The 2022 Western Digital Expo and the third Xi'an blockchain industry development forum were successfully held

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On the afternoon of June 17, 2022, under the guidance of the Talent Work Leading Group Office of Xi'an Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Xi'an Big Data Resource Management Bureau, organized by Xi'an block chain technology application Association, undertaken by Xi'an Qinchu digital Tibetan culture media Co., Ltd., Xi'an Qinchu Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi qinchuyuan universe Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Zhigui Internet Technology Co., Ltd The "2022 Western China Digital Economy Expo and the third China Xi'an blockchain Industry Development Forum" (hereinafter referred to as "the forum") Co organized by Shaanxi ant cluster Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held. Babbitt,,, China report, China news, Sanqin Metropolis Daily,, Xi'an daily, Xi'an evening news, China business daily, China, fenghuangfeng,,, Netease, Tencent Chain nodes, 8 questions, blockchain visits and other media provided reporting support for this forum.

As a sub forum of the 2022 Western China Digital Economy Expo, the forum, with the theme of "focusing on the meta universe, cultivating new business forms and releasing new kinetic energy", specially invited sunwei, deputy director of Xi'an Big Data Resource Management Bureau, wangchunxin, director of China Calligrapher Association and former commander of Shaanxi Armed Police Corps, Jiang Bo, chairman of Xi'an Peihua college, liushenghui, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of Shaanxi Vocational and technical college, Liyongbin, director of the informatization division of the network information office of Xi'an Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Industrial Development Promotion Bureau of the administrative committee of Xi'an Chanba ecological zone, Tan min, President of Xi'an block chain technology application Association, liweipeng, Secretary General of Xi'an block chain Technology Application Association, Zhaoliang, supervisor General of Xi'an block chain technology application Association, government leaders, keynote speakers, round table guests, representatives of industry associations, experts in the field of blockchain Nearly 500 guests including representatives of financial media and local enterprises attended the meeting to discuss the cutting-edge topics of the times and discuss the future development trend of the blockchain industry.

Forum review

At the beginning of the forum, sunwei, deputy director of Xi'an Big Data Resource Management Bureau, delivered a welcome speech for the forum.In this speech, deputy director Sun mainly introduced the development status of China's blockchain industry and the development achievements of the city's digital economy.

Deputy director Sun emphasized in this speech:At present, the global economy is still in a fragile recovery, and the digital economy has become a new driving force and engine for effectively promoting high-quality economic development. As an important western town of digital economy industry, Xi'an has made some achievements in smart city and digital economy based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept and building a new development pattern. The positive guidance of industrial organizations such as Xi'an big data association and district blockchain association has laid a solid foundation for the future development of digital economy in Xi'an.

In the future, Xi'an will adhere to innovation driven, create a good digital ecology, strive to promote digital technology to better serve the real economy, and create an open, fair, just and non discriminatory digital economy development environment. At the same time, enterprises are welcome to settle in Xi'an to jointly build a digital economy industrial ecology!

Subsequently, Tan min, President of Xi'an block chain technology application Association, delivered a keynote speech on the opportunities of Digitalization for enterprises.

At the forum, President Tan min introduced in detail the role of digital technology in promoting the development of enterprises and the industrial pattern of the meta universe, taking "the problems that enterprises are facing and thinking about" as the starting point.

Tan Min: Discussion on the opportunities of Digitalization for enterprises

President Tan Min said:Enterprises are eager to make breakthroughs in "market demand, brand building, user acquisition, user stickiness, increasing profits and industrial upgrading" through digital technology. At present, some enterprises have achieved success. Facing the future trend of "digital collections + real economy + meta universe", the government, industry associations, industrial parks, prophet leading enterprises and academic institutions are all important promoters of the meta universe. Cross industry and cross field technology integration and business innovation are expected to contribute to the increasingly prosperous industrial pattern of the meta universe.

Then, vice president Babbitt & Ma Qianli, Secretary General of the meta50 forum, delivered the keynote speech "new forms of metauniverse products and industrial map".ย 

Secretary General Ma Qianli introduced the "product form and copyright form of the future meta universe" with the "concept of the meta universe" as the starting point.

Ma Qianli: new forms of yuancosmos products and industrial map

Mr. Ma Qianli mentioned:With the gradual maturity of the concept and key technologies of meta universe, meta universe is constantly applied to various scenes. In the era of mobile Internet, web pages have been replaced by app. People's interaction is more convenient. They can communicate and output thousands of information just by touching their fingers; The product form in the meta universe era is replaced by NPC, and ar/ai virtual technology adopts panoramic virtual technology to improve the sense of immersion.

In the future, the core of NPC will be the underlying protocol (blockchain) + virtual digital human (visual presentation) +ai (large-scale decision-making). In the future, the copyright form in the meta universe will give birth to new asset forms, new creative subjects and new combination states. The new industrial territory of the meta universe is gradually taking shape.

In the next agenda, Ma Qiang, COO of jujube technology and Ma Qiang, co-founder of Kechuang Information Technology Co., Ltd., vice chairman unit of the blockchain service network BSN development alliance; Bao Shuai, COO, yangyongqiang, director of Zhigui technology products, and Ma Lichuan, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of blockchain and security computing, also gave wonderful speeches. However, due to the length of the article, they will not be introduced here. See Xi'an block chain technology application Association for detailsreportใ€‚

In addition to the wonderful speeches brought by the guests, the forum also has two round tables.

At today's first round table meeting, Li Shi, general manager of Tencent cloud northwest, and other guests, centering on the theme of "meta universe - next generation Internet and business scenarios", respectively expressed their views on "the future form of the meta universe, the direction of the meta universe field, the role of cloud computing in the meta universe industry, and the noteworthy meta universe application scenarios". As all the guests said: the yuan universe circuit is full of imagination, and it is worth exploring the layout of all enterprises.

Round table 1

At the second round table, all guests focused on the theme of "blockchain technology promotes the high-quality development of digital culture industry", Together, they discussed such issues as "how blockchain technology can help digitalize China's cultural industry, how digitalization of the cultural industry can promote new consumption and new business forms, the problems and challenges faced by the digital cultural industry, how to promote the high-quality and standardized development of the digital cultural industry, and the future key layout of digital collections". The digital cultural industry has further extended the cultural industry chain by virtue of its openness, low threshold and interactivity, Promote structural optimization and form a new trend of online and offline integrated development!

In addition, the forum also held two rounds of signing links, namely, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation of "yuannongyuan - empowering the real economy to help rural revitalization" and the signing ceremony of the Silk Road digital collection trading platform of Gansu culture and communications center.

Finally, the forum issued[leading brand of yuancosmos industrial technology]and[innovative brand of digital culture industry]Two awards were awarded to the following enterprises:

Leading brand of yuancosmos Industrial Technology:Jinlianmeng, Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud, Huawei cloud, Jinshan cloud, Langchao, Amazon cloud technology, Zhigui technology, Qulian technology, Qinchu technology, jujube technology, FEIDIE XR technology, moment pool cloud, and Yiyuan Technology

Innovative brand of digital culture industry:Lingjing collection, Qin Chu collection, Hongdong collection, unbounded territory

" China Xi'an blockchain Industry Development Forum "As a representative blockchain Summit Forum in Western China, it has been jointly held by Xi'an block chain technology application Association and various organizations"The third session".In the future, under the guidance and support of Xi'an Big Data Resource Management Bureau, the association will continue to work with all parties to jointly create a global, serial and representative blockchain industry summit, highlight the ecological power of block chain industry in Xi'an, and jointly build a new pattern of digital economy industry in Xi'an!

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