Bat data collection "Three Kingdoms kill": 13 platforms compete in space, and the IP competition is becoming increasingly fierce

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Three large Internet factories and 13 data collection platforms have their own characteristics. Is bat's current status and advantages conducive to attacking cities and seizing land in the field of digital Tibet? What impact will the journey of digital Tibet bring to them? When the secondary market is produced in batches, can they maintain their consistent advantages?

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Author Liao Yu

Developing digital collections is becoming a fashion.

According to incomplete statistics of linknews, the number of domestic users participating in digital Tibet has exceeded 10 million, and its popularity is no less than that of previous popular chain games and defi. Therefore, it has attracted a large number of companies. At present, the number of digital Tibet platforms has exceeded 370.

According to the characteristics of the companies behind the platform, it can be divided into three echelons. Most of the platforms are in the third echelon, and a few of the digital collection platforms with early layout and capital and user support are in the second echelon, such as digital Tibet China and Nuwa Nvwa. However, the digital collection platforms of Internet manufacturers led by bat (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) are in the first echelon because they have no secondary market and strong security compliance.

According to chain news, among the three bat companies, Alibaba was the first to explore the field of digital collections. Its Alibaba auction platform explored the auction of digital collections on May 20, 2021; Tencent followed suit, launched TME digital collection platform in August of the same year, and launched Hu Yanbin's music digital collection of monk; Baidu, on the other hand, only started to explore the digital Tibet field in 2022.

Under the aura of traditional Internet giants, bat has made different progress in the development of digital Tibet in the past year:

Alibaba has gradually formed a platform matrix dominated by whale detection, supplemented by Alibaba auction, tmall and ticket panning. Recently, Alibaba entertainment has also launched a new digital collection platform "squid". Relying on a strong copyright library, Tencent launched an independent app "magic core". Tencent News, readtext group, Tencent music and Tencent animation also launched four digital collection platforms: digital collection library, readtext, TME digital collection and Tencent animation. Baidu is slightly inferior. Only the super chain data collection and search universe data collection applet embedded in Baidu app and Xiaodu app have just launched the interstellar pocket independent app, which is still in the internal test stage and has not been made public.

Three large Internet factories and 13 data collection platforms have their own characteristics. Is bat's current status and advantages conducive to attacking cities and seizing land in the field of digital Tibet? What impact will the journey of digital Tibet bring to them? When the secondary market is produced in batches, can they maintain their consistent advantages?

Ali: born out of Alipay, bringing big entertainment

In 2021, the explosion of digital collections spread to China, and Alibaba had a keen sense of smell. On May 20 of the same year, Alibaba opened the first round of digital collection business on Alibaba auction platform.

"One hammer deal" is difficult to sustain, and digital collection transactions need a stable exposure window. Ali returned to the fertile land of Alipay and launched the Alipay fan granule applet on June 23, 2021.

As the birthplace of Alibaba's blockchain business, the ants behind Alipay may be the safest choice for digital Tibet business.

In 2015, Alibaba chose to establish a blockchain research group in ant financial at that time, and gradually developed the blockchain ecology through patent, public welfare, traceability, medical care, rental, finance, law and baas8 channels. Alipay and ant infiltrated the concept of blockchain in this development process, providing growth soil for the development of digital collections.

Alibaba auction and Alipay fan granules provide relatively stable exposure windows. The combination of these two channels has shared the business of Alibaba digital collection market and worked together for more than half a year.

At this stage, Alipay fan granule not only cooperated with Dunhuang, white snake 2, zhenhun street, pleasant goat and grey wolf, awakening age, FENGZikai and other well-known IP, but also won the authorization of many grand events and launched a series of digital collections such as the Hangzhou Asian Games and the first Beijing marathon. Alibaba auction also launched a large number of digital collections at this time, and the "twelve animal heads" and "oracle" series have attracted much attention.

The digital collections auctioned by Alipay and Alibaba are booming, and other sectors are not willing to lag behind. Tmall takes the route of "buying physical objects and delivering collections" through brand alliance, while the ticket shopping route is a film and television route.

During the "double 11" festival in 2021, tmall and Wuliangye, Burberry, keyans and Procter & Gamble jointly launched digital collections, and launched the sub category of "tmall digital collections" in Taobao and tmall app to release the digital collections of brands and artists. At present, nearly 100 models have been launched.

The sub category of digital collection window launched by taopiao, in conjunction with famous writers such as Liu Cixin, launched a series of digital collections such as wandering the earth, Chaowen road and only green, taking the line of minority culture.

With the gradual increase of the domestic digital collection market, although Alibaba has multiple platforms, such as Alipay fan granules, Alibaba auction, tmall digital collection, and ticket shopping, the entrance is scattered, which is not conducive to the convergence of collectors, and it is difficult to bear the enthusiasm of the market, so a new platform subject is urgently needed.

Therefore, on December 25, 2021, the independent app whale probe based on ant chain technology was officially launched, and soon launched the first digital collection journey to the West series, which was widely welcomed.

Jingtan was born out of Alipay fan granules. On December 10, 2021, Alipay fan granules announced that it would launch an independent digital collection app, which is not only structurally Alipay oriented, but also more functional. As a result, a large number of users switched to the new platform.

The next thorny issue is IP.

At the beginning of the launch of Jingtan, most of the digital collections such as journey to the West series and the manual of heroes of the three kingdoms were from public IP such as "journey to the west" and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", and there was almost no shadow of its own IP.

This has also enabled Jingtan to quickly turn to the direction of museum collections and artists' co branding half a month after its launch. It has quickly launched more than 50 digital collections, such as the museum series of the Terra Cotta Warriors of the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty and the Fu Chai spear of the king of Wu, in an attempt to stabilize users with high-quality and high-frequency digital collections.

The effect is remarkable. From January 21 to 24, 2022, the number of whale exploration users increased from 2 million to 5 million, with an average daily increase of 1 million.

So far, Alibaba has formed a digital collection pattern dominated by whale exploration and assisted by multiple platforms such as Alibaba auction, ticket panning and tmall digital collection. After that, Alibaba entertainment also joined it.

On May 17, 2022, the official wechat of Jingtan said that it would launch a new digital collection platform "squid", which was operated by Ali fish, a subsidiary of Ali film.

According to chain news, Ali fish has established in-depth cooperation with China National Museum, Louvre, Dunhuang Museum, Summer Palace, Qin Shihuang Mausoleum Museum and cultural institutions, and has strong advantages in IP accumulation.

Tencent: how big is the imagination of "show copyright"?

In the field of digital collections, Tencent started later than Ali, and the release time of Zhixin chain is also later than ant chain. However, Tencent has obvious copyright advantages in film and television (Tencent video), animation (Tencent animation), music (Tencent Music), text (reading group), etc., which is also reflected in the development of digital collections. Therefore, from a horizontal perspective, Tencent's exploration of digital collections is not slower than Ali.

On July 30, 2021, QQ music took the lead, launched the "TME digital collection" function page, and launched the first digital collection reservation - black glue digital collection for the 20th anniversary of Hu Yanbin's monk on August 20.Then it also launched the musician plan, which is deeply bound with musicians such as Zhang Chu, Zhou chuanxiong, Mo xizishi, Xiao Quan and a shallot, so as to reserve more copyright resources for the platform.

Yuewen group followed closely. On January 5, 2022, Yuewen group announced that China's first online IP digital collection, Dafeng Dageng people's myriad worlds of heaven, was open for reservation, with a limit of 2000 copies and a price of 158 yuan. The window is located at the starting point of the reading app, which was officially put on sale on January 8.

The contents of the collection not only include the finale of the popular online article "Da Feng Da Geng Ren", but also include the handwritten signature and message of the author's newspaper Xiaolang Jun, which will be sold out when it goes online.

On the 26th of the same month, Tencent News and science and technology daily, together with China Aerospace Shenzhou media, launched the "2022, space treasure hunt" activity, launched the "Tencent digital collection" applet, and launched the space themed digital collection for the first time. Using VR and mobile phone gravity sensing technology, they created an interactive way for users to "search for treasure" in the space and delivered new year blessings from space to users.

In addition, on April 20, 2022, Tencent animation launched the digital collection of "ten-year Limited audio commemorative painting tickets", with a total of 10 models, including the famous IP classic works "my name is Bai Xiaofei", "fox demon little matchmaker", "once upon a time there was a spirit sword mountain", "under one person", "sister and science", "Tieji steel soldier", "Tongling imperial concubine", "peak of martial arts training", "King sparing life", "imperfect relationship", etc.

In contrast, whether reading, Tencent animation or Tencent News, the digital collections of a single business division have their own specialties, which is different from Alibaba's "hodgepodge". However, these digital collection platforms are not yet mature. Although there are water tests, a large number of high-quality IPS have not been fully developed, and the frequency and quantity of digital collections are unstable. In the future, we need to find their own ways to give full play to their advantages.

However, as a major copyright owner, Tencent established an independent digital collection platform "magic core" early in the morning, which operates in the form of app. In the first phase, it limited the sale of 300 digital collections of audio "Thirteen invitations". It is four months ahead of the whale exploration set up at the end of 2021.

Compared with the whale exploration, the circulation of the digital collection on the magic core line is less. The circulation of the Dunhuang mural series and the Shenyang Imperial Palace Ruyi series is 1000-2000 copies, and the circulation of the whole series is about 10000 copies. Compared with the whale exploration collection of tens of thousands of copies of a single section, the number is also thin.

It may be that rare things are more expensive. The average price of the digital collection of magic core is generally higher than that of whale exploration. Of course, this is also inseparable from Tencent's high-quality copyright library and IP co branding library.

According to the statistics of chain news, the digital collections distributed by magic core not only include Guoman's "inhuman" with a reading volume of more than 30 billion, the super popular Guoman IP "fox demon little matchmaker" with a score of 9.7, and the classic game "Legend of fairy sword and chivalrous man", but also include artistic celebrities Zhang Daqian and Qi Baishi. Even the joint parties include many well-known institutions such as the new cultural and creative platform of Chinese cultural media, Burberry, China Shipbuilding arts and the Forbidden City, Only the joint names of museums include Xi'an, Gansu, Hunan, Shanxi, Shenyang and other places.

In addition, whether it is the 23rd anniversary of Tencent or the Spring Festival, Tencent will export its own digital collections, distribute 72000 23rd anniversary digital collections to employees, and issue 20220 restricted collections for the Spring Festival. It seems that every festival can become a node for Tencent to export digital collections.

Baidu: started last, and may still be exploring how to play

So far, baidu does not have an independent digital collection app.

The reason is very simple. At present, it is difficult for digital collections to have a chemical reaction with Baidu's core strategy. Baidu's current core business direction is artificial intelligence and automatic driving, which are not fertile soil for breeding and developing digital collections.

The current Baidu digital collection is more like a circle site.

On January 18, 2022, baidu launched the first digital collection platform "Baidu super chain digital collection", which is embedded in Baidu app. From January 22 to 31, baidu released a number of digital collections of the Spring Festival collection of the year of the tiger, which are large and free.

After that, baidu also released tens of thousands of Baidu classmate series digital collections internally and a series of digital collections such as endangered animals, Huangbo huangtiao fungus and talking tom cat. Many collections responded well.

According to the statistics of "chain new", since the launch of Baidu super chain digital collection, nearly 30 series of digital collections have been released. Compared with the release of Ali whale exploration and Tencent magic core in the same period, the update is slow.

On the other hand, on March 31, 2022, Xiaodu launched the first digital collection intelligent device "Xiaodu smart screen X10 Digital Collection Limited Edition". The device not only includes smart screen, but also each product is equipped with Xiaodu year of the tiger special digital collection "Tiger Leaping stars". The overall price is 899 yuan, and only 5000 pieces are limited.

Taking advantage of this, Xiaodu launched the "Xiaodu Xunyu digital collection" platform on April 7, which is embedded in Xiaodu app, and launched more than 10 animal and plant digital collections such as "listening to the piano", "Little Prince", "white Hibiscus butterfly" and "strange stone Narcissus", making the platform more diversified.

From Baidu super chain to Xiaodu Xunyu, the number of digital collections launched by Baidu's two major digital collection platforms in the past six months is not large, with a total of about 50 models. There is an obvious gap compared with magic core, whale exploration and other platforms.

However, from the launch of xirang last year to the convening of the developer conference, it is not difficult for the outside world to see Baidu's interest in blockchain, metauniverse and other fields, but it is difficult to find the right direction for a time, which may also be the fundamental reason why Baidu's digital collection is at the end of bat.

At the same time, baidu is also seeking new changes.

On May 18, 2022, the official wechat official account of Baidu super chain released a tweet, saying that it would soon launch a new data collection platform app "star pocket", and attached the internal test download link. However, as of press time, star pocket has not been opened to the public.

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