Is the industrial meta universe a utopia or a revolution that subverts Industrial Development

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The application of metauniverse has not only existed in the field of consumption

Source:New industry insight

Up to now, the concept and path of the metauniverse have not been clear.

Metauniverse is not equal to games, VR or virtual world.

As for the "meta universe", the more recognized ideological source is that verno Wenqi creatively conceived a virtual world to enter and obtain sensory experience through the brain computer interface in his novel "real name and real name" published in 1981.

When the outside world is still dizzy about the concept of the meta universe, another new word related to the meta universe has swept the whole industry.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Kawasaki heavy industries has become a new customer of its "industrial yuancosmos" business. Kawasaki heavy industries plans to make workshop workers wear Microsoft hololens headgear to assist in production, maintenance and supply chain management. Microsoft's industrial metauniverse has two important customers, Heinz and Boeing.

In addition to Microsoft's march into the "industrial meta universe", another technology giant NVIDIA also aims at the "industrial meta universe". Based on Omniverse platform, AI, computing and other technologies, NVIDIA can achieve the results of building the industrial meta universe.

It can be predicted that metauniverse is an area that Internet enterprises and industrial enterprises at home and abroad want to touch and extend.

Exploring the "industrial meta universe"

Metauniverse appears in two contexts. On the one hand, it exists in the digitalization of offline scenes, mainly reflected in the social and consumer Internet fields, such as "social metauniverse", "game metauniverse" and "sports metauniverse"; On the other hand, the demand for digital transformation from industry and industry is the industrial meta universe.

The simplest understanding of "industrial meta universe" is the application of related concepts and technologies in the industrial field.

Similar to the meta universe, the industrial meta universe is not a technology, but a collection of technical concepts. It is also based on the Internet and is the product of the high development of digital information.

There is a definition mentioned more in the industry: Industrial meta universe is a new industrial ecology with the deep integration of new information and communication technologies represented by XR and digital twins and the real industrial economy. Through XR, AI, lot, cloud computing, digital twin and other technologies, the seamless connection between human, machine, object, system and other fields is opened, the combination of digital technology and real industry is realized, and the efficient development of real industry is promoted.

If the meta universe is regarded as a world that combines virtual reality with people, thoughts and consciousness, then the industrial meta universe is a part of the meta universe. If the meta universe is regarded as a concept and a technology, then the industrial meta universe can be understood as the application of the concept and technology of the meta universe in industry. It is a qualitative change factor for the meta universe to enable industry, promote industrial improvement, innovation and even revolution.

At present, China's industry plays an important role in the national economy. Public data show that in 2021, China's total industrial added value reached 37257.5 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6% year-on-year in 2020, accounting for 32.58% of China's GDP.

Therefore, combining the integration of industrialization and industrialization, intelligent manufacturing, digital transformation and meta universe in combination with national policies to improve the level and capacity of these technologies will have a great impact on the industry and promote the industrial products, industrial production and the application of industrial products to a new level.

It is generally believed that in the industrial field, the digital manufacturing system constructed by new technologies such as digital twins, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence is one of the most transparent, highly reliable and easy-to-operate implementation methods of the "industrial meta universe".

The industry also has different opinions on the value of the industrial meta universe.

Some supporters believe that the industrial meta universe will subvert the current economic and social structure, and different traditional industries will be reborn in the industrial meta universe, which is a historic opportunity for China's manufacturing industry to overtake at a curve; Opponents believe that the industrial meta universe is a concept hype. At present, there is still a long way to go before the realization of the industrial meta universe. Now talking about it is purely "out of nothing"; Some people even believe that the industrial meta universe is an industrial Utopia, a fiction that does not exist at all.

It is understandable that the application of the meta universe has not only existed in the field of consumption, but also can promote the development of the industrial field.

What can industrial metauniverse do?

For the industrial meta universe, in the view of the outside world and experts, it should be analyzed and considered from the aspects of feasibility, necessity and urgency, with appropriate investment, and tentatively promoted in combination with specific subdivisions and typical scenes.

At present, the path of industrial informatization development presents five levels, namely, unit application, systematic application, integrated application, network application, and wider Internet application. In contrast, some insiders believe that the development path of the industrial meta universe will also show a similar trend.

In this process, the industrial meta universe mainly undertakes two important tasks. On the one hand, the industrial meta universe needs to strengthen the linkage between the physical world and the information world, and ensure that information serves the physical world, so as to truly promote the digital transformation of industry; On the other hand, three levels of information integration need to be completed, including enterprise vertical information integration and production chain information integration.

Including equipment information, industrial control system, industrial software and the design, R & D, manufacturing, storage, sales and other link information involved in production and manufacturing are all the information required by the application of meta universe in industrial industries and industrial enterprises.

The scene object constructed by the industrial meta universe is an exact physical system. The organizational relationship and tasks in the system are clear, and the problems behind the problems to be solved are also clear.

This means that the industrial meta universe is not only to realize the information interaction in a single field and production line, but also to realize the interconnection of information in multiple fields or enterprises in the industry, so that all information can serve multiple subjects. Realize the interaction and collaboration of multiple subjects, and achieve the production purpose of real-time, accuracy and accuracy.

For example, the industrial meta universe may bring digital twins to a new level. The simulation test in the meta universe environment can enable industrial enterprises to test thousands of potential scenarios for their own ecosystem and select the best strategy for enterprise production. Through this way and prediction, enterprises can not only understand the operation of equipment in real time, but also predict the future use results of production equipment.

Production level simulation is just the beginning of a series of potential industrial level applications. In a report previously released by industry weekly, IDC analyst janburian provided some compelling use cases that the industrial meta universe will achieve: enhance brand awareness through virtual factory visits and interactive assembly, use digital humans to simulate human behavior, and realize the layout of machines, factories, supply chains and even the entire ecosystem The simulation of performance and interaction can be realized through the relevant technologies and applications of industrial meta universe.

It can be seen that the relevant solutions and technologies formed by the meta universe will bring substantial convenience to industrial production in many aspects.

The trillion market appears, and what is lacking is not only the implementation of hardware

The only way for "industrial meta universe" is the digital twin platform, or digital twin, which is a state presented by the development of industrial meta universe.

Digital twin is a 1:1 mapping from the real world to the virtual world. It simulates the industrial production in the real world by controlling the production process and production equipment in the virtual world, and pays more attention to "from virtual to real".

The virtual world reflected by the industrial meta universe not only has the mapping of the real world, but also has the experience and interaction that have not been realized or even can not be realized in the real world, which is the transformation from "virtual to real" to "virtual and real synergy".

At present, the application of Pan industry in digital twins is becoming more and more popular. For example, in the port scenario, through the real-time drive of dynamic data, the full cycle operation simulation from cargo arrival, loading and unloading, stacking, warehousing and departure can be covered in the digital twin full element scenario.

Digital twin related technologies have also been applied in fields closer to our daily life, such as subway, community and other scenes. Previously, 51world cooperated with iFLYTEK to build a smart community platform for the equal Street Community in Zhengzhou Guancheng district. It is fully empowered from the aspects of safety, service and environment, and provides three-dimensional visual visual management means for community managers, forming an efficient management model.

From the outside world, the industrial meta universe can be regarded as the "future form" of intelligent manufacturing. The "industrial meta universe" enables all links and scenarios of industrial manufacturing, so that industrial enterprises can achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improving production efficiency, and realize the further upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.

At present, many domestic enterprises are moving closer to intelligent manufacturing. As a mobile phone industry that highly relies on fully automated production lines, it can be said that it is one of the typical ones.

At present, phase I of Xiaomi smart factory has been put into production, and phase II of the factory is expected to be put into production by the end of 2023. Xiaomi intelligent factory is a highly intelligent "black light factory". It can realize the whole process of automatic and unmanned production, and only supply manual materials. It is truly automated, information-based and intelligent, with an annual output of one million units.

In addition, automobile manufacturing also needs a highly automated intelligent production line. Geely Automobile, a domestic automobile manufacturer, has widely used the cyber physical system from new car design, process development, trial production verification, etc., greatly reducing the cycle of new car development; Among foreign automobile manufacturers, BMW is also cooperating with NVIDIA in virtual factory. BMW will introduce NVIDIA Omniverse platform to coordinate the production of 31 factories, which is expected to improve BMW's production efficiency by 30%.

With the gradual maturity of metauniverse related technologies, more and more subjects and contents will be connected into the system. The application scenario of the industrial meta universe will cover the whole life cycle of products from R & D and design to sales and after-sales. The "virtual and real coordination" will guide and promote the optimization of industrial processes and efficiency improvement, so as to achieve the effects of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, efficient coordination, energy conservation and emission reduction.

According to institutional statistics, the overall scale of economic added value of China's industrial Internet core industries will reach 652billion yuan in 2020, and it is expected to reach 1622.4 billion yuan in 2025. As a more advanced form of the industrial Internet, the industrial meta universe can continue to exert its power and penetration in the industrial Internet market.

However, the development of the industrial meta universe is similar to the meta universe applied in the 2C scene, which needs the joint support of software and hardware. In addition to chips, sensors, optical lenses, vr/ar devices and other hardware devices as bases, the support of powerful computing power, network, cloud platform and other basic technologies is also crucial.

For the industrial industry, cloud is the inevitable development direction. The cloud platform will become the foundation and place for industrial enterprises to link the digital world and the intersection of the virtual world. Formulating more perfect specifications, interfaces and protocols is the foundation for the "cloud" of the industrial industry, so as to better integrate and unify information and resources.

However, with the gradual improvement of network, cloud computing, chip and other infrastructure. Perhaps, after a careless technological revolution, the industrial meta universe rose rapidly.

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