Virtual fitting room and virtual image, how does the beauty industry enter the meta universe?

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For a long time, the beauty industry has provided customers with sensory experience focusing on getting close to the skin and treatment. This industry is being transformed into a virtual world in which users can't feel, smell or really touch the things in front of them. All this sounds crazy, but these things are really happening.Β 

Brands must quickly adapt and learn how to build their position in the digital world。

Charlotte Tilbury, Lottie London, Saint Laurent, Estee Lauder, Gucci and NARS have begun to immerse themselves in the metauniverse.

It is reported that in February this year, L'Oreal submitted 17 trademark applications related to metauniverse, which are respectively related to NFT, virtual perfume, cosmetics and virtual human modeling. Rhianna also applied for the Fenty trademark for her brand of savage x Fenty and Fenty beauty not long ago.

These brands are recognized as inclusive, and they are challenging other inclusive brands to join the virtual world.

Jon Roman, Estee Lauder's senior vice president of global consumer marketing, said: "in terms of how a person expresses himself through things like virtual images, the meta universe is essentially infinite, and it is this that will release more surreal beauty and new areas of inclusive and abstract self-expression."

In short,In the meta universe, people can be whatever they want to be, and can live as they like, without any constraints or restrictions that may be encountered in real life。

Beauty is a more immersive experience and education

Makeup artist Alex box agrees and accepts the possibility of virtual. β€œWhat we need to think about is that education should be based on commodity and experience, rather than on it。 As technology and insight evolve, the complexity of the experience will increase. "Β 

Yuancosmos has attracted countless people who are proficient in digital technology, especially female game players. The female audience is much more than expected.

In fact, a report by weare social found that 80% of women aged 16 to 44 are exposed to the Internet and video games, while another survey by the global world index found that 53% of female fans downloaded free video games in 2021.

This also explains why Charlotte Tilbury decided to sponsor the girl gamer's day after careful consideration. In April,The brand launched its first virtual store, called the virtual beauty wonderland of whispering party(Pillow Talk Party Virtual Beauty Wonderland)。

In this virtual store, customers can see Charlotte's own 3D avatar, which immediately engraves the brand into the memory of gamers.

To enter Charlotte Tilbury's virtual world,Users can access this magic portal directly through web browser or mobile browser。

Users only need to scan a QR code, and Charlotte will magically appear in front of them, next to floating and rotating 3D beauty products.

In a few simple steps, users can open the door of the master class with global professional artists and enjoy the opportunity to shop with friends.

Imagine what it would be like to enter the virtual space through the digital fashion application drest. Yes, gucci beauty is the first brand to launch the beauty mode of the application. The application allows users to try out 29 virtual beauty products of Gucci.

Soon after, NARS and drest also launched a 9-day beauty activity respectively,Users can customize the virtual model with 30 products of the brand。 In addition, consumers can also save the trial appearance and products on a personalized emotion board.Β 

When it comes to a specific "metauniverse", there is more than one digital playground to choose from. Decentraland seems to be the most popular virtual space at present. It really focuses on people's freedom and self-expression. It is also a place where consumers can access NFT and collect wearable poap (proof of attendance protocol).

NFT was originally used in the art world. It is a digital collection that can record information to the blockchain system that cannot be changed and trace its source.Β 

It's a bit like an original work of art. They always exist and can't be copied,Poap is similar to a ticket, a program or a T-shirt, which is used to verify whether the user attended an event。

Nora zukauskaite, global marketing director of Lottie London, explained: "last year, when we first set foot in this digital space and launched our first NFT in cooperation with ciate London, the response was very enthusiastic, and all the NFTs were sold out within 24 hours."Β 

Later, in downtown Las Vegas in decentraland, an event was held with Chaun legend, a famous star manicurist in Los Angeles to showcase the new series released by ciate and announce that they will re-enter the ideal place of Manicure in six years.

"In real life, we will be limited to a certain place or time zone, and will stagnate in our position,But here we can show our brand and products to the audience in a new way"Nora continued. "It unleashes great potential, and we are about to host the first decentraland ball. The ball is in a unique place, and we will also have 1000 unique poaps, including Lottie London's best-selling luminous makeup, ball crown and corsage."Β 

Estee Lauder also recently settled in decentraland, becoming its exclusive beauty brand in cooperation with yuanuniverse fashion week in March.Β 

Estee Lauder invites users to enter the iconic Advanced Night Repair "small brown bottle" to unlock their exclusive poap and an NFT wearable device, give their virtual human a luminous aura, which will continue to glow as long as the user wants.Β 

For fanatical beauty lovers, this is a fanatical product. The brand's entry into the virtual world means that they can reach some new customer groups who are not familiar with Estee Lauder. "This is not for specific age groups, but to attract and interact with new consumer communities, who are already immersed in the meta universe and have a strong interest in establishing virtual connections with beauty and fashion brands," Roman explained.Β 

Although it is true that the main meta cosmic population at present are generation Z and millennials, anyone who can access the Internet can participate.

WGSN predicts that by 2024, the brand will aim at a new beauty role - beauty versals. As audiences who think digital products are as important as physical products, they also prefer to interact with virtual ambassadors rather than real-life experts. Demalogica has begun to test the water internally. They do not focus on brand activities for consumers,Instead, he created Natalia, the first internal digital ambassador。 

Natalia trains therapists on new treatments, products and protocols. Dermalogica has opened a new dimension. Natalia's Avatar can show skin aging that people will never experience in real life in real time.

The primordial universe is the future of the new generation

Emma Chiu, global director of Wunderman Thompson intelligence,The critical point between the real world and the meta universe will become a new reality。

"Digital touchpoints are by no means a substitute for face-to-face activities, but the metauniverse is providing another more complex experience than we experience. It makes sense to go deep into the metauniverse, but we also need some activities to turn to the real world. The reality we recognize will change. Although this may be an adjustment for the older generation, for people born now, the metauniverse is their future."

Hope that the brand will have the opportunity to add a layer of "in-depth service" to its products and consumersAnd provide consumers with a new way to try, enjoy and use beauty products; We also expect more brands to open the door to virtual stores and lead users to feel the charm of NFT.

The original text was written by BECCI Vallis, and the Chinese content was compiled by the metaverse hub team. If you need to reprint, please contact us.

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