618 Nuggets digital collection? Burberry and other luxury brands fight against metauniverse

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Source:"Meijingyingshi" (id:meijingyingshi)Reporter: Du Wei, wenmenghua

"The alarm clock has been set. It will arrive on time. I hope you all drop the line!"

"That's cool. I want it. I'm looking forward to it!"


Compared with 618 in previous years, the "hand choppers" in the "bloody battle" on major e-commerce platforms this year have to fight for their favorite digital collections.

Digital collections have become one of the trends among young people. The reporter of the daily economic news noted that compared with previous years, the big promotion brand in the middle of this year cares more about accurate and efficient traffic, and digital collections have become a key application.

For the first time, the war on e-commerce platforms has also burned to the "meta universe": Taobao has set up a special project team for the meta universe to go online for shopping in 618; Jingdong, unwilling to fall behind, launched Optimus Prime digital collection together with transformers, and for the first time sold a number of digital collections of trendy brands.

618 is not only a shopping feast, but also a window for insight into new consumption, new business forms and new trends. Through this window, what innovative ways do e-commerce platforms play around digital collections? More and more brands cooperate with e-commerce platforms to release digital collections. What are the weaknesses and challenges behind the opportunities?

Perhaps in the future, digital collections will become the main position of brand marketing exposure and a new flow pool of e-commerce platforms, but the competition will inevitably become white hot.

In order to obtain digital collections, we should not only fight for speed, but also buy more "quantity"

Searching for "digital collections" on Taobao and jd.com will pop up a separate entry.

According to the experience of each reporter, entering the "tmall digital collection" channel, you can see a variety of digital collections. Clicking on these digital collections will automatically jump to the relevant stores. Compared with the digital collections sold at fixed prices in the past, the digital collections on tmall platform are mainly in the form of "physical products + limited gifts", which means that players should not only fight for speed, but also increase the number of purchases if they want to be eligible for gifts.

Image source: screenshot of Taobao platform

For example, in order to obtain the virtual clothing digital collection designed by keaido strawberry cheese ice cream rose, you not only need to become the top 2000 payers, but also the goods you buy must be 20 ice cream pieces under the specified link, and you need to spend at least nearly 150 yuan to get the chance. Another rongbaozhai's Zheng Banqiao's "two branches of bamboo" digital collection is limited to 1500 copies. Consumers need to spend nearly 600 yuan to buy the designated gift box of the four treasures of study.

In order to make consumers more immersive and interactive, tmall also launched the "meta universe special show". Consumers can go to the "virtual show" and watch the "digital collection" show. At the same time, they can find their favorite digital collections like shopping malls.

Tmall big brand day 618 yuan universe special show picture source: video screenshot

Compared with tmall, jd.com takes the form of "physical goods + gifts" or direct purchase of digital collections. Among them, it is relatively easy to purchase digital collections directly. For example, players can spend 19.9 yuan to obtain the digital collection of "thousands of miles of rivers and mountains ยท praying for Luoshen water Fu". In addition, JD also worked with a number of trendy brands to sell digital collections for the first time, for example, it worked with transformers to launch Optimus Prime digital collections.

Image source: screenshot of Jingdong digital collection

"Metauniverse itself is topical and easy to attract attention, so it has a certain customer acquisition function. The NFT launched by 618 e-commerce platform mainly focuses on grafting and cooperation with brands. It plays a role in promotional marketing and drives overall sales. It is a new marketing method and exploration." On June 17, Yu Baicheng, President of zero one research institute, said in a telephone interview with reporters that compared with the vertical platform of the digital Tibet industry, "the e-commerce platform is a public platform, which can help digital goods reach a wider audience and play a role in Popularization".

The Internet is a business that competes for time and attention. According to Yu Baicheng's observation, young people are pursuing trends in consumption. Taking advantage of the popular digital collections on the e-commerce platform, we can not only find a new marketing focus, but also catch the attention of consumers.

Burberry and other luxury goods entered the market and "bound" 618 with digital collections

"We hope to help the brand explore the innovative form of meta universe virtual goods beyond the limits of physical goods, and bring new experiences to consumers." On June 16, in a telephone interview with every reporter, the chief executive of tmall digital collection channel, Ren Chunchun, talked about the platform's metauniverse strategy. "Users can not only associate with brands through purchase in real life, but also get unique and permanently retained brand digital assets in metauniverse."

At 618, an important node, the e-commerce platform fully opened the meta Universe competition around digital collections. "Behind the digital collection is a new group of people, so it will certainly bring about increment. Compared with traditional brand marketing, the digital collection is a new marketing carrier integrating multiple functions. It can not only help the brand convey its tone, but also convey its core assets. It also has innovative virtual rights and interests." Dachun said that most of the buyers of digital collections are men, showing the characteristics of high education and high consumption power.

Tmall platform digital collection image source: tmall app screenshot

However, every reporter has noticed that the digital collections on tmall platform are only the form of buying and giving or the member playing method of embedding the brand according to the new / restricted products of the brand, and are not sold separately. In this regard, Dachun told reporters, "digital collections are an innovative virtual equity of the brand. We hope that it will not be sold as a single content with pricing. We also hope that the brand will regard digital collections as a digital form that can integrate the core assets of the brand. Because in this way, the brand can communicate with users in a longer and deeper way."

In Dachun's view, digital collections can enable brand marketing, so that consumers' rights and interests are no longer limited to discounts and samples. "Digital collections are not only a new topic for brands to communicate with existing people, but also a new tool for brand innovation. Digital collections have become an innovative virtual right to deliver brand DNA without harming brand power."

In 618 this year, many luxury goods also specially produced digital collections in the form of pictures, videos, 3D goods, etc. Every reporter sees Burberry, Breitling, Max Mara, coach, La Perla, Bogner, versaceAll of them have issued digital collections on tmall luxury products, with a circulation of more than 2000, binding 618 and promoting nearly 400 products. "Up to now, the commodities associated with and bound to the digital collection have sold well." The relevant person in charge of tmall luxury products disclosed in a written interview with reporters on June 18.

Who likes luxury digital collections? "Some are senior luxury goods buyers with certain consumption strength and high net worth people on the platform. In terms of luxury goods consumption choices, they prefer to try new products and are more motivated to obtain digital collections. The other part is young people who pay high attention to new things. Internet aborigines naturally pursue innovation and differences. Many of them are senior digital collection collectors and enthusiasts, who pay close attention to the movement of digital collections State. " The above-mentioned person in charge of tmall luxury products told Meijing that selling digital collections is also a good opportunity for luxury brands to establish connections and further communicate with young consumers.

Or become a social pass for young luxury consumers

"On the first day of the upper limit of BabyCare's' love manuscript 'series of digital collections, the turnover of shopping gold was higher than the daily 800%; Anta Winter Olympics series of digital collections, the user interaction market reached 230 seconds; Coca Cola's limited collection for the new year of the tiger helped its first online pre-sale inventory of the limited edition for the new year of the tiger sold out one week ahead of schedule." Dachun admitted to every reporter that the specific data of 618 this year has yet to be counted, but through previous cases, it is conceivable that the digital collection will still have a brilliant performance.

According to Dachun, digital collections can not only efficiently transform accurate people, but also have high stickiness. At present, the return visit rate of the channel is as high as 70%. As a result, more and more brands began to participate. "Since the upper limit in November last year, we have cooperated with more than 100 brands, gradually spreading from the head brand to the middle waist brand, and issued more than 250000 collections."

Coca Cola's restricted collection for the new year of the tiger photo source: screenshot of tmall app

Indeed, digital collections, as an organic carrier of business and art, can connect the brand spirit with artistic creation through a new digital form, and remain permanently in the digital world. Therefore, more and more brands hope to interact with users through digital collections, and the joint efforts of brands and e-commerce platforms will certainly release greater business potential.

"The digital collection can put the brand's own story and DNA in the collection, and then put them into the user's personal favorites for permanent storage through blockchain technology." Dachun believes that the user body and market scale of digital collections are constantly expanding. "Once a new marketing growth point appears, brands can often act quickly, and then more brands will enter the market."

When more brands and platforms join the digital collection camp, the competition will become white hot. Yu Baicheng said: "e-commerce platforms need to pay attention to the development trend of domestic digital collections, find the combination point with digital collections under the premise of compliance, and update the marketing methods of digital collections in time, so as to continuously attract users."

At the same time, in the process of quickly entering the digital collection, how to maintain its own tone and continuously produce high-quality digital collection products is a difficult point.

Although digital collections on e-commerce platforms are hot, Dachun also knows the challenge. "We hope to weaken the secondary trading attribute of digital collections. In this case, we are worried that when brands and platforms quickly enter the market, they will disturb the market with low-quality collections with incomplete authorization. We hope to maintain a high level of digital collection creation in a good competitive environment where everyone is working hard to make high-quality digital collections." In addition, digital collections are also facing the challenge of innovation. How to continuously expand the use scenarios of digital collections, continue to attract the attention of new people on the basis of maintaining the stickiness of existing people, and make the people and goods yard of virtual marketing more active is the next topic.

"Digital collections may become a social pass for the new generation of young luxury consumers. If we imagine the parallel world of the 'meta universe', in the future, digital collections will also connect the virtual world." The above-mentioned person in charge of tmall luxury products said that in the future, some shopping will be moved to metauniverse.

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