Countdown 3 days, Babbitt digital collection Summit Forum 3 round table topics and 14 guests announced!

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Countdown 3 days, Babbitt digital collection Summit Forum is about to start!

On May 26, 2022, the "2022 yuan universe cloud summit ยท digital collection Summit Forum" will meet with the audience. The forum is hosted by Babbitt and invited many heavy players of the meta universe, such as domestic head digital collection platforms, artists, curators, copyright platforms, investment institutions and so on. Focus on hot topics such as digital art and copyright, digital collection marketing and industry policy trend, and carry out high-density "cloud" exchanges.

Strong alliance and dialogue in space. The digital collection Summit Forum is bound to be a grand gathering of practitioners in the digital collection industry and copyright industry in 2022.

Today, we will announce the three heavy round tables and 14 heavy guests on the stage.

Round table theme 1: digital collections and copyright transactions, NFT's China Exploration

In 2022, the digital collection industry is too hot.

In May, the number of Tibetan distribution platforms continued to grow explosively. The new platform spared no effort to grab users and continued to bomb the collectors' wechat group by pulling new gifts of "creation collection". The circulation of digital collections continued to reach a new high. In the Past National Museum Day, domestic museums issued at least 41 digital collections, with a total of at least 90000 pieces.

At the same time, new models and platforms for copyright trading have also surfaced. Copyright trading enables digital works of art from "possession" to "use", and the compliance path is clearer. Practitioners speculate that this is a new mode of cultural consumption after digital Tibet.

Under the continuous high heat, does the digital Tibet market change from blue ocean to red ocean? Massive "digital collections" into the market, the market can eat? Is the critical point of change coming? How does the compliance path go? Where is the outlet and difficulty of the new mode of copyright trading? This round table has artists, a head digital collection platform and practitioners with judicial background, which is undoubtedly worth looking forward to.


Wang Lei:CEO of Babbitt, chairman of the 50 Member Forum of future meta universe industry and senior media person.

distinguished guest:

Liu Chang:Director of Zhongjing Tianping Judicial Expertise Center and vice president of the legal branch of China Information Association have conducted in-depth research on the legal and compliance path of NFT and digital collections in China.

Wang Pengfei:CEO of digital Tibet China, early entrepreneur and explorer of digital Tibet track in China.

Wang Yaoyi:Installation artist, painter, Getty image contracted photographer, and an artist who explored NFT and digital collections in early China.

He Shengjun:Senior researcher of unbounded territory, early researcher of copyright trading mode and one of the designers of unbounded territory copyright trading mode.

Round table Theme 2: "national brands enter the market, digital collections usher in great changes?"

In April, Shandong "seal digital collection" and Hangzhou "virtual private digital collection" were launched. Both of them have state-owned assets background. Their launch is considered to be a landmark event for the entry of national brands. But in fact, there are more digital collection distribution platforms with the background of state-owned assets, such as cultural exchange, publishing group and radio and television media.

Market speculation, next, the digital collection market is likely to usher in a major reshuffle. The admission of national brands is likely to be accompanied by the introduction of regulatory policies. What can and cannot be done will be more clear. The unstable market share of the digital collection market is likely to usher in a major change, and the small platform will be cleared. Homogeneous competition may come to an end, and differentiated competition can win in the second half of shuzang.

On the eve of the "decisive battle" of the suzang track, several heavy guests were invited to the round table, boasting that "national brands" entered the venue, which was absolutely "value for money".


Ma Qianli:Vice president of Babbitt, senior practitioner of blockchain.

distinguished guest:

Lin Wenhuo:The chairman of Zhejiang culture and art exchange has in-depth insights into the fields of digital cultural consumption, digital industry and entity combination.

Hu Xingjiang:CTO of Yuanwang network has personally experienced the release of digital strategies for digital collections, virtual people and other fields.

Gao Qi:The deputy chief engineer of the Institute of industrial Internet and Internet of things of China Academy of information and communications has led the development of the national blockchain infrastructure "spark ยท chain network", which is currently the blockchain technology provider of most Tibetan platforms.

Chen Xu:The vice chairman of meta50 and the rotating chairman of the sub Forum on digital rights confirmation and future assets was the principal of the online popular course "12 lectures on metauniverse", and the relevant popular science triggered a public discussion based on the development trend of metauniverse.

Round table Theme 3: digital collections, opening a new track of Digital Art

In 2021, digital artist beeple's "every day: the first 5000 days" was sold at Christie's for more than 69 million US dollars, which set off a wave of "attacking cities and land" in the business of digital art. But today, in the popular digital collection market, digital art is by no means a "best seller". On the contrary, most digital collections are not "works of art" at all. Digital collections are growing savagely on a strange path.

How can digital art open a new market for cultural consumption with the help of digital collections? How do artists balance high unit price and low circulation with low unit price and high circulation? Is the transition to digital art a universal choice for art creators? How do creators find a balance between market and artistic expression?

This round table invited the first batch of explorers of digital art and digital market in China. They will interpret today's digital collection track from the perspective of "art creators".


Han Ruiya:Unbounded territory Copyright Manager, senior practitioner in the art industry.

distinguished guest:

ma chao:New media artist, teacher of School of animation and digital art, Zhejiang Institute of media.

Zhai Mofan:Young artists, whose works have been invited to exhibit on many platforms such as Zhejiang Art Museum.

Wang Zijian:Encryption artist, settled in global NFT platforms such as metaopus, portion and asyncart.

The future roars. On May 26, join us and embrace the future together.

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