The digital collection platform of dewu app was officially launched, and three fashionable digital avatars for young people were launched

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The trendy digital avatars for young people are coming. Today, the dewu app digital collection platform was officially launched. In the first round, three series of trendy digital avatars were released, with a limited number of 2300, of which 1800 were for public sale, and the remaining 500 were reserved by the publisher and the platform. The commemoration and collection value of the collection on sale this time not only lies in that each trend digital Avatar has a unique traceable number, but also has a unique trend art design that combines the interests, preferences and languages of young people, so that young people can clearly express their "personality". It is reported that the three series of trend digital avatars will be open to all users of dewu app from 10:00 on June 21. Each user account of each series is limited to one draw.

The three series of trendy digital avatars sold on the dewu app digital collection platform this time include sneakercube tide box magic cube, tubeman sudden wave inflatable man and doberverse - mimicry. Each series and each digital avatar is unique. It combines the personality and hobbies of the young users of dewu app to create an exclusive design to show the unique fun of life of young people. Snearkercube series plans to sell 600 pieces to users. This series is inspired by the vast number of shoe lovers. It shows the personality logo of shoe lovers with "shoe box figurines" of different shapes; Tubeman series plans to sell 600 pieces to users. Each piece of work is based on dancing balloons and has its own expression. These interesting "expression packs" come from the hobbies, interactions and sharing of users in the dewu app community; Doberverse - mimicry series plans to sell 600 to users. This series combines Doberman dogs with robot elements to show the sense of future and the trend of science and technology loved by young people.

It is reported that after purchasing trendy digital avatars on the digital collection platform, users of dewu app can set up digital avatars in the dewu app community to express their "personal style". They can also re create collections and share exchanges with users with the same interest with their own creative digital art works. In the future, dewu app digital collection platform will also deepen the emotional connection between young people through more warm and interesting interactive playing methods.

The digital collection platform of dewu app has distinctive features of youth and trend, which is due to the trend, fashion and personality seeking young users on dewu app. At present, the post-90s users of dewu app account for 88%. These young people are people who love new technologies and trends such as digital collections. The launching of dewu app on the digital collection platform comes down in one continuous line with the new needs and hobbies of young people.

It is worth noting that as soon as the dewu app digital collection platform was launched, strict rules were issued to avoid "hype" and standardized according to the highest standards of the industry. Users will use the real name system when purchasing collections, and clearly inform that the purchased digital collections cannot be resold, and do not support any form of secondary transactions.

It is reported that as a new generation of trend online shopping community, dewu app has two core services: e-commerce and community. Dewu app is the largest trend e-commerce in the world. Young people buy trendy goods and fashionable new products on dewu app every day; In addition, as the largest trend culture community in China, dewu app community has gathered a large number of trend lovers and creators, who exchange and create trends, fashion, culture, art and life. With the continuous deepening of technological innovation, more and more new games are being developed on the dewu app, giving new imagination to the youth trend culture.

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