company uncover the mystery of the potential and challenges of the new universe. We also help enterprises carry out experiments and business construction.

We help them in strategy, technology and digital trust. This is not just about how to conceive a meta universe, but how to take action to operate this new world.

What should enterprise executives do for the meta universe now?

Lareina: keep an open attitude towards new businesses and some potential applications, have a long-term mentality, and the society will continue to develop. Understand that what you plan is not the investment of this quarter, but the long-term trend of future development.

Eric: it is a good idea for companies and executives to understand and experience the meta universe to better understand its meaning.

But the inevitable fact is,If enterprises and executives want to understand the opportunities that consumers and enterprises may get in the metauniverse at the same time, they need to be familiar with the metauniverseใ€‚ The best way for business leaders to explore is to become users of the meta universe.

The original text is extracted from McKinsey's blog. The Chinese content is compiled by the metaverse hub team. If you need to reprint it, please contact us.

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