Wechat may ban a official account for the first time for the reason of "involving secondary transactions of digital collections", which is quite different from the previous statement of banning digital collections

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Author: jinziqi

Recently, Lanjing finance and economics noted that the official official account of "nftea digital tea ticket" was blocked because "there are virtual currency transactions or digital collection secondary transactions related business activities after users' complaints and platform review".

The registered subject of the official account is Shenzhen Rongsheng Digital Culture Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rongsheng company"). Rongsheng company was established in March, 2022, and its shareholders are all natural persons. According to the past poster content, "nftea digital tea ticket" was launched on May 15, the first collection was sold on May 19, and the public beta version of the mall was launched on June 10. The H5 interface of the trading channel can still be opened.

In March, a large number of wechat official account for digital collections were blocked, including art meta yuanyishu, yidiancang, guicang yuanuniverse, Huasheng meta, Yuanben space, Shenda shucang, one meta, zero earth, and nuofenti. Most of the reasons for being blocked were "acts of issuing, disseminating or engaging in relevant business activities without obtaining legal licenses or licenses", and a few were suspected of fraud. Among them, some platforms have set up another wechat official account, including "art meta digital Tibet world" under Hangzhou yuanyishu Technology Co., Ltd. and "yidianchuang" under Jiangxi dianzang Technology Co., Ltd.

In the past month, the "magic space" official account of Nanjing Okun Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was also closed due to "the behavior of publishing, disseminating or engaging in relevant business activities without obtaining the legal license or license". The official account was registered on May 23. At present, a personal official account is providing information about the magic domain space platform, and the relevant official account was registered in early June.

According to the interface news report, wechat officials sent qualification review reminders to some digital collection platforms in March, asking the platform to provide qualification certificates for relevant business activities. The submission deadline is April 1. The letter mentioned that "through the platform's detection, your official account is suspected of having NFT digital collection transaction business, so you need to provide NFT digital collection transaction business qualification certificates." Lanjing finance and economics noted that the business scope of the main body behind the digital collection platform involves art transactions, and some digital collection official account mainly provide industry and platform information and transaction interface diversion entrance.

At present, the complaint causes of wechat official account include fraud, pornographic vulgarity, inducement, dissemination of false information, illegal crime, harassment, infringement, confusion with others and others. The fraud complaints include multi-level distribution, online lending, part-time money making, high rebate, dating and making friends, false activities, high-income wealth management, micro disk and micro transaction, and there is no secondary transaction option for digital collections, In addition, it is supported to fill in and describe the complaint content and provide evidence.

Digital collections are controversial due to their relevance to NFT and sky high price collections. As a non-homogeneous token, NFT (non-homogeneous token) is a currency derived from the virtual money market. At the beginning of 2021, the news of sky high NFT continued to spread, which continued to push up the popularity of the NFT market. Domestic Internet platforms began to test the water in this field. In the environment of "money" turning pale, in October 2021, the words "NFT" on the original Alipay applet "ant fan Granule" and Tencent's "magic core" page were changed into digital collections overnight, defined as "virtual digital goods" or "virtual proof of rights and interests".

In April, China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association and China Securities Association issued the proposal on preventing financial risks related to NFT, proposing that China's NFT market continues to heat up. As an innovative application of blockchain technology, NFT shows certain potential value in enriching the digital economy model and promoting the development of cultural and creative industries, but there are also risks such as speculation, money laundering and illegal financial activities.

Recently, a reminder letter on preventing NFT violation risk issued by Fujian Provincial Working Group on cleaning up and rectifying various trading places came out. The prompt letter points out that there are a large number of NFT products in the market recently. As a blockchain technology application, NFT is easy to be associated with illegal activities such as fraud, speculation and money laundering after financialization, causing chain risk. Fujian trading places are required not to engage in NFT trading without approval. At the same time, the article "digital collections =nft? Related and more fundamentally different" written by Lingjing people's art museum was released. It is suspected that the association between digital collections and NFT will be removed. The difference pointed out in the article is that the digital collection is not on the public chain, NFT has not been subject to copyright review, NFT has not transmitted the value of copyright works, and the difference does not mention the transaction attribute.

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