Lu Rongzhi: meet the meta universe and meet the new wave of digital art world

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On the morning of May 26, the 2022 yuan cosmic cloud summit and digital collection Summit Forum hosted by Babbitt was officially opened. At the forum, Lu Rongzhi, a famous art critic, strategist, producer and film director, delivered a keynote speech "meeting the new wave of meta universe and digital art world". She reviewed the art evolution history of more than 50 years and pointed out that the meta universe has long existed. With the development of information technology (5g / 6g), Internet Era (Web3.0), artificial intelligence, cloud computing power, big data, blockchain, VR, AR, Mr and game engine, metauniverse will lead to in-depth research and cross interaction of basic mathematics (algorithm), informatics (programming, information entropy), life Science (brain computer access), blockchain (encrypted Finance), quantum computing (computing power) and other disciplines.

The following is the content of the guest speech(Click to download the full pptοΌ‰, Babbitt finishing:

When we talk about the meta universe, we often have the illusion that the meta universe is a brand-new thing invented by our generation. In fact, we have entered the art of digital technology empowerment since the 1950s. So the first interactive experience we saw was the famous open score made by Robert Rauschenberg in 1966. Therefore, we can see that interactive experience is not just arbitrary in digital technology. In the 1960s, Kusama made the experience of "mirror house" in 1965. Later, Lucas Samaras also made "mirror house". Kusama thought that Lucas Samaras copied her all his life. Therefore, the progress of art is actually a rich art history.

What we see today is that the meta universe of the imaginary world has long had the opportunity to start. For example, Stan vanderbeek began planning to make his moving surround image masterpiece movie drome in 1957. Then the computer came on stage. Engineers Ken Knowlton and Leon Harmon released computer nude in 1966, which became a very iconic work in early digital art. Then we can see the use of artificial intelligence and CG. Therefore, our application in digital technology has a long history, and the meta universe is nothing new.

The Bodhisattva image of Bai nanzhun is facing the Bodhisattva image of a number

It's even more exaggerated in the film. Many of what we want to do now are simulated and created in the real world. In the film, these stories have been told. I believe everyone is familiar with the name Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol said that everyone has the opportunity to become famous for 15 minutes in the future. He is a "new follower", and he will try anything new first. So he made his digital art with a computer in 1985, so you see, it's a long history from 1985 to now.

The impact of digital technology on architecture goes without saying. We can see that Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid are the greatest architects of our times. Without digital technology, these buildings would not happen.

When it comes to the meta universe, we are all familiar with the novel "snow crash" published in 1992. Then we see all kinds of interactive experience, the art of real-time interactive sharing of new media, and then the matrix. Then we see the works of collective intelligent machine series, which can use electronic and digital technology to make a kind of democratic participation. Of course, there is no need to talk about these in this network era.

Then, while we are still talking about whether games affect children's learning and whether games hinder people's growth, we can see that Nintendo openly became an exhibition item of Whitney Biennale in 2004. In fact, the game itself is also a form of artistic expression in our life.

Then we see the works of Mr. Fei Jun, who is also a very important pioneer in promoting new media art in the Chinese world and my teacher.

When chuyin will play in 2007, I also plan to start planning to be my VIKI lulu. At that time, I went to Shanghai and asked Yamaha to make my VIKI Lulu (lower right corner). The presentation of sound alone would cost 600000 yuan. As soon as I thought about the money I could buy a house, I gave up. So, this is the dream I once had.

If we want to talk about the meta universe, the most basic construction is inseparable from the founder of the so-called crypto world: Nakamoto Cong, who proposed digital token in the white paper released in 2008, but I don't agree with the translation of "token", because I think "token" emphasizes the characteristics of "coin". In fact, it is also a contract, a material that can confirm the right, and it is not necessarily a coin. So I once had a problem with this "what should be called a currency", because it is really not just a virtual currency.

For the first time, bitcoin was used to buy two pizzas in 2010. At that time, 10000 bitcoin was used. Today, the equivalent has reached tens of millions of dollars, which is really an incredible progress.

Then, we can see the subversion of various digital technologies to our artistic environment. As early as 2003, second life was a large-scale multiplayer online game open to the public. I still remember when it was just launched, I also tried to play second life. But it was really difficult for me, who had no background in digital technology, and then I quit. Cao Fei made a "RMB city" at that time, and the project was completed by 2011.

The 2009 conference is a very critical year in history, because in 2009, avatar is very popular. In fact, one of the most important experiences it brings us is that we can finally mix the real society and real life with the virtual existence. This kind of crossing is a specific national mass Carnival experience from reality to virtual, which is in the film Avatar. So one day when we look back on our time in history, it will be a key indicator.

Mr. Wu Jian'an's art is very typical. From our traditional quintessence to today's national tide, this kind of crossing of time and space is very important for the formation of a concept of meta universe, that is, it goes beyond the concept of physical space and people's cognition of time. Therefore, this kind of crossing is a very important basic structure for understanding the meta universe.

In 2011, I made a parallel exhibition with two curators in Italy at the Venice Biennale 11 years ago. At that time, the title I set was "future pass from Asia to the world". My prediction is that in the 21st century, contemporary art will be led by Asians, rather than a Western centrism in Europe and America. Finally, I see its end point because of the emergence of meta universe and decentralization. My prediction is in 2021. In the first year of the universe, I found hope.

At that time, when I was doing this exhibition, teamlab had just made its debut. You can see that this work on the left is the work of teamlab participating in the exhibition. You can also see on his website that he left it to participate in the exhibition of future pass: from Asia to the world in 2011, which is still on his website. You see, in just 10 years, teamlab's works have become the trump card in the interactive field of immersive experience.

This is the film "fantasy drifting of the youth school". Of course, this film is after "Avatar". We can see that in the history of the film, the photographer used to play the most important role. Now we can see that the role of the photographer is slowly replaced by post production talents in the field of CG.

Few people have heard or seen the movie "virtual Diva", but I have watched it five times since it was released in 2013. Later, I put this film on every class. The Congress is the meta universe. The virtual human and digital twin you can think of today, and what kind of world you can think of, have been seen in 2013.

Lu Yang is also a very important artist in our country. She was invited to participate in the theme exhibition in the Venice Biennale this year.

We can see that cryptopunks appeared in 2017, which is a very representative successful case in NFT business. Later, cryptokitties is an example of failure.

I predict that in the future, we will see the film as a holographic image projected by the floating sky watched by 10000 people at the same time. The film we can see is also a way to realize the virtual reality and share the reality.

The movie "number one player" can also make us feel that the metauniverse is coming.

The encrypted artwork "first supplier", which was auctioned in March 2020, is a milestone work of programmable encryption art. After 13 artists are original, those who buy their NFT works can continue to create them together. The original of artists is not the center of creation. Everyone's concept of continuous participation can be realized. You can see that different versions can continue to happen as long as you have it.

Our craziness for NFT works started when Christie's sold the artist beeple's "every day: the first 5000 days" for nearly $70 million. It can be said that it was a big hit and triggered an upsurge in NFT.

Now I want to focus on "boring ape". Boring ape is probably the most successful NFT release today. Because it has successfully broken several institutional barriers, it and cryptopunks have issued 10000 pieces, so 10000 pieces have become the starting point that many NFT people think should be. In fact, it is a beautiful misunderstanding, but just right, they have issued 10000 pieces.

One of the most important breakthroughs of bored ape is that anyone who buys their boring apes will naturally become a member of their bored ape yacht club. Therefore, in the process of studying bored ape, I understand that NFT's great success is mainly due to its establishment of a highly accurate, high-end elite group that understands digital technology and forms a common aesthetic appreciation consensus and values. Bored ape is the icon they use to flaunt their level, identity and status.

Therefore, the so-called virtual portraits and digital identities today do not necessarily need their own virtual portraits or digital avatars. We can also use NFT in the form of icon such as cryptopunks or bored ape to represent our identity and positioning in these communities. This kind of icon NFT explosion is still in the ascendant.

We used to be familiar with KFC and McDonald's. If you want to use its image IP, you have to pay a franchise fee. But today we saw bored ape. As long as you buy his NFT, you can use it as a derivative and a franchise store. So it opens a new form of authorization, which is the secret of its success.

There is also Pak, which is still unknown today. Is it a man, a woman or a group of people. However, his marketing method of the merge at the end of 2021 is also a milestone in the form of decentralized co creation and co construction of NFT.

Fewocious, who was born in 2003, is also a successful young man and a very strange thing in the NFT circle. You will find that in the world of NFT, age is not a problem. Children can have it, and grandma can also be in it.

In addition, Liu Jiaying proposed to translate cryptoart into encryption art for the first time. In fact, her creation is no longer the large number of icon avatars we see now, or the NFT made after converting artistic works into digital files. She started from the background infrastructure. One of the most important factors is whether her works are hard core blockchain tenet and technical principle. She now has a new bitcoin Nicholas online.

The NFT we see now is just the tip of the iceberg. It can be used in many aspects. It can use the data of financial blockchain, make a visual abstract work, or make scientific research on social issues.

With the development of artificial intelligence, deep machine learning is a human challenge that can not be underestimated. I can't extend it, but everyone should understand it. The future of brain computer integration is really terrified. Then we see the integration of the meta universe in the Internet era. I won't say much about it. Everyone is very familiar with it.

Online and offline interaction is the meta universe, so today we want to talk about the meta universe is not just a mirror twin, a virtual human, an NFT work.

Today, our new world is no longer the "Minimalism" advocated by modernism in the 20th century, but "Minimalism". Then one of the artists I want to introduce is Xiao Wei, who is now in the United States.

The screenshot above is Xiao Wei's work 11 years ago. When I found him, I had no time to invite him to participate in our exhibition "future pass - from Asia to the world", because the album of the exhibition had to be printed at that time, and I specially added his work to the album. He is a creative form that combines artificial intelligence with his creativity into "man-machine conspiracy". The most terrible thing is that people need to sleep, but computers don't need to sleep. In today's world, there are more than 100000 works of various styles produced by Xiao Wei, which you can imagine and you can't imagine. The creativity of artificial computing is vast, which shocked and awed me! In the past two years, Xiao Wei's artistic creation process has often shielded the biological computing of the mind, so as to make the artificial computing grow savagely in the uncontrollable nonlinear electronic space, and completely change the underlying logic and grammar of human creation of visual art. The generation of works will be an incredible future.

The limitless art generated by artificial intelligence is the arrival of extreme complexity and the future of shuttling through time and space and unlimited links. Metauniverse, we're already in it.

Therefore, science and technology, creativity and innovation are integrated, which is our future.

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