The virtual anchor is "rolled in", but it is still some distance from the live broadcast

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Source:"Cath data" (id:caasdata6)By Zhou Huan

The heated discussion of the yuan universe has not stopped, and the virtual human has been pushed to a new wave.

First, on May 6, the rainbow club's vtuber "vox" made its debut live broadcast on station B, which achieved a reward income of millions; Then, the virtual women's group a-soul, known as the "domestic virtual idol ceiling", fell into a series of house collapse events due to the dormancy notice of Gale's "man in the middle". The former broadens the industry's imagination of the pipeline created by virtual IP, while the latter inevitably makes people worried about the hidden dangers of virtual human realization.

Of course, virtual idols are just a branch of the virtual human industry chain. After saying goodbye to the niche circle, the industrial chain built around virtual people has become increasingly mature, and more business fields have been derived from the live broadcast rewards. Live broadcast with goods is one of the paths.

In 2020, the live broadcast of virtual IP, represented by the little monk of Yichan, I don't eat for nothing, silent sauce, etc., will bring goods; After that, the super popular virtual song Ji Luo Tianyi also entered the Taobao live room to "dream linkage" with Li Jiaqi, and finally achieved a high popularity of 6.3 million live rooms; The strong appeal of virtual idols has also attracted large manufacturers, brands and MCN institutions to enter, or sign contracts, or incubate their own virtual IP.

Figure source: Tiktok account @ yizen monk, @ I don't eat for nothing, @ silent sauce

In 2022, with the heating up of the concept of meta universe, the momentum of virtual human remains unchanged: during the Winter Olympic Games, Alibaba launched Dongdong, the second virtual employee after ayayi, to sell Olympic licensed goods in the special Taobao live broadcast; In March, the home furnishing brand red bean and the star Hu Bing launched a virtual live broadcast walk show in Tiktok. The appearance of the digital man Hu Bing became the highlight of the live broadcast that night; In April, Yuanwang network created its twin AI anchor zhouxiaoyu by relying on its anchor Yu eldest son, and conducted a PK between real people and virtual people on the day of its debut

Two years later, when we look back, where has the virtual human live broadcast taken the goods? How many ways do virtual people have to go before they "grab jobs" with lijiaqi?

The second dimension "retreats" and imitates the real person "to play"

The virtual anchor "I don't eat for nothing" gradually disappeared in the live room.

According to the data of cicada mother, in the last 30 days, the number of live broadcasts of "I don't eat for free" was 0, extending the time span to 3 months, and "I don't eat for free" was only broadcast 17 times, with a total sales volume of about 59.8w, which is far lower than that of the same fan account. Observing its business model, it seems that it finally chose to return to the realization way of short video delivery and building its own food brand.

As the head IP of gravity Yuhua, "I don't eat for free" was born in 2019. In 2020, it began to test the water and live broadcast with goods in Tiktok. The highest single Gmv reached 866w. In the food and beverage track with low passenger unit price, this figure is obviously "gold content". However, many direct broadcasts since then have proved that this live broadcast has also become the peak that "I don't eat for free" can no longer reach.

Retired in the live studio, there is also the animation IP "yizen little monk", which is also the head account of Tiktok. According to the observation, the virtual image "little monk of one Zen" has rarely appeared in the live broadcasting room. It seems that the account has also abandoned the live broadcasting form of "virtual anchor + assistant broadcaster" and replaced it with a single person live broadcast. The selection has also changed from the original food and beverage to tea and porcelain related to Oriental culture. According to the cicada mother's data, in the last 30 days, there were 25 live broadcasts of "one Zen little monk", including 20 with freight yards. The cumulative number of viewers reached 307w, but the total sales was only 8.5W.

In addition, the first generation of virtual IP for water test live broadcast with goods, such as Yi Shi Qi, general manager Bai Yihang, etc., have chosen to stop broadcasting at different stages, which seems to indicate that the "two-dimensional element with goods" has begun to tend to live in seclusion behind the scenes.

The rise of two-dimensional virtual IP with goods naturally has its internal logic.Before entering the live track, these accounts are in TiktokKwaiAnd other short video platforms have tens of millions of fans. They have a fairly broad user base. The transformation of live broadcasting to bring goods is an important path to continuously exert IP influence and broaden business value. At the same time, it also caters to the trend that the platform is close to young people.

Since then, they have "exited" one after another, perhaps because of the "bondage" of the secondary image itself. For example, in terms of selection, it is necessary to consider human restrictions; It can also be attributed to the change of the business model of MCN behind the virtual IP. For example, zhuyuchen, the founder of gravity Yuhua, once mentioned that the ultimate goal of "I don't eat for nothing" is super IP, and is currently building its own food brand.

Taking the place of the two-dimensional virtual image and carrying out the second stage exploration of live broadcast and goods delivery, the virtual human is closer to the real image in appearance.

Create a virtual goods anchor from scratch

Last year, Liu Yexi, a "demon catching beauty expert", attracted 450W fans with only one video and concept photo, adding a fire to the "meta universe" boom,

Liu Yexi was not the first entrant. Previously, huazhibing, a virtual alumnus of Tsinghua University, guofenghuacai girl Ling, and cuixiaopan, a virtual digital man who won the excellent newcomer award of Vanke, were also active on major platforms. It has become the mainstream in the current virtual IP field to create an AI image that can be seen at a glance and is difficult to distinguish the true from the false.

The reason is that the gradual maturity of technology provides the basic conditions for the emergence of digital virtual human. Compared with the two-dimensional virtual image, the digital virtual human may be lost in emotional cohesion, but it is closer to the reality anchor state in terms of appearance and behavior, has a weak sense of separation from reality, and will not rely too much on the interpretation of Chinese people with the support of intelligent technology.

According to the different hatching forms, karth temporarily divides the virtual human into three categories: one isVirtual human incubated from existing IPFor example, the "little monk of Yichan" and "I don't eat for free" mentioned above all escape from the successful animation IP; Second isIP incubated by brand, MCN or platformFor example, "guanxiaofang", the official e-commerce virtual anchor of Kwai; FinallyA virtual human derived from a real person.

The virtual human independently incubated by MCN took Kong Xiang, who had been on the hot search for some time, as an example. Kong Xiang, with short silver and pink hair, is not only a girl full of cyber sense, but also the first virtual human hatched by Yuanwang network. On April 3, kongxiang released a preview video of his cooperation with Jia Nailiang in Tiktok, which won 330000 likes. The topic \jia Nailiang asked kongxiang who he was also posted on the microblog hot search.

Source: Tiktok account @ Kong Xiang

With the help of two-way interaction with "colleague" Jia Nailiang, Kong Xiang opened the first wave of voice. The short plays he cooperated with Jia Nailiang received more than 600000 likes, and there were more generous "debut gifts" - cooperation with skin care brands Weizi, comfort skin and makeup brand NYS. In the distant planning, the virtual human Kong Xiang will also be used in the future to enable live broadcast scenes and appear in variety shows and TV dramas.

The virtual IP card in Yuanwang's hands is not only Kong Xiang, but also the virtual image "zhouxiaoyu", which is a virtual image derived from a real person, is customized for its anchor "Young Master Yu" based on twin anchor technology.

"Twin anchor technology", that is, through AI in-depth learning, the model's expression and facial details can be completely synchronized with real performers, and the anchor can be "copied" in short video, live broadcast and TVC. According to the analysis of "financial Wuji", the twin anchor technology was first applied to its head anchor. Behind it, Yuanwang hoped to expand the influence of the big anchor, "complete the replication of 1 to N, realize the fission of personal IP, and further deepen the IP value of the brand and anchor".

Figure source: Kwai account @ young master Yu

On April 17, after releasing several warm-up videos, the eldest young master Yu and his twin image launched a wheat connected PK in the live studio. Their similarity made it difficult for fans in the live studio to tell the true from the false. The unique interaction once again widened the industry's imagination of virtual people.

Of course, it is not just a distant view that makes real people derive IP. At the end of March, the home furnishing brand Hongdou, together with the star Hu Bing, launched a virtual live TV show in Tiktok.

Figure source: Tiktok account @ hubing

Hu Bing, dressed in red bean men's clothes, and his virtual digital man completed the whole process of show + goods taking in the three virtual scenes of the live broadcasting room. During this period, he was even reviewed as a video broadcast by the platform because of too fast changing clothes. "True and false Hu Bing" once caused heated discussion in the comment area. On the same day, "Hu Bingyuan's universe red bean men's dress debut" also achieved sales of more than onemillion.

Virtual human can't grab the "rice bowl" of anchor with goods

By the end of 2021, there was a big shock in live e-commerce. Under the sweeping personal income tax tide, Weiya, Sydney and other super head anchor Yixi building fell. The fall of Weiya has not only affected Qianxun's business map construction (Qi'er brought more than 40million goods in three games, and where Qianxun's "post Weiya era" is going), but also affected the entire live broadcast e-commerce industry. In addition, in recent years, there have been constant disputes between celebrities and MCN, such as liziqi's idea of leaving the country and langweixian's breaking up video, etc., the "instability" of the live anchor has also contributed to the "internal" of the virtual anchor's bringing goods to some extent, Both brands and MCN are eager to find an anchor who will not collapse and has large maneuverable space, and the virtual human is undoubtedly at the right time.

Will the virtual human really take away the "rice bowl" of the big anchor? In Kathy's view, at least for a while now, the answer is No.

On the whole, the industry is in a state of prosperity, but how many companies are happy and how many are worried is another problem. Today, there is no mature case in the industry to prove that the virtual human's strength in carrying goods is stronger than that of the live anchor.

There is no new story in the virtual world.On the one hand, looking back two years later, the brand or MCN, the exploration of virtual human is still in the stage of theoretical test, playing the role of "mascot", and the key to IP construction is the back-end operation.

Another problem is that at present, most virtual anchors are still unable to get rid of their dependence on anchors. An old topic: is it persuasive for virtual people to bring goods?

Last year, Guofeng virtual IP plume settled in xiaohongshu. Under the content of a Gucci lipstick with goods, some users left a question: "can virtual people try on their makeup with goods?"

It is not only the beauty, shoes and clothing and other popular racetracks. In May this year, guanxiaofang, the virtual anchor of Kwai live e-commerce, officially started the first live broadcast with goods. The virtual anchor wearing sportswear explained the goods on the left side of the screen. However, in the upper body effect display, it also needs the help of a real person. The two person delivery mode of "assisted broadcast + virtual anchor" is still the most suitable mode at present.

Figure source: Kwai account @ guanxiaofang doesn't panic at all

For some brands that have entered the normal live broadcasting, the existing live broadcasting room system is relatively mature. In fact, there is no need for too complex virtual anchors in the "night show" time outside the prime time.

Figure source: Taobao L'Oreal, Winona, huaxizi, and the live broadcasting room of the wildebeest

Observe the smart anchors who are active in the night show of the live broadcasting rooms of major brands, such as huaxizi's "huaxiaoxi" and Winona's "purslane". It is difficult to be called excellent in terms of modeling and the degree of sophistication of specific operation. The reason for the launch is simply to allow the live broadcasting room to receive traffic 24 hours a day, to meet the needs of the audience entering the live broadcasting room at all times, and at the same time, it happens to have the advantage of low cost.

In addition, the high R & D, operation and maintenance costs also make it difficult for many MCNS to sustain. Under the superposition of various factors,Virtual IP with goods looks more like a "game of capital". After the technology is improved, how to improve the IP popularity and quickly absorb fans will also become the test faced by the virtual anchor.


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