Shandong Radio and television station will launch the blockchain project "Haidai chain" tomorrow, and the "Qianhe" digital collection platform based on the chain will be launched synchronously

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Source:Shandong people's Broadcasting Station

Original title: the blockchain project "Haidai chain" under Shandong Radio and Television launched the "Qianhe" digital collection platform on May 28

Reflect the real world and treasure the wonderful things. The blockchain project "Haidai chain" led by Shandong Radio and television station and the "onethousand rivers" digital collection platform based on its ecology will be officially launched on May 28.

As an important part of Shandong Provincial digital platform, "Haidai chain" is based on decentralized blockchain technology. It is independently designed and developed by cutting-edge technologies at home and abroad introduced by Shandong Radio and television station. It is fully self controllable from the bottom up to ensure the absolute security of users' digital assets. Its open architecture can provide the society with basic public chain technology. Other digital collection platforms can also easily access the "Haidai chain" through standard APIs, Build a "Haidai chain" digital ecology. The "onethousand rivers" digital Tibet platform launched by Shandong Radio and television station relying on the "Haidai chain" is the official digital Tibet platform of Shandong Province. Its name is selected from Mao Zedong's poem "sitting on the ground, traveling 80000 miles a day, watching onethousand rivers from afar".

Shandong ranks in the forefront of the country in terms of economic and social development. It has extremely rich cultural resources. The excellent traditional culture represented by Confucian culture has a long history. The red culture represented by Yimeng spirit has a far-reaching impact. Taishan, the Yellow River and other cultural and tourism resources are rich and unique, forming many unique cultural IPS. Shandong Radio and television station is the authoritative mainstream media in Shandong, with outstanding advantages in the development of cultural IP. In recent years, it has planned and launched a series of cultural "two innovation" programs, such as "Qilu Cultural Conference" and "little celebrities of Chinese Studies", which have had a wide impact; As an official platform, the "onethousand rivers" digital collection platform of Shandong Radio and television station shoulders the responsibility of developing Shandong Cultural IP and promoting the development of digital culture. It has received full support from all walks of life. Many cultural and Museum units, cultural and Tourism Institutions and distribution companies have signed cooperation agreements with Shandong Radio and television station. After the "onethousand rivers" data collection platform is launched, a series of heavyweight IP data collection products will be launched around the themes of "Qilu culture", "good Shandong", "handmade in Shandong" and "intangible cultural heritage in Shandong", forming the Qilu culture IP data collection matrix. On this basis, the "onethousand rivers" digital collection platform of Shandong Radio and television station will extend to highlight its unique advantages, look at the whole country, expand the distribution of the national "cultural innovation and innovation" digital collection development, and strive to build a national digital collection platform integrating the fine Chinese culture.

The launch of the "onethousand rivers" digital collection platform will achieve strong alliance. The Golden Shadow technology team, known as "the first team of China's IP operation" and "being China's Marvel", has joined in cooperation. Golden Shadow technology has focused on building the whole industry chain of network literature IP for many years, In 2019, Golden Shadow technology copyright trading demonstration platform, as the only copyright trading demonstration project, was selected into the 2019 national radio, television and network audio-visual industry development project library of the State Administration of radio, film and television.

After the "thousand rivers" digital collection platform is launched, the first collection will focus on "a series of mountains, waters and saints", covering top IP that can fully represent Chinese culture and is unique to Shandong: Mount Tai, the Yellow River and Confucius. Great China, towering Mount Tai. The IP development team of the Qianhe digital collection platform cooperated with Mount Tai scenic spot in depth, and carefully selected four stone carvings with great cultural connotation and collection value from more than 2200 stone carvings in Mount Tai: "respect of the five mountains", "standing on the east of the sky", "reaching the peak" and "cooperating with Xianning of the country", to create a unique and charming collection of Mount Tai stone carvings.

The greatest sage and forerunner is Confucius. The digital collection of Confucius' holy trace map adopts the stone carvings of Confucius' holy trace map published in the 20th annual of Wanli of the Ming Dynasty. This edition of the holy relic map is the earliest "comic book" work in China, and is the most authoritative among many editions. The collection selects the most classic fragments from the holy trace map: "two dragons and five elders", "asking Li laodan", "in Wenshao of Qi Dynasty" and "returning to repair poetry books", supplemented by the dual creativity of stone carvings and rubbings, which can be called a treasure of several collections.

The Yellow River Bends nine times and flows into the sea. Shandong is a province where the Yellow River flows into the sea. The beautiful Yellow River Delta, the youngest land in the Republic, has powerful natural wonders and biological treasures unique in the world. The IP contract for the Qianhe Yellow River series collection has been completed. The Yellow River series collection under elaborate construction will present a unique "song of the Yellow River" to collectors.

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