Eight institutions joined hands to set up a 20 billion fund in Guangzhou

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From south to north, all regions began to seize the yuan universe industry.

Author: Liu Yi

Source:Investment community - decoding LP

Original title: establishment of 20 billion yuan universe fund in Guangzhou

The yuan universe fund is here again.

The investment community - decode LP learned that the Yuanjie innovation ecological conference in Tianhe District, Guangzhou was held recently. During this period, Tianhe District Yuanjie joint investment fund was officially released, with a total scale of more than 20 billion yuan.

In March this year, the Beijing fatongzhou district finance office platform issued several measures on accelerating the innovation and leading development of Beijing Sub Center yuanuniverse, which proposed to encourage early and long-term investment in development. Relying on the "universal capital + other industries" approach, the "universal capital + other industries" fund is used to build a joint fund. This is the first yuan universe fund in China.

It is not difficult to see that from south to north, all localities began to seize the yuan universe industry.

Eight institutions joined hands to set up a 20 billion fund in Guangzhou to invest yuan in the universe

Specifically, Tianhe District yuanuniverse joint investment fund is jointly established by eight institutions, including Guangdong Yijian Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Suiyong original investment management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Lihua Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou LEIYU Junhui private equity investment fund management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tianhe District Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and wanchuang innovation investment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., with a scale of more than 20 billion yuan.

It is understood that the fund will continue to attract high-quality investment institutions that actively layout the yuancosmos track, so as to drive more social capital to pay attention to and support the development of yuancosmos industry.

The sponsor will also actively interact with the meta universe think tank and the expert committee to jointly sort out and form the meta universe high-quality project pool, share high-quality project resources with the member units of the joint investment fund, and provide technical adjustment support, so as to form a new model driven by "think tank experts + Science and technology finance" and promote the rapid development of the meta universe industry.

At the scene of the conference on the same day, 30 units including Netease, kugou, Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment, Provincial General Service Research Institute and Guangzhou Unicom signed a contract to develop the construction project of meta universe application scenario. The contracted projects include meta universe laboratory, meta universe + smart city, meta universe theme park, meta universe + live broadcast of events, digital collections, meta universe cultural tourism scenes, etc.

Guangzhou is seizing the yuan universe. On April 6 this year, Guangzhou Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone officially released the measures of Guangzhou Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone for promoting the innovation and development of the meta universe at the press conference on the innovation and development of the meta universe. It is reported that this policy is the first special support policy for metauniverse in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, focusing on digital twins, human-computer interaction, AR / VR / MR (virtual reality / augmented reality / hybrid reality) and other fields, promoting the industrialization and large-scale application of metauniverse related technologies, management and business models, and cultivating new industrial formats and models in order to seize the next "outlet" of the Internet.

Two months ago, the investment community decode LP learned from the platform of Beijing Tongzhou District financial office that the government relied on Tongzhou Industrial guidance fund and combined other social capital in the form of "master Fund + direct investment" to build a fund covering yuanuniverse industry.

The measures clearly put forward that yuancosmic enterprises will be given financial subsidies for rent. Support the agglomeration of yuancosmos enterprises and service institutions. According to the rent subsidy standard of yuancosmos enterprises, three levels of subsidies (50%, 70%, 100%) will be given to key enterprises newly registered in yuancosmos application innovation center and renting their own office space. The annual subsidy area of each enterprise shall not exceed 2000 square meters and the continuous subsidy shall not exceed 3 years.

The reason is not difficult to understand. With the master fund, VC / PE can apply for funding to establish a special yuancosmos sub fund and invest the funds in many multicosmos projects in a market-oriented manner. At the same time, VC / PE will try to settle the invested yuanuniverse project in Tongzhou to form an industrial cluster through the return investment requirements of the master fund.

The meta universe broke out, and a lot of financing was born

Yuancosmos is setting off a hot track.

In 1992, Stevenson once described the metauniverse in his novel avalanche: wearing headphones and eyeglasses, finding the connection terminal, you can enter the virtual space simulated by computer and parallel to the real world in the way of virtual separation. So far, there is no clear official definition of the meta universe. Someone literally defines metaverse as meta (transcendence) + verse (universe), a virtual universe beyond reality.

The concept of meta universe suddenly exploded, starting with roblox, a game company. Since its establishment in 2004, roblox has been trying to build a game platform similar to metauniverse. In March last year, the company officially landed on the New York Stock Exchange. On the day of listing, its share price soared 54% and its market value exceeded US $40 billion (about 252.9 billion yuan).

Since this year, Yuan universe has swept the venture capital circle. According to incomplete statistics of the investment community decode LP, at least eight financing transactions have been born in yuanuniverse track this year, including bud, love avatar, vs ยท work, oasis, shenstrontium technology, chenjing technology, room 9, etc.

Today (May 23), Yuan universe UGC platform bud completed round B financing of US $36.8 million, led by Sequoia India, followed by clearvue Kaiming investment, Netease and northern lights venture capital, and the old shareholders source capital, GGV Jiyuan capital and Qiming venture capital also participated in this round of financing. Just three months ago, on February 14, bud announced the completion of $15 million a + round of financing, which was led by Qiming venture capital, and the old shareholders GGV Jiyuan capital, Yunjiu capital and source capital followed the investment in excess.

In 2019, bud was co founded by former snap engineers Risa and Shawn and headquartered in Singapore. As a new generation of UGC social platform, bud allows every user to create personalized 3D interactive content using simple and easy-to-use codeless tools. Its target user is generation Z worldwide. According to app Annie, the overseas version of bud IOS was officially launched on November 5, 2021, and the official launch time of Google play version was October 30, 2021.

A week ago, AI avatar, a content technology service provider of yuanuniverse, announced the completion of the ten million yuan Angel round of financing invested by China Science and technology finance; In April, Yuan universe engine company vs ยท work completed the pre-A round of tens of millions of yuan financing, and the leading investor is Jinyu Bogor investment management. Earlier, on March 7, the yuan universe interactive social platform oasis completed a round B financing of tens of millions of dollars, led by five source capital, oasis capital and Bai capital.

In February, two financing transactions were also born. On the 23rd, the XR creative technology enterprise shenstrontium technology completed three consecutive rounds of financing with a total amount of more than US $10 million, of which the angel round was invested by Yuanhe capital, Jinsha River jointly invested in pre-A round and SIG invested in pre-A + round. On July 7, chenjing technology, a space intelligence company, completed a round of financing of tens of millions of dollars, which was jointly led by Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry equity investment fund and IDG capital. Sanqi mutual entertainment and its old shareholder oppo, eight roads, BV capital, Xinwangda group and Fosun Ruizheng capital, its own asset investment institutions of fidelity group, followed the investment.

Some investors have publicly said that in 2021, global technology giants began to focus on the new direction of metauniverse. As a collection of next-generation information technology, metauniverse has a strong influence on Web3 0. Computing power, 5g network, display technology, semiconductor, etc. put forward higher requirements, but also provide more imaginative scenes.

Previously, there was a saying in the VC Circle: Although there is no unified definition of the meta universe, it is basically certain that the meta universe is the poetry and distance of the digital world, and AR / VR is the best entrance to the meta universe. Jenny Li Hongwei, managing partner of GGV Jiyuan capital, once said in the interview, "young digital aborigines around the world are looking for a new way to connect."

According to VC analysis, the constant trend in the past few decades is that the digital world (programs and protocols) and the physical world (humans and machines) continue to blend and form new networks. This is not a tuyere, but a long-term trend. Therefore, whether it is "virtual world", "meta universe" or "full truth Internet", it is only an annotation of this trend.

Every era has its own media. In the future, the form of media may no longer be limited to text, pictures, audio or video, but evolve towards more immersive and interactive scenes.

Science fiction world is not far away from us.

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