Research | what impact does virtual human technology have on children's cognition and behavior?

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Original title: Reflections on the research of virtual human on children's cognition and behavior

In recent years, with the popularity of the meta universe, virtual human seems to be becoming an important infrastructure of the meta universe. Recently, Dr. Zhang Hong of Tsinghua University and his research team conducted a research on the effect of virtual human technology on children's cognition and behavior. The results show that virtual human can significantly change children's cognition and behavior in the real world. In this study, 15 children (subjects) interacted with virtual people through VR. After 30 days of "getting along", the subjects were evaluated from the three dimensions of tolerance, communication and cooperation. The results showed that the subjects' psychological cognition and behavior had changed significantly.

Cognitive assessment

1ใ€ Possible causes of virtual human influencing children's cognition and behavior

From the data curve monitored in this study, the subjects' cognitive and behavioral evaluation values of tolerance, communication and cooperation are gradually increased by the intervention of virtual human. This shows that children's cognition and behavior gradually get a positive reality mapping in the process of interaction with virtual people. The researchers believe that the reason may be that the virtual environment allows children to pay more attention, which makes the intervention more acceptable. Of course, it may also be because the virtual environment creates a better way of interaction. For example, the adorable voice synthesized by TTS sounds very helpful to wake up children's sharing cognition.

Behavior evaluation

2ใ€ Virtual human changes children's cognition and behavior in a two-way way way

In this study, the virtual human realizes a real-time interactive two-dimensional virtual human through a real-life "manipulator", coupled with specific speech synthesis and motion capture technology. The virtual human completes a variety of psychological guidance tasks with children in the process of the experiment. "It is through the virtual human that children are actively awakened and guided by the virtual reality." Dr. Zhang Hong said.

"With the development and maturity of AI technology, virtual human will have more and more emotional value. It may have emotional interaction with human beings like real people, and realize the impact on the cognition and behavior of real people. This impact is two-way. The virtual human in this study helps children achieve healthy psychological growth, but if the virtual human is negatively intervened, it may also bring negative growth to children. Our task is to explore the impact of virtual human on real people More detailed factors and performance, so as to help the metauniverse obtain a healthier infrastructure ".

3ใ€ The next step is to study the impact on adults

Dr. Zhang Hong said: from the perspective of psychology, children change faster in cognition, have strong plasticity in their physiological and psychological development, and have a sharper response to unknown technologies. Almost all new technologies need to give priority to children's health, so children are the object of this study. Of course, the impact on adults is also in the next plan.

Guided children are interacting with virtual people

4ใ€ Views on whether virtual people can replace real people

From the research results, virtual human has high emotional development value. However, the current research is only aimed at the possibility of using virtual human relationship to make up for real relationship in the absence of real relationship. With the gradual maturity of the meta universe infrastructure, virtual humans may form a second kind of affiliation with real people in the future. However, researchers believe that virtual people can only serve real people in the real world, and there is no substitution.

5ใ€ More applications of virtual human may be related to risk aversion

The researchers believe that although this study is only the impact of virtual human on children's cognition and behavior, virtual human may also be extended to other scenarios, such as helping the elderly wake up their memory, helping native family children heal psychological trauma, helping autistic children, and even helping depressed patients get out of trouble. In fact, we can imagine the emotional value that real people can have. Virtual people can almost do it or even do it better. "Although this research is only the initial exploration stage of virtual human application, it seems to have shown us the potential of virtual human."

On the risk aversion of virtual human, this is also one of the exploration problems of this research. Virtual people with negative intervention are also dangerous. For example, violence, gambling and other cultures may have a more serious negative impact on real people through the penetration of virtual people. At present, it is known that virtual human may have the risk of being excessively dependent. As one of the important infrastructure of the meta universe, researchers call on the industry to think about ways to avoid risks in advance. At the same time, the legitimacy of virtual identity should also be concerned by relevant departments.

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