Blockchain industry Weekly - national data cloud platform "people's cloud" was officially launched; XCMG established the National Heavy laboratory including blockchain technology; EU promotes the development stage of digital Euro

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In the 14th five year plan, the blockchain industry is listed as a key industry worthy of attention in the next five years, and the development of China's digital economy is in a new stage of transformation.

Data is the blood of the digital economy era. How to protect the rights and interests of consumers and realize network security and privacy protection under the condition of ensuring the authenticity of data is also the challenge of digital economy.

Last week, the national data cloud platform "people's cloud" was officially launched. The "people's cloud" positioned as the "storage, management and use" of big data is a national security cloud, which effectively ensures the security of data. Security is the cornerstone of the whole blockchain industry and the rigid demand of the blockchain industry.

When the digital economy becomes a national strategy, cultivating innovation plans in big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other fields will become an important task for the development of various industries in the future.

In addition, with the development of encryption art and NFT technology, more and more artists and collectors are no longer limited to the creation and collection of art works on the chain or digital art works in traditional forms, but are exploring more cutting-edge technologies.

At the same time, digital art also brings new opportunities for the brand and blockchain technology innovation will also provide new business opportunities for the digital content industry.

In addition, recently, Lianhu District of Xi'an has carried out digital RMB promotion and publicity activities, which has increased people's awareness of digital RMB.

As a legal tender with the characteristics of high security level, high payment efficiency and zero transaction cost, digital RMB shows a certain potential value in enriching the digital economic model and promoting the development of various industries.

How to guide the healthy development of digital RMB in China, "take its essence and discard its dross" should be the right way. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of this field and improve the ability of early warning, prevention and resolution of relevant risks.

Driven by the new round of scientific and technological revolution, mankind is accelerating towards a digital society.

The state, government and enterprises should continue to give full play to the professional advantages of blockchain technology in various industries, actively give full play to blockchain technology, combine blockchain technology with real-life applications, and meet the spring of the development of digital economy.

The following is the detailed content of this issue of the weekly, which is divided intoPolicy relatedใ€Industry newsใ€Central bank digital currencyใ€Investment and financing newsandIndustry perspectiveThere are five plates in total. Please enioy:

Policy related

[Republican member of the US House of Representatives: regulated stable currency has the potential to become the cornerstone of modern payment system]

On May 20, according to a document submitted by Warren Davidson, Tom emmer and Ted Budd, Republican members of the House Financial Services Committee, to Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, Republican members believe that when the Federal Reserve considers its next action, it is necessary to first understand the problems that CBDC will solve and whether the benefits of CBDC outweigh the risks to commercial banks, existing payment systems and consumers.

In addition, the Republican Committee believes that the stable currency issued under a clear regulatory framework will have the potential to become the cornerstone of the modern payment system, and the stable currency transaction may become a more efficient, faster and cheaper payment method.

[the court of Jining District, Ulanqab city issued the application guidelines for blockchain certificate storage]

According to the news on May 20, recently, Jining District Court of Ulanqab city held a seminar on relevant systems of online litigation blockchain certificate deposit application, which combined with the objective situation of the jurisdiction and the actual trial work of the court, Deliberated and adopted three documents: application guidelines for online litigation blockchain deposit of civil and commercial subjects of Jining District People's Court of Ulanqab City, trial procedures and rules for blockchain electronic evidence application in civil and commercial cases of Jining District People's Court of Ulanqab City, and civil judgment template for blockchain electronic evidence deposit application of Jining District People's Court of Ulanqab city, It provides a normative institutional guarantee for the application of blockchain deposit in civil and commercial litigation, and provides rule guidance for the application of blockchain deposit technology by civil and commercial subjects in the jurisdiction.

[members of the Russian lower house submit a bill to the State Duma on incorporating NFT into legislation]

Vladislav davankov and Anton Tkachev, members of the Russian lower house, have submitted a bill to the State Duma aimed at introducing the term NFT into the civil code of the Russian Federation. The authors of the draft said that the rights of those who have a non homogenization pass need to be protected. At present, Russians have to bear their own risks when dealing with NFT.

According to TASS, the explanatory note of the bill states that the initiative aims to "recognize that NFT tokens are non-homogeneous certificates of independent digital assets (images, videos or other content) in the form of non-homogeneous data stored in the distributed ledger system (blockchain system)."

Industry news

[Netease planet releases the first trend art digital collection]

On May 16, Netease planet exclusively launched the digital collection "new idol" series, which is based on the representative works of Zhao Yiqian, a well-known contemporary artist. According to the official of Netease planet, all users who buy digital art collections can participate in the art sharing meeting organized by Netease planet free of charge, and have the opportunity to get tickets to the meta universe art exhibition. There are three digital collections in this series, of which the first one is limited to 10000 copies, priced at 49.9 yuan / copy, and will be officially on sale at 11:00 on May 16.

[blockchain service platform playdapp cooperates with 3D meta universe engine redbrick]

On May 16, playdapp, a blockchain service platform, announced the signing of a strategic business partnership with redbrick, a 3D metauniverse engine, to expand metauniverse content and strengthen blockchain integration. Playdapp plans to cooperate in many aspects of the redbrick metauniverse project by applying blockchain technology and expertise, including providing NFT support and NFT market services, and sharing content development and operation knowledge.

[Hyundai E & amp; C, a construction subsidiary of Hyundai Group, launched NFT business]

It was reported on May 16 that Hyundai EC, a construction subsidiary of Hyundai Group, announced its entry into the NFT market after Hyundai Motor. Sandbox network has established a cooperative relationship with Hyundai EC. The two companies plan to jointly revitalize the NFT market and expand Web 3.0 business to metauniverse. As part of the cooperation, modern construction will participate as the holder of "meta toy dragonz". To date, Hyundai EC account has purchased 45 method NFTs.

Previously, Hyundai Motor announced to enter the community-based NFT market in April and launched its NFT platform Hyundai NFT and metauniverse Hyundai metamobility in May.

[Qiankun digital collection officially signed the Dunhuang IP and launched the Dunhuang auspicious animal series digital collection today]

The digital collection platform "Qiankun digital collection" officially announced the signing of the "Dunhuang" series IP. The platform will launch the Dunhuang auspicious animal series digital collection - "Koi" on the Qiankun digital collection official account and app at 11:30 on May 16. "Koi" comes from cave 3 of Yulin Grottoes in Dunhuang. In the undulating sea, two Koi emerge. The appearance of Koi suggests that there are a lot of treasures in the sea. This fish is the largest and most delicate fish in Dunhuang art works. The texture of the fish body and fin is clearly depicted and deified based on carp and crucian carp. Da Zhi Manjusri once incarnated into fish for human consumption, which reflects the spirit of Da Zhi Manjusri's selfless dedication.

[whale probe will launch 33 digital cultural creations from cultural relics in the collection]

During the period from May 16 to May 23, whale exploration launched a series of activities of the treasure plan, and 28 cultural and Expo units re interpreted and created the cultural relics in the collection and issued digital cultural and creative products. It is understood that the design of 33 digital cultural and creative products launched this time comes from the representative national treasures and cultural relics of various dynasties in the dating history of China, which are collected in 28 national first-class museums. According to Duan Xiaoming, curator of Hunan Provincial Museum, cultural relics are not only the memory of history and culture, but also an important carrier of national genes. The exploration from physical cultural and creative goods to digital cultural and creative goods continues the goal of better development and promotion of cultural relics resources in the collection, so that cultural relics can "go out" of the museum with new forms and new carriers, approach the people, enhance the public accessibility of the museum, and give full play to the strength of the museum. At the same time, the innovation and creation of cultural relics must avoid vulgar and mischievous ways, and digital cultural and creative products must avoid disorderly speculation.

[spotify is testing NFT promotion services for some artists, and fans can view and buy them from the external market]

Spotify, a music subscription service, is testing NFT promotion services for a small number of artists, allowing artists to promote their NFTs on their profile pages. Fans participating in the test can view and buy these NFTs from the external market.

Previously, it was reported that spotify will launch the meta universe "spotify island" where users interact with creators in roblox.

[official release of the first digital collection of Shanhaijing series of yangchuang culture]

At 12:00 noon on May 17, the four digital collections of the first "Shanhaijing" series of yangchuang culture will be launched on the digital collection platform "yuzang". This series of digital collections is the original creation of yangchuang culture, which animates the animal images in the book based on Shanhaijing. Consumers can follow the official wechat official account of "yuzang" to purchase on the web. Android users can also download the "yuzang" app to purchase.

With blockchain technology, the "yuzang" platform provides a value ecological community with sound development for cultural and creative institutions, art creators, IP operators, brands and other parties. Qualified multiple roles can cast and distribute digital collections on the platform.

[XCMG machinery set up the National Heavy laboratory with 100 million yuan, and its business scope includes blockchain technology]

On May 17, the enterprise check app showed that Jiangsu XCMG Guozhong Laboratory Technology Co., Ltd. was established, the legal representative is Li suoyun, the registered capital is 100 million yuan, and the business scope includes: basic resources and technology platform of artificial intelligence; Blockchain technology related software and services; Artificial intelligence theory and algorithm software development; Research and development of intelligent robot, etc. The equity penetration of enterprise investigation shows that the company is 100% owned by XCMG machinery.

[Temasek Holdings: currently does not hold bitcoin, but is actively participating in blockchain investment]

It was reported on May 17 that Temasek Holdings, one of the world's top ten sovereign wealth funds, said that it does not hold bitcoin at present, but is actively participating in blockchain investment and paying attention to emerging opportunities in the industry.

Temasek did not comment on direct investment activities. Pradyumna Agrawal, managing director of the fund in charge of blockchain investment, said in an interview: "so far, Temasek has not owned bitcoin."

[China Southern Airlines first uses blockchain electronic signature technology for aircraft maintenance]

Recently, the electronic signature maintenance record of China Southern Airlines using blockchain technology was unveiled in Guangzhou, thus bidding farewell to the traditional paper record mode.

In order to help achieve the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutralization", China Southern Airlines actively implements scientific and technological innovation and digital transformation, uses blockchain and face recognition technology in the industry, and develops paperless electronic signature system. This measure will further improve the safety of aircraft operation and boost the construction of smart Civil Aviation.

[domestic Tianqiong digital collection claimed to be attacked by hackers, who used false balances to buy and steal users' collections]

On May 17, according to the public opinion monitoring data of Chengdu Lianan security, Tianqiong digital collection claimed to have been attacked by hackers, and the price of the collection was abnormally high, up to nearly ten million yuan. According to the platform announcement, the platform data has encountered a large number of malicious attacks. Hackers use the false balance to buy and steal users' collections, resulting in abnormal data. At present, it has been restored, and the platform has called the police for treatment at the first time.

According to the preliminary analysis of Chengdu Lianan, the reason leading to this attack is speculated as follows: the attacker broke the platform database through traditional network security, maliciously tampered with the account balance, resulting in a large number of users still trading at high prices, and finally led to abnormal data. Chengdu chain security team suggests: 1. In the process of design, implementation and deployment, domestic digital collection platforms should pay attention to traditional security fields such as communication and network security, host security, database security and mobile security, and do a good job in security protection; 2. In the process of operation and maintenance, the domestic digital collection platform should do a good job in the design and implementation of financial risk control to avoid large-scale capital changes without knowing it; 3. When choosing a trading platform, consumers of digital collections need to pay attention to the compliance risk of the platform and pay attention to the safety of their own property; 4. Consumers of digital collections are vigilant against the risk of speculation and market foam, so as to avoid property losses when the foam bursts.

[Qinshihuang Imperial Mausoleum Museum launches digital collections in conjunction with the people's network]

On May 17, it was reported that the Qinshihuang Mausoleum Museum and the people's Wangjing people's Art Museum jointly launched the high-definition video digital collection of "ancient and modern digital terracotta warriors" International Museum Day. The digital collection will open the pre purchase of some of the collections at 0:00 on May 18 and officially distributed at 10:00 on May 20. There are 13 models in total, of which 12 are ordinary models, 5000 copies each, priced at 68 yuan each, and one is a special collection, It is a high-definition video digital collection of painted copper chariots and horses, which is based on the painted copper chariot and horse No. 2 car (anche) of the copper chariot and horse Museum of the Qinshihuang Mausoleum Museum. It is issued in 2000 copies and priced at 128 yuan each.

[China Film Archive will release digital collection of film dynamic posters]

On May 17, the China Film Archive will release a digital collection of dynamic film posters for the 100th anniversary of the birth of the "earliest existing Chinese feature film" labor's love ".

It is reported that the collection is planned to be released on May 20 on whale exploration, a leading digital collection platform in China. The digital collection is a set of five dynamic movie posters, which will use blockchain technology to help the old movie resources realize permanent preservation on the basis of online rights confirmation.

[music subscription service provider spotify is testing the NFT function in the platform]

It was reported on May 17 that spotify, the world's largest music subscription service, is testing the NFT function on its platform. It is reported that this test mainly introduces NFT function into its musician profile page. If the test is successful, NFT technology will help improve the experience of artists and fans. At present, the test only supports the participation of some Android mobile users.

[Limewire will open its collection market to artists of Universal Music Group]

On May 17, Limewire, the art and entertainment digital collection market, announced that it had signed a content license agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG) to open the Limewire collection market to all artists under Universal Music Group. Artists contracted with UMG can publish NFT collections in the Limewire market and sell them directly to fans and collectors.

According to previous reports, Limewire announced the completion of more than $10 million in private financing, led by Kraken ventures, Arrington capital and GSR.

[decentralized pictures, a Web3 Film Funding platform, will be launched on May 20]

It was reported on May 17 that decentralized pictures, a Web3 Film Funding platform, announced the launch of its blockchain based film funding application, which will be launched during the Cannes Film Festival on May 20.

The app will launch the documentary award in cooperation with the Gotham Film & Media Institute; Up to two award-winning projects will receive up to $50000 for completion respectively, and will also receive guidance from the decentralized pictures foundation and the Gotham.

[football media platform onefootball will help German League a launch football NFT]

It was reported on May 17 that onefootball, a streaming media and media platform focusing on football, reached a global NFT copyright agreement with Bundesliga international, a subsidiary of Bundesliga, which will distribute football NFT. The two-season contract starts from the 2023-24 Bundesliga season, and onefootball is designated as the official partner of Bundesliga.

[linktree launched three new NFT functions to support users to display NFT and establish a web 3 community brand]

On May 17, linktree, a digital identity management service provider, announced the launch of three new NFT functions, some of which were developed in cooperation with opensea to support users to display NFT and establish a web 3 community brand. It is reported that the first new feature is nftgallery, which allows users to display NFT on linktree only by adding opensea NFT collection URL or connecting wallet. Secondly, users can use NFT as profile images and backgrounds in linktree. In addition, linktree introduces a new NFT locking function, which allows the creator to lock any link using the smart contract address. Only NFT users from a specific collection can unlock the link by connecting the wallet and proving ownership.

[Getty Images, a well-known image library, will launch the first batch of NFT on palm through candy digital]

Getty Images, a well-known image library, will launch the first NFT on palm through candy digital. It is reported that gettyimages will extract 135 photos from its collection of more than 465 million pictures, focusing on turning unprecedented archival works into NFT.

NFT's primary and secondary sales will take place in the candy digital market, which has established partnerships with major league baseball, NASCAR and WWE.

[Meilian international education plans to transform into yuancosmos technology company within one to two years]

Meilian International Education said in its 2021 financial report that the company actively explored opportunities in the blockchain and crypto industries in fiscal year 2021 and established a strategic partnership with AGM Group Holdings lnc. At present, the company's crypto business and meta universe education business are in operation and have just begun to generate revenue. It is hoped to develop into a meta universe technology company by deploying its transformation strategy in the next one to two years.

According to the financial report, the annual revenue of Meilian international education fell by 18.7% to RMB 729 million in fiscal year 2021, and the adjusted net loss decreased by 12.9% year-on-year to RMB 360 million.

[on International Museum Day, Dunhuang Research Institute, Louvre and other top 10 museums at home and abroad launched 25000 digital collections on tmall]

On the occasion of the "May 18 International Museum Day", 10 museums and libraries, including the National Library, Dunhuang Research Institute, Xi'an Beilin Museum, Maijishan grottoes, Henan Museum, the world in the palace, the National Grand Theater, the people's Literature Publishing House ยท treasure of humanity and the Louvre Museum, are issuing digital collections in their tmall flagship store, and the first central media cultural creation brand "people's cultural creation" is also involved. There are 20 digital collections of these cultural relics, with a total of 25000 pieces. The cultural and creative digital collections covered include the secondary cultural creation of world-famous cultural relics such as Dunhuang relics, Zizhi Tongjian, Tianlong Babu Naga, the Louvre goddess of victory and so on. It is also like the world's classic song "Spring Waltz" fragment music digital collection.

[KT group of Korea sets up NFT business team in the R & D Department of its subsidiary]

The new business strategy team in the R & D organization established by VP, a credit card payment certification and B2B business service company of KT group in South Korea last year, has recently been reorganized into NFT business team. In this regard, KT group in South Korea has become the only company in the country that has established NFT related teams in the R & D organization.

"Since last year, we have been looking at NFT in various ways. We have increased the number of employees and restructured. We are building and reviewing business models related to NFT, such as equity investment in start-ups with intellectual property (IP) and blockchain," said the head of VP

[contemporary artist Liu hailun's "bear Xiaomu's zodiac series" NFT will be launched on maze NFT platform on May 20]

At 15:00 on May 20, Beijing time, contemporary artist Liu hailun's "bear Xiaomu's twelve zodiac series" NFT will launch on maze NFT platform. A total of 500 copies were issued for the first time, with an initial price of 1500 BTM.

For the NFT sold this time, within one month of public offering, the artist will buy back the NFT that is lower than the market purchase price in 20% of the price listed on the market. In addition to designing a unique price protection strategy, the project integrates the twelve zodiac signs and can be exchanged for an exclusive family photo NFT. Quanjiafu NFT will redeem more rights and interests of maze platform in the later stage.

Liu hailun is a contemporary young artist and the founder of IP mbear Xiong Xiaomu. He has excellent cross-border cooperation with clothing, travel, home and beverage brands such as mark Huafei, akishui Yiren, Giordano, anneleven and bromen Bremen. Stars Ren Jialun, Han Xue, fan Chengcheng and others have also worn the clothes of artist Liu hailun to shoot fashion film and television blockbusters, fashion week shows and so on.

[Swiss skin care brand La Prairie releases the first NFT series space beyond]

Swiss skin care brand La Prairie released its first NFT art series space beyond, designed by digital artist Carla Chan and supported by smart token labs. It is reported that this series of NFT contains 365 + 1 versions, which are generated in real time according to weather and population data, representing one day of the year in 31 cities with the largest population in the world. NFT will be exhibited at friend in New York on May 18, and the proceeds will be used to protect glaciers around the world.

[Shenzhen Window of the world will release NFT digital collection on May 19]

On May 18, according to the official official account, the window of the world in Shenzhen will release an exclusive NFT digital collection "World Dance epic collection" customized for China's tourism performance on the "China Tourism Day" on May 19. The series has a total of 5 models, each with a circulation of 500 pieces. If five different NFT works are collected, you can obtain additional NFT airdrop awards for the digital collection of Shengji. The first 200 synthetic users can obtain corresponding rights and interests in order.

[a16z launch a $600 million fund dedicated to game startups]

It was reported on May 18 that a16z launched a $600 million fund, games fund one, which is dedicated to game startups to increase the bet on Web3 technology.

A16z said that game infrastructure and technology are the key to building the metauniverse, so the fund will invest in a range of game services and applications, as well as companies that build technology for the metauniverse.

[meta applies for meta pay trademark, or will launch a payment platform containing crypto]

On May 18, it was reported that the trademark registration application information showed that meta, the parent company of Facebook, instagram and WhatsApp, had submitted five new trademark applications for meta pay. The application documents show that meta plans to launch the payment platform meta pay, where users can exchange legal tender and crypto.

According to previous reports, meta submitted eight trademark applications, involving encrypted transactions and blockchain software in the metauniverse.

[chainalysis launches Web3 blockchain analysis tool chainalysistoryline]

On May 18, blockchain data analysis company chainalysis launched a blockchain analysis tool chainalysis storyline specially designed for Web3, which aims to visualize smart contract transactions such as defi and NFT.

Chainalysis storyline provides an overall view of all capital flows of cross chain transactions at an address, allowing investigators to focus on the most important transactions and funds. Chainalysis storyline can also analyze smart contracts and automatically mark common transaction types, such as NFT purchase or asset transaction. At present, the product is a beta limited version, and users can fill in a form to join the waiting list.

[BiliBili overseas app now supports connection to metamask wallet, and the official cooperative NFT project can be set as avatar]

According to the client page of BiliBili overseas app, the app has launched NFT portal, which supports connecting metamask wallet to view the official NFT project cheers up, and this series of NFTs can be set as avatars with explicit avatar authentication logo.

Previously, BiliBili announced in late April that it was authorized to release cheers up NFT for overseas users. This series includes 10000 PFP type NFTs released on Ethereum. Recently, the project voted to approve the proposal to destroy half of the total amount of NFT and retain 241 in the vault for project and community construction.

[cat's eye official app online digital collection business]

The official app of cat's eye has been officially launched in the digital collection area, and the first phase of digital collection pre-sale of cat's eye has been launched. It is reported that the first phase of the digital collection will take the classic characters in the film "fame and millions" as creative elements, with a total of 10 characters and a limit of 5200 copies. Among them, 20 digital blind boxes will be reserved for each model, and a total of 200 digital blind boxes will be reserved for gift, and the rest will be put on unified public sale.

[the second episode of the first encrypted animation of virtual idol ipmilo INU was officially released]

Milo INU officially released the second episode of the first original serial animation video in the encryption market today. The whole animation takes the development history of meme as a reference.

It is reported that Milo (MILO INU) aims to create a virtual idol IP based on the encryption market, enrich the IP image through animation dramas, and extend the industrial chains of NFT, physical dolls, peripheral products, gamefi and offline E-sports competitions respectively.

[Sony Music established RCA records Greater China division, which will explore NFT, metauniverse and other fields]

It was reported on May 20 that Sony Music Entertainment established a greater China joint venture for its American record company RCA records to explore the opportunities of streaming media, NFT and metauniverse.

Rcarecords Greater China will recruit key employees in the areas of artist management and Web 3.0. It is reported that the contracted artists include singers Jackson Wang and a-lin.

[Gamestop has registered twitter named game stop NFT, or will release NFT]

On May 20, Gamestop, a retailer of video games and related products, registered a twitter called game stop NFT and tweeted that it might release NFT.

[GM Korea subsidiary releases Chevrolet Tahoe SUV NFT]

On May 20, GM Korea Co., a Korean subsidiary of GM, announced the release of the Chevrolet Tahoe SUV NFT, which was produced by Korean illustrator Choi Hwan wook and action design artist Lee Cheon Seong.

There are 10 NFT Series in total, "vision" and "Castle" release 5 limited NFTs respectively, and the other 8 release 50 limited NFTs respectively.

[the national data cloud platform "people's cloud" was officially launched]

On May 20, the national data cloud platform "people cloud" (www.peopleyun. CN) was officially launched. "People's cloud" is positioned as a security cloud of big data "storage, management and use", an autonomous and controllable information creation cloud, a state-owned asset cloud of state-owned assets supervision, and an open and win-win industry cloud. "People's cloud" will provide technical support, network platform and business environment for all kinds of new products, technologies and applications, work with partners to build an ecosystem on the cloud, focusing on Party construction, government affairs, agriculture, finance, medical treatment, education, audio and video, chip, automobile, 5g, industrial AI, metauniverse, culture and tourism and other industries.

[Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph joins the board of directors of NFT Gallery platform cheez]

On May 21, it was reported that NFT Gallery platform cheez, Inc. announced that Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph officially joined the company's board of directors. Cheez built an NFT Photo Gallery platform on the flow blockchain to help photographers cast NFT for free. Using this creator economic model, the creator can fully control his works and narration.

It is reported that the NFT market is expected to grow from US $14 billion last year to US $21.3 billion this year, and the global photography service market will grow from US $33 billion in 2020 to US $43 billion this year.

[Alibaba entertainment launched the digital collection platform "squid" and announced the first digital collection]

It was reported on May 21 that the digital collection platform "squid" of Alibaba entertainment went online. Driven by the market insight of young consumers, "squid" will create the ultimate experience of combining virtual and reality for users through digital technology and cross-border integration. It is understood that Ali fish has established in-depth cooperation with museums and cultural institutions, including the National Museum, the Louvre, the Dunhuang Museum, the summer palace, the Qinshihuang Mausoleum Museum and so on. The first digital collection of non heritage Kesi "beauty picture" went online, with a limit of 2000 copies.

[Huace film and television: the company's digital collection has become a normal business]

Some investors asked on the investor interaction platform: how many rounds and how many sets of NFT digital collections has the company issued this year? How big is the revenue market of NFT digital collections in the film and television aftermarket?

Huace film and television (300133. SZ) said on the investor interaction platform on May 21 that the company's business is detailed in the company's periodic report. The company's digital collection has become a normalized business. For specific distribution, you can query the relevant distribution platform.

[Anhui Satellite TV issues "Anhui Satellite TV logo" creative digital collection]

Anhui Satellite TV issued the creative digital collection of "Anhui Satellite TV logo". It is reported that this is the first digital collection with the theme of satellite TV logo in the field of radio and television in China. "Taking the classic logo of Anhui Satellite TV as the core design element, the collection has created five collections in different styles of" cyberpunk, Huipai ink painting, green ecology, scientific and technological future and fashion romance ". The collection will be issued in the form of blind box, with a total of 10000 copies. The "Anhui Satellite TV logo" released this time is the first Anhui theme series of the "digital landmark" co creation plan. In the future, there will be new ways to continue to empower the physical cultural tourism through digitization.

Central bank digital currency

[executive committee of the European Central Bank: a decision can be made at the end of 2023 to start the realization stage of digital Euro]

ECB executive Commissioner Panetta said that by the end of 2023, we can make a decision on starting the realization stage of the digital euro. Public funds in the digital age must maintain the status of currency anchor, and digital euro will strengthen monetary sovereignty.

In addition, Panetta also said that crypto is too risky to be a reliable means of payment.

[senior official of the European Central Bank: the EU may issue digital euros within four years, point-to-point payment or one of the first use cases]

Fabio Panetta, a senior official of the European Central Bank (ECB), said at an event of the Irish National College on Monday that the EU may issue digital euros within four years, and point-to-point payment may be one of the first use cases, which will be extended to other fields, such as store or online payment.

In October 2021, the European Central Bank launched a two-year investigation phase to study the priority use cases and other issues. At present, no final decision has been made on whether to issue. Panetta has previously said that the implementation phase, which will begin at the end of next year, may last for three years.

[CEO of ecurrency: the collapse of ust may speed up the launch of CBDC by the US central bank]

It was reported on May 17 that Jonathan dharmapalan, CEO of digital currency technology company ecurency, predicted that the collapse of ust may accelerate the launch of CBDC by the U.S. central bank. He said: whether in the form of stable currency or the form of instruments issued by the central bank, there is a demand for digital currency. Dharmapalan also said: there is a lot of discussion on the regulation of stable currency, and we have not determined that it will become the content of the law. So once it becomes law, who will supervise the stability currency? Is it an institution that supervises banks or securities? There is controversy about which entity becomes the regulator of the stable currency ".

[Lianhu District of Xi'an city carries out digital RMB promotion]

It was reported on May 18 that recently, Lianhu District Finance Office and industrial and Commercial Bank of China Xi'an North Street branch jointly held a digital RMB promotion and publicity activity. "The pilot project of digital RMB is another major financial reform task entrusted to Xi'an by the state. Digital RMB is a legal tender issued by the people's Bank of China and has the characteristics of high security level, high payment efficiency and zero transaction cost." At the scene, the staff of the bank explained patiently that digital RMB can not only effectively save the financial cost of enterprises, but also effectively crack down on crimes, but also effectively resolve the digital divide.

[Netease CEO Ding Lei: it is suggested to connect digital RMB to life scenes such as paying utilities and seeing a doctor]

Ding Lei, member of the CPPCC National Committee, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Netease, suggested at the special consultation meeting of the CPPCC National Committee on "promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the digital economy", starting from the daily consumption of the people, so that the digital RMB can really become cash in the pocket. You can access the most grounded life scenes such as paying water and electricity fees, buying stock lottery tickets, seeing a doctor and ordering takeout.

[visa global CBDC product leader: visa wants an "interesting use case", focusing on the digital currency supported by legal currency in the field of stable currency]

It was reported on May 19 that Catherine Gu, head of visa's global CBDC products, said in a speech at the permissionless conference that visa wants "interesting use cases". Its focus in the field of stable currency is the legally supported digital currency. Visa has also studied the project of using collateral on the chain. Gu said: we must consider how to build these different projects. Safeguard measures and standards are important for consumers, retail investors and institutions. In addition, it is important to understand how stable currency reserves are audited and who will simulate and test their systemic risks. Even the safest assets may be at risk.

[swift confirms that it is cooperating with Capgemini to conduct CBDC related cross-border payment test]

It was reported on May 19 that according to a report on its experiment with the bank for International Settlements (BIS) released by swift on May 19, nine out of ten central banks in the world are exploring central bank digital currency (CBDC). The economies involved in these cbdcs account for more than 90% of global GDP.

The report points out that more and more central banks have entered an advanced stage of CBDC investigation, and nine countries are already using their own digital currencies, such as Nigeria and the Bahamas.

Thomas zschach, chief Innovation Officer of swift, said: "it will be crucial to promote interoperability and connectivity among the different cbdcs being developed around the world if we are to realize their full potential. Today, as many central banks develop their own digital currencies based on different technologies, standards and agreements, the global CBDC ecosystem is at risk of fragmentation."

Meanwhile, Nick kerigan, innovation director of swift, said that if remedial measures are not taken, this division may lead to the formation of "digital islands" around the world. Different systems and different cbdcs need to be able to cooperate effectively, otherwise it will hinder the ability of enterprises and consumers to use CBDC for barrier free cross-border payment. By using the CBDC network based on DLT and the verified real-time summation (RTGS) system, swift proved in 2021 that it can effectively arrange cross-border transactions between two entities.

At present, swift is cooperating with Capgemini to study how to connect the growing number of domestic CBDC networks in the world, so as to make the use of cross-border payment more smooth.

Investment and financing news

[xuelangyun announced the completion of round B financing of more than RMB 300 million, and overweight the construction of industrial yuan universe]

Xuelangyun, an industrial Internet platform enterprise, announced that it had completed a b-round financing of more than 300 million yuan. This round of financing was led by the second phase of the national dispatching fund, followed by poly capital and the Wuxi intellectual property fund of Guolian group, and Fanzhuo capital served as the exclusive financial adviser for this round of financing.

[yuancosmic content technology service provider "love Avatar" won tens of millions of angel round financing]

Yuan universe content technology service provider "love Avatar" has recently completed the ten million yuan Angel round financing of Zhongke Jincai investment, and Yuze capital serves as the company's long-term exclusive financial adviser.

[May. Social completed an angel round of financing of US $3 million to accelerate the construction of a meta cosmic social experience]

Universal social platform may Social completed an angel round of financing of US $3 million, and yuanuniverse capital mask network, folius ventures, tessventures, SNZ holding, kylinhallpartners and other yuanuniverse and Web3 investment institutions participated in the investment.

[immersive experience service provider gusto collective raised US $10 million, led by animoca brands and GAW capital]

On May 17, it was reported that gusto collective, an immersive experience technology service provider headquartered in Hong Kong, China, announced the completion of a $10 million seed plus round of financing, led by animoca brands and GAW capital, and participated by black pine, YCI limited and clearvue partners.

[the encode Club of Web3 educational community completed a financing of US $5 million, and Galaxy digital and other leading investors]

On May 17, it was reported that the encode Club of Web3 education community completed a financing of US $5 million, led by Galaxy digital and lemniscap, and participated by dragonfly ventures, folius ventures, not3 Lau capital, solbigbrain, ascendiveassets, Stefan George (gnosis co-founder), Anton bukov (1 inch co-founder), etc.

[encryption management company ikigai raised US $30 million Web3 risk fund]

Ikigai asset management, a Puerto Rico based encryption asset management startup, announced on Tuesday that it had raised $30 million in venture capital. Ikigai opened its investment pool to 275 limited partnership investors.

[bitkeep completed a round of financing of US $15 million at a valuation of US $100 million, led by dragonfly]

Web3.0 Cross Chain Wallet bitkeep completed the financing of US $15 million with a valuation of 100 million. This round of financing is led by dragonfly, kucoin ventures, a & amp; Tcapital, foresight ventures, sevenx, matrixport, Bixin capital, Danhua capital, peakcapital, YM capital and others participated in the investment.

[the game short video platform freshcut completed a financing of US $15 million, led by animoca brands and others]

On May 18, it was reported that the game short video platform freshcut completed a financing of US $15 million, led by Galaxy interactive, animoca brands and Republic crypto, and participated by hashed, skyvision capital, tamarack global, C2 x, polygon and Kevin Lin (co-founder of twitch).

[dorahacks, a Web3 developer incentive platform, completed a B1 round of financing of US $20 million, and the total financing scale of Dora's core infrastructure exceeded US $50 million]

On May 18, it was reported that the decentralized global geek organization and dorahacks, a Web3 open source developer incentive platform, completed a B1 round of financing of US $20 million. FTX ventures and Liberty City ventures jointly led the investment, including circle ventures, Gemini frontier fund, Sky9 capital and crypto Com capital, amber group, etc.

[Web3 infrastructure provider nodereal completed round a financing of US $16 million, led by Sky9 capital]

It was reported on May 18 that nodereal, a Web3 one-stop infrastructure provider, completed a round of financing of US $16 million, led by Sky9 capital.

[serenade, a music NFT start-up, completed a financing of US $4.2 million, "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman]

It was reported on May 18 that serenade, a music NFT start-up, announced the completion of a new round of financing of a $6 million (about US $4.2 million), with investors including executives of many companies in the music industry and "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman.

[Azra games, a chain game studio, completed a seed round financing of US $15 million and a16z led the investment]

It was reported on May 19 that Azra games, the chain game studio, announced that it had completed the seed round financing of US $15 million, a16z led the investment, and nfx, coinbase ventures, play ventures and Franklin Templeton participated in the investment.

[Web3 security company goplus security completed multi million dollar financing, and fire coin incubator participated in the investment]

On May 20, it was reported that goplus security, a web 3 security startup, announced the completion of a multi million dollar private placement, crypto Com capital, fire money incubator, geekcartel, kucoinventures, arweave, harmony, avatar (avalanche Asia Star Fund), Neo, sevex ventures, GSR markets, etc.

[the NFT project unicorndao completed the financing of USD 4.5 million, and moonpay and Yuga labs participated in the investment]

On May 20, it was reported that unicorndao, an NFT project, announced the completion of a financing of US $4.5 million, with worldof women and moonbirds NFT series, moonpay, polygon and Yuga labs participating in the investment.

[Web3 platform ecosapiens completed a financing of US $1.5 million, led by boost VC]

On May 20, it was reported that Web3 and NFT platform ecosapiens completed a financing of US $1.5 million, led by boost VC, and participated by slow ventures, menloventures, CRV, columni ventures blockchain fund, climate capital, chaos ventures, ovo fund, uphonest capital, genius fund under Ben Taft.

[digital payment company xendit completed round D financing of US $300 million]

On May 20, xindit, a Southeast Asian digital payment company, announced that it had completed round D financing of US $300 million. The joint lead investors are crypto investment institutions coatue and insight partners. The investors include well-known investors and investors such as accel, tiger global, Kleiner Perkins, ev growth, Amasia, intudo and goatcapital.

[decentralized network wayru completed financing of USD 1.96 million, led by borderless capital]

It was reported on May 21 that wayru, a decentralized Internet service provider, completed a seed round financing of US $1.96 million, led by borderless capital.


[China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: encourage banking and insurance institutions to reasonably apply blockchain and other emerging technologies]

Recently, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued guidance on the banking and insurance industry supporting urban construction and governance. The opinion points out: speed up the digital transformation and improve the level of urban intelligence. Encourage banking and insurance institutions to make rational use of emerging technologies such as blockchain, improve urban financial service capacity and risk control level, give full play to the advantages of capital, technology, channels and personnel, and expand the diversified urban service functions of offline outlets and online channels.

[cbinsights report: the global blockchain industry raised more than $9 billion in the first quarter, a record high]

On May 19, according to the blockchain report for the first quarter of 2022 released by CB insights, the financing scale of the blockchain industry in the first quarter of this year reached US $9.2 billion, a record high, of which the financing scale of the US blockchain market reached US $5.8 billion, accounting for the highest proportion. In addition, the number of blockchain investment and financing transactions reached 461, also a record high, an increase of 84% over the same period last year, including 28 transactions with a financing scale of more than US $100 million, and 62 blockchain unicorns.

The venture capital companies with the most investment and financing transactions are animoca brands (34), followed by coinbase ventures (30) and Pantera capital (16). One quarter of the investment capital flows into NFT industry, and the financing scale of defi industry reaches US $2.1 billion, with an annual growth rate of 425%. In addition, the financing scale of Asian blockchain industry reached US $1.5 billion, with an annual growth rate of 275%.

[President of zhongxiangbit future integration research institute: Digital RMB and its associated blockchain infrastructure are expected to become the consensus of domestic yuan universe users]

On May 20, Wang Chen Huizi, President of zhongxiangbit future integration research institute, said in his paper "metauniverse Digital Economy: current situation, characteristics and development suggestions". As a new form of cyberspace application and social networking, metauniverse integrates a variety of technologies and involves all aspects of social life. Focusing on the timeline of the development of the concept of meta universe technology, Wang chenhuizi pointed out the three connotations of the concept of meta universe, namely Web 3.0 community, group creation community and immersive full truth Internet community with public blockchain technology as the core, taking users' own data governance as the economic core, creating a prosperous digital content creation community and presenting immersive interactive experience, Finally, create a virtual space that is parallel to but highly related to the physical world.

In addition, the paper mentioned that from the Web 3.0 community, crypto to the NFT platform, at present, foreign meta universe systems use crypto as a value exchange tool without being linked to legal tender. The impact of crypto on sovereign currency has aroused the vigilance of many countries. As for the development of the meta universe in China, this paper holds that the meta universe with decentralized spirit can be used as an extension of the anti-monopoly spirit. Under the premise of proper governance, the domestic meta universe industry can use blockchain technology such as alliance chain to confirm the right of digital economy, so as to build a prosperous free creation ecology in the meta universe. Digital RMB and the blockchain infrastructure that may be associated with it are expected to become the consensus of domestic yuan universe users.


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