Huayi Brothers: strong alliance to seize the content track of yuanuniverse

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Yuan universe boom continues, and another old film enterprise bows into the game.

On May 23, Huayi Brothers (300027) (300027. SZ) and Huasheng Tiancheng (600410) (600410. SH), a digital integration service provider integrating one-stop innovation, jointly announced that the two sides had reached a strategic cooperation to jointly build the first brand in the development and operation of local film and television virtual world based on Huayi Brothers' film and television creative gene and Huasheng Tiancheng's leading cloud computing technology; In addition, we will explore in depth the use of film and television content and digital scenes to explore more enabling ways for the development of national public utilities, economic and social development and the upgrading and development of various industries.

It is understood that this cross-border marriage is the first time that domestic listed companies integrate IP thinking and digital technology, and explore the innovative landing of the deep integration of "culture + technology". Therefore, the strong combination of the two sides will provide a feasible innovation sample for the integration of "culture + science and technology" from ideal to reality, and will be highly expected both in terms of innovation and economic benefits. In addition, it should be noted that this strategic cooperation also announced that Huayi Brothers will officially enter the local film and television yuanuniverse track.

Although there are many uncertainties from definition to prospect at this stage, it also breeds more opportunities and possibilities for the film and television industry. From digital virtual human to NFT, the film and television industry is also gradually exploring the access mode with the meta universe, and is opening up a new imagination space.

Although the concept has been valued and applied by many industries since it was put forward, there is no lack of concept speculation.How can Huayi Brothers better integrate it with the film and television industry?

Build a local virtual film and television world and promote the in-depth integration of "culture + science and technology"

According to the cooperation plan, the two sides will jointly develop IP content creation and digital derivative output that can be applied to AR / VR device terminals, create the linkage of classic IP digital world, secondary creation of classic IP, and provide assets and functions corresponding to the real world in the digital world, such as real estate, e-commerce, social networking, entertainment, etc. For example, create new IP images such as digital people, and enable other digital twin projects to provide new scenes such as publicity, marketing, business transactions and asset allocation for all kinds of customers.

In addition, the two sides will also be committed to the front-end technological innovation of film and television content creation, the R & D and sales of back-end digital products, and improve the scene experience of real scene cultural tourism projects and enrich product types.

In other words, on the one hand, Huayi Brothers, with its film and television IP and content creativity, joined hands with Huasheng Tiancheng to open up the digital redevelopment chain of film and television IP and construct the local film and television virtual world; On the other hand, relying on the latter's technical ability, it integrates into its film and television production, digital derivatives and other development chains to improve the efficiency of content production and pave the way for the subsequent commercialization extension. This will become a great leap forward development opportunity for Huayi Brothers to break the dimensional wall for nearly 30 years of film and television creation, and take the lead in occupying and developing the diversified track of the yuan universe, which is expected to completely subvert the existing income sources and framework. In addition, digital technology will also be applied to the existing businesses of Huayi Brothers, such as the live cultural tourism project, to improve its scene experience.

Wang Zhonglei, vice chairman and CEO of Huayi Brothers, said that Huayi Brothers has hundreds of proven mature film and television IP and the ability to produce sustainable content. It has the opportunity to become the most leading content architect in the digital era and further rewrite the company's business model. Huayi Brothers' existing IP assets and future IP will also have the opportunity to supply simultaneously to meet the needs of film viewing in the real world and digital assets in the digital world.

Work together to help public safety services and open new growth points

besides,Public safety services are also regarded by Huayi Brothers as the focus of future efforts.

According to the agreement, the strategic cooperation between the two sides also focuses on the upgrading of digital interactive applications in various film and television projects, safety publicity and education projects, interactive transformation of cultural and tourism projects, safety center venues, enterprise historical blocks, cultural blocks and other fields with AR / VR technology and virtual reality / augmented reality interaction.

Over the past two years, the epidemic has been repeated, the necessity of public security has continued to highlight, and the corresponding service market space is huge, which will bring sustained and long-term investment opportunities. Taking content innovation, scene digitization as the starting point to promote the popularization level of domestic public security undertakings and the improvement of education quality not only has broad market prospects, but also has positive significance for promoting social stability and development and improving people's security.

In addition, some analysts said that the two sides worked together to provide public safety services, which not only integrated the two major industries of culture and science and technology with the most growth and imagination, but also opened up and occupied a new track with positive social significance with high threshold and strong advantages, which will serve the interests of listed companiesachievementThickening opens up new growth points. This cooperation also has important demonstration significance for China's private economy to actively save itself and seek to break the situation in adversity.

It is understood that the term of this strategic cooperation between the two sides is five years. The first batch of cooperation projects include the development of film and television virtual world architecture, the development of digital application of film and television projects, various public safety publicity and education projects, and the upgrading of traditional cultural tourism projects, which have successively entered the system process evaluation and start.


There is no doubt that the "meta universe" that exploded in 2021 has been regarded as a new growth point and the next competitive field of strategic significance, especially ininternetAnd different from the initial scene, its outbreak intensity and market response speed are much better than before.

According to the current mainstream cognition of the meta universe, its most important feature is embodied in immersion and the improvement of content, and its essence is to reshape the way of interaction. At present, the proposed development stage of the meta universe is to simulate and reproduce the real world, and then reconstruct the virtual world, so as to realize the mirror world, so as to create the surreality of the integration of virtual and real.

(source: Deloitte's meta universe Overview - vision, technology and response)

This means that the simulation of the real world (i.e. virtual reality) is regarded as the first "entrance",The digital content fields, such as games, films and television, which naturally have a high sense of participation and realistic compensation, have natural advantages and become the first possible landing scenes.of course,This logic also determines that enterprises like Huayi Brothers, which have a certain content foundation and advantages, are expected to take the lead in getting "tickets".

If the primary stage of the meta universe needs to virtualize the elements of the real world, then the epidemic has obviously contributed to the attack of the digital economy. At present, manufacturers in the game field are almost fully overweight, but there are few real entrants in the film and television field. Huayi Brothers' high-profile entry this time not only can take the strategic opportunity, but also is expected to create a new sample for the industry.

Although the metauniverse is still in the pioneering stage, governments of various countries have different attitudes towards it. For China, its significance can be seen. Since the beginning of this year,Yuancosmos development was raised to a national strategy for the first time and was written into the local government's "14th five year plan" industrial planใ€‚ At the same time,Many governments have followed up, and policies and documents related to metauniverse and virtual reality (VR) have been intensively issuedใ€‚ This is undoubtedly a strong blessing for the future direction and market confidence.

In addition, "development" and "safety" are also an unavoidable balance problem for frontier business formats such as metauniverse. We can not take the strategic opportunity, but also avoid potential safety hazards. Huayi Brothers, which regards public safety as one of the focus points in the future, is expected to get more opportunities while helping public safety services.

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