When the meta universe penetrates into the construction industry, what imagination space can it expand?

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Original title: looking for Northern dwellings in the "Yuan universe": gas film caves and growing villages

Last year, the rise of the concept of "meta universe" linked virtual reality with a closer relationship. This concept has penetrated into different fields, including architecture. Recently, Shanghai International Design Innovation Research Institute of Tongji University and Zhangjiakou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Hebei Province jointly held the China Yuan future low-carbon home stay design competition to announce the award-winning works. Some of the award-winning works are expected to land in this summer vacation.

"In the future, if a farmer wants to build a suite, just take a circle around his base, upload photos with geographical location,... Then you can wear VR head display to see different styles of houses. Once it is determined, the factory can be built on site in a week after production." Su Yunsheng, executive director of Innovation Research Institute, said.

Metauniverse is a shared three-dimensional virtual space, which was born based on the rapid development of Internet virtual space. In fact, architectural design has long been extended to virtual space, making virtual and reality intertwined in a new way. In May 2021, the world's first virtual house "Mars house" designed by Canadian Korean artist Krista Kim was sold on NFT art trading platform superrare for 288 ether, about 3.23 million yuan. In December, Zaha Hadid architectural firm launched "nftism" at Art Basel Miami in Miami. It is a virtual art gallery that explores architecture and social interaction in the virtual world. Combined with MMO (massively multiplayer online game) and interactive technology services, it features the space design created by Zha and pays attention to user experience, social interaction and "dramatic" composition.

Mars house ยฉ Krista Kim


In order to promote China's rural construction and low-carbon transformation of energy consumption, recently, Shanghai International Design Innovation Research Institute of Tongji University and Zhangjiakou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Hebei Province jointly held the China Yuan future low-carbon home accommodation design competition. Starting from northern residential houses, a number of awards were selected in terms of comprehensive energy conservation and environmental protection, construction technology, economy and culture.

"For designers, metauniverse is a good platform. In the era of blockchain, technology developers are the first, but in the era of metauniverse, designers can stand back to the center of the stage." Su Yunsheng, executive director of Shanghai International Design Innovation Research Institute of Tongji University, told surging news, "meta universe can make design more fully expressed."

Su Yunsheng said that today's so-called "meta cosmic architecture" can be roughly divided into three categories. One is "digital primitiveness", "that is, a building that only exists in the digital world. It can float in the air or make a very large scale. It cannot be built in reality, but it has artistic significance because it can bring people new sensory experience." The second is "digital twin", that is to create a digital "twin" parallel to reality. In such intelligent buildings, the control of real buildings can be realized through human-computer interaction interface. The next low-carbon B & B design competition tends to be the third type of "virtual reality": on the map displayed on the platform website, you can find the location marked with future projects, and everyone can go up to "visit", see the real model house through the camera, deepen the design of the building through the platform, and then carry out customized landing.

The situation of guest house in guoguogou loess kiln yard, Zhangjiakou during the investigation

Design renderings of guoguogou Huangtu YaoYuan home stay reception center | Research Center | Yaoxiang restaurant in Zhangjiakou (under construction)

In this low-carbon accommodation design competition of the next dimension, the team of the Central Academy of fine arts, which won the gold medal, conducted a field survey on the accommodation of the Huangtu kiln yard in Guogou, Zhangjiakou. It was found that most of the existing kilns had collapsed, and finally put forward the theme scheme of "Yuan symbiotic world", "Through our design and efforts in 'low-carbon construction' and 'low-carbon life', we can minimize the impact of man-made land cover on the ecological environment and minimize carbon emissions in the process of building construction and use in the process of new rural construction and development." They said in their introduction.

The mountains echoed

The team of Tongji University, who won the Excellence Award, took "the echo of mountains" as the name of the work. Its design language originated from the vibrant curve in the mountains. Combined with the form of traditional three hole cave, it has the characteristics of traditional cave warm in winter and cool in summer, and finally formed a new home stay with triple arch structure. The design adopts the concept of modularization, which puts the hydropower facilities into the energy module, the living room into the furniture module, and finally integrates the modules to form an overall building. The building form of "mold film" combination is adopted: after the air film mold, energy module and furniture module prefabricated in the factory are transported to the designated place by container, the side wall of the container is directly unfolded to erect the air film mold. The reserved door and window positions in the air film structure system act on the final form of the building, which can realize customized and personalized design.

Current situation of yuanfuturevillage

Bee building

"Fengzhu", which won the Excellence Award and Popularity Award, was designed by Shanghai Zhuxiao Construction Technology Co., Ltd. according to their conception, "yuanfuturevillage is a plan that can grow and has a full life cycle. The road is its blood vessel. Every group is like a cell, and every spatial node is full of vitality." The work aims at the architectural monomer and courtyard design of four types of target customers, and the interior and soft decoration design based on Chinese traditional element tangram. The architectural design adopts innovative structural engineering materials, combined with Si (separation of internal space of skeleton) to achieve "century building" and lcco2 energy conservation and emission reduction.

"This scheme is oriented to industrialization and can be modularized, copied and produced quickly." Su Yunsheng said. This is also a major advantage of designing through the meta universe. In the future, thanks to the development of technology, "if a farmer wants to build a suite, as long as he takes a circle around his base and uploads photos with geographical location, designers all over the world can participate in the bidding... Then you can wear VR head display to see different styles of houses. Once it is determined, the factory can be built on site in a week after production." In addition, such a platform can deal with the contradiction between industrialization and personalization after the comprehensive industrialization of the countryside. "We can adopt small-scale mass production and accumulate it online as a design, so that the next person can continue to iterate on this basis. The meta universe plays a great role in this field, because it can more truly present the state of house completion in the future and integrate it into the original environment."

Tokyo residential park

Su Yunsheng compared this process with Japan's "residential park" in the interview. The residential park is a 4S shop for the comprehensive display of prefabricated houses. Developers focus on displaying their model houses here for citizens to visit, experience and even stay for one night. People can see various styles of houses here, as well as different building materials and technologies. If appropriate, the construction can be started immediately according to the customer's choice.

"This method is very suitable for low-rise houses in Japan, because the base of low-rise houses is ever-changing and it is difficult to be fully standardized like apartments. What is needed is the flexible production industrial chain of customized industry 4.9." Su Yunsheng explained that in Tokyo, Japan, there is a 4S store for such houses every 5 to 10 kilometers, which sometimes undertakes the function of daily house maintenance. This method can also be applied to China's rural areas after combining the meta universe platform.

Taking the yuan future low-carbon home stay design competition as an example, Su Yunsheng said, "most of the houses in the north have a long construction life, poor construction quality, high carbon emission of the energy structure used, and great environmental pollution. Therefore, under the double carbon background, we chose Zhangjiakou, which has abundant solar resources in Hebei, and transformed the villages near the Winter Olympic Games, hoping to promote the overall improvement of the houses in the north through the competition." Su Yunsheng talked about the plan of the competition, "we plan to land some award-winning works in this summer vacation, and shoot videos to turn the whole process of creation and construction into documentaries. In the future, under the background of the meta universe, we will form a model of offline visiting model houses and online ordering customized houses, so as to speed up the overall transformation and upgrading of northern folk houses."

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