Li Jieming: digital collections need to have clear digital copyright rights and interests to ensure the value of transactions

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On May 26, the 2022 yuan cosmic cloud summit Β· digital collection Summit Forum hosted by Babbitt was successfully held. The forum invited domestic top digital collection platforms, artists, curators, copyright platforms, investment institutions and other industry ecological participants to launch a high-density brainstorming on the "cloud" on the policy trend of the digital collection industry, the new mode of copyright trading, and the new ways of digital marketing.

Li Jieming, general manager of Hangzhou International Digital Trading Co., Ltd., gave a keynote speech on the operation of state-owned digital collection platform.

The following is the full text of the speech:

As the first standardized data collection platform of State-owned Assets Department in Zhejiang Province, today I'd like to share with you our exploration of data collection business.

Data collection business has been very popular in China since the second half of last year. Xumin showape is a sub brand of Hangzhou International Digital Trading Co., Ltd. focusing on digital collections. Its logo is actually a pixel image of gold hoop. The name "xumin" is taken from "Xumi hides mustard and mustard accepts Xumi", which implies the infinite possibility of the yuan universe.

When we start this sub brand, we have a very clear premise calledβ€œPursue freedom in restriction”, we also deeply remember that we are a brand of state-owned assets, and all the contents areOn the premise of compliance。

At the same time, we also share with you the eight self-discipline declarations we put forward at the beginning of the launch. Compliance is the first article, which also includes legal disclosure, information authenticity, genuine certification, etc. These eight self-discipline manifestos are the premise of the launch of our platform and the guarantee of our leaders.

Let's focus on the three highlights of xumin and share with you what we think in this area:

one Genuine only。 What is the digital collection itself? Digital collection itself is not a simple picture, which is something we have always understood. We have put forward requirements for all products, partners and team partners, and require that the virtual digital collection itself must have clear digital copyright rights and interests. Generally speaking, after you buy this art picture, you can take it for commercial use. You can print it on the T-shirts, cups, umbrellas and so on you want to print. In this way, we can ensure that our digital collection transactions are valuable and valuable anchor points. Xumin digital collection is based on the "new version chain" right confirmation certification. It generates relevant digital copyright certificates based on the national copyright blockchain infrastructure of Sichuan Province.

two Metacosmic scene。 If the digital collection is divided into four tracks, transaction, right confirmation and display are the original three, and the fourth dimension is application, which must be opened. Users can't buy a picture in the past. This picture can only be seen on the mobile phone. In this case, its value must be insufficient. Around the application, when virtual Mi goes online, it starts a meta universe application scenario. For a simple example, if you buy a pixel dragon boat, you can put it in your home and personal space in the scene of metauniverse, and invite friends to visit. If we open relevant props later, you can apply them in this scene. The meta universe scene can not only meet your needs of socializing, showing off and sharing, but also enable the digital collection itself to open applications in the digital world.

three Backup chain。 The backup chain was built by China network security, reviewed by Xinhua Wenxuan, and operated by Hangzhou digital communication. It was fully assisted by Hangzhou citizen card to solve the security problem of users' digital assets. Now there are many platforms in the market, and many platforms will certainly be integrated. What about the digital assets originally deposited by those integrated platforms? Therefore, we pull party enterprises, central enterprises and state-owned enterprises to do the backup chain together, which is the data asset preservation guarantee for users. We should ensure that all digital assets that are falsely created have certificates on the new version chain and backups on the backup chain at the same time.

The Xu Ming collection also has three characteristics:

one Intellectual copyright。 Transfer the copyright of the new version to the front of the virtual target through the digital chain. For example, our "five elements lion awakening" series of patterns can not only be displayed in the meta space, but also be used for commercial use as equipment, so as to solve the circulation obstacles of previous copyright, so as to boost the development of the whole intellectual property and China's cultural industry. This is a good thing for the country and the people, and it is very worth doing.

two Cultural tourism。 Xu Ming is actively exploring a new mode of integration of digital cultural tourism and offline scenic spots. For example, the "Liangshan hero order of Shuibo" released some time ago is a very typical case. Buyers can get the right to visit Liangshan scenic spot free of charge for life. In the post epidemic era, we can help offline Physical Tourism through digital technology. This is to get rid of the virtual to the real, which is our second key.

three Digital book collection。 This is the direction we discussed with Xinhua Wenxuan in the form of blockchain limited collection of physical books + blockchain limited digital library tickets, so as to form a linkage between physical books and digital assets.

Cultural heritage, social development and benefiting the country and the people are the vision we have always adhered to. At present, we mainly focus on culture and Expo, cultural innovation, cultural tourism, intangible cultural heritage culture and digital book collection. It must be emphasized that we are a compliant state-owned assets platform. We should ensure that all transactions are based on compliance and must benefit the country and the people. Our exploration direction of digital collections is only our own thinking. We think it can be supported and can move forward, which does not mean that it is the so-called regulatory direction.

Hangzhou has always been committed to building a digital highland. We are also based in Hangzhou, but we also hope to better build a national digital model and provide digital services for intellectual property, culture, tourism, culture and Expo. This is the original intention of our enterprise and our mission.

Finally, we introduce the digital collection application display space "block paradise" built by relying on meta universe technology. Users can deeply experience diversified display scenes and complete various interactive experiences. Recently, it has been reported that there are many block parks. Local governments, relevant scenic spots and cultural museums all hope that we can help them build and restore and socialize the meta universe scene through the meta universe scene of the block park. We hope to open the scene of the meta universe in an all-round way and better help the development of culture, tourism, culture and Expo in the post epidemic era.

Thank you!

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